Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An OAP died aged 106 after attributing her long life to never marrying and drinking two cans of Irn Bru a day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elsie McAllister died on July 16, just over a month after she celebrated her birthday. Brought up in the Hilltown as one of seven children, Elsie briefly moved to Wisbech in England before returning to Dundee to take care of her mum and dad. For the past few years she had been living at Turriff House Residential Home in Downfield. Great-niece Deborah Anderson and her mum, June, paid tribute to Elsie saying that she was someone who enjoyed life and “never regretted anything”. She had a special Irn Bru themed cake, made by staff at the care home where she lived.

Tourist had part of his arm ripped off by a LION as he slept in a tent alongside his wife during exclusive African safari

***EXCLUSIVE*** Patrick, 64, and Brigitte Fourgeaud, 63, were on a safari trip in Tanzania, Africa, when they woke to find an adult male lion sniffing at the bed. The lion then attacked and mauled Patrick, from Mont-Saxonnex, France, ripping off part of his upper left arm, before being scared away. Patrick had to endure extensive surgery to reconstruct his left arm, and the pair have been receiving psychological treatment for the mental scars from the incident. Now, they are pursuing legal action against Africa Travel Resource Ltd, based in Sussex, who organised the package holiday. The attack happened in August, 2015.

LEGO grand piano that you can actually play

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEGO IDEAS has unveiled a mini concert grand piano that's actually playable. Embodying a sleek black design, the 3,662-piece kit mirrors mechanisms of a real piano. The model comes with a removable 25-key keyboard that's connected to interior hammers, moving dampers, pedals and a motor. Price: 350 Dollars.

Weightloss for granddaughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman shed a staggering 65lbs after her granddaughter admitted she was embarrassed to be seen with her. Glenda Simmons, 56, was devastated when Tiara Tyler, 15, confessed that her school friends made mean comments about her grandmother’s hefty frame.  Glenda, a security guard, from Atlanta, Georgia, said: „One day my granddaughter was embarrassed about me coming to eat lunch with her. The children would laugh at her and they said mean things like, „oh look at her fat grandma”.”