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Coronavirus test on 12-year-old boy results in heartbreaking diagnosis

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother has been left shocked after her 12-year-old son’s coronavirus test led to a cancer diagnosis, leaving him needing lifesaving treatment. Lisa Marie Harry is now encouraging people to seek medical help despite the pandemic. Cody Lockey was taken to hospital by his mother on Monday, July 27, after three days of pain in his groin and ribs, as well as a fever. Mum-of-three Mrs Harry thought Cody may have coronavirus but was left shocked and upset when doctors said he was experiencing cancer symptoms.

A carver who bought a box of stained glass at auction was shocked to discover he had unwittingly solved the 80 year mystery of their disappearance from a church during WWII

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colin Mantripp, 63, purchased what he thought was a box of fragments of stained glass to use in his bespoke carved designs when it went under the hammer last year. After spending a few months restoring and cleaning the beautifully intricate and colourful windows he noticed the words „St Mary” inscribed in the glass. He was stunned to discover that the windows he purchased for just £300 were actually windows from St Mary’s church in Sheffield, South Yorks., which had gone missing during the war. In 1939, the majestic 20-by-12-foot neo-Gothic east window which shined down over the altar of St Mary’s was removed to protect it from Nazi bombers.

A D-Day veteran who celebrated his 100th birthday attributed his long life to 'sex in moderation'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harry Gamper had a special party for his big day including a cake made by the owner of Tunnock's.  The great-great- grandfather had four slices of the giant cake which had his name in icing on the top of it, and was made by Sir Boyd Tunnock, who is a patron of the care home where Harry lives. Born on July 20 1920, Harry was originally from Surrey but now lives in Malin Court, in Maidens, Ayrshire.

Fans of The Mandalorian will soon be able to dress their Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with cute The Child aka Baby Yoda ears

***EXCLUSIVE*** Produced by Otterbox for Amazon, the ears rest on a non-slip base where jutting green ears protrude from the sides, and is made with the same durable material found in Otterbox's phone cases. The Child Amazon Echo Dot stand is one way to liven up your living room while speaking to Alexa and can be found over at Amazon for pre-order for $24.95 USD.

Hot Wheels Baby Yoda

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Baby Yoda craze isn't going anywhere, apparently. During of the now virtual Comic-Con@Home panels, Hot Wheels revealed a car design inspired by the popular infant Yoda figure from last year's Disney+ hit The Mandalorian. The panel on Hot Wheels fan exclusives revealed a design for what is labeled “The Child Character Car.”

An eight-year-old boy who launched a Christmas appeal to give presents to sick children in hospital has been diagnosed with a brain tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Selfless Elliott Furse was rushed into hospital after he collapsed at home last weekend. The kind-hearted youngster is now awaiting surgery at Bristol Children's Hospital to remove as much of the tumour as possible before he starts further treatment. His family say it is too early for a prognosis but have paid tribute to Elliott's compassion he showcased when he decided to donate his presents during Christmas 2018 to others in need. That idea spawned the Elliott Christmas Appeal which for the past two years has donated bags of toys to patients at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

The last master brewery cooper in Britain showcasing his wares as he works hard to keep the ancient craft alive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jonathan Manby has spent 25 years making traditional oak casks for family firm T&R Theakston, to store and transport its ales. He joined as an apprentice in 1995 and is believed to be he country’s last remaining brewery-employed craft cooper. Jonathan, who earned master-status after training an apprentice, makes hundreds of casks each year for licensees that insist on having their ales served in them. And Jonathan said as the craft is only surviving through knowledge being passed down by the few remaining masters like himself, it was vital the ancient art was kept alive. Coopering isn’t a skill that can be mastered quickly and it takes an apprentice up to four years to become adept at the job.

Coca-Cola "Topo Chi Hard Seltzer"

***EXCLUSIVE*** After releasing an alcoholic beverage in Japan, Coca-Cola Company is continuing its expansion into the alcohol world with an upcoming hard seltzer. Building on the popularity of hard seltzers at the moment, the beverage giant will be releasing a drink under the Topo Chico brand. From mid-July 2019, Americans reportedly spent $3 billion USD on hard seltzer in retail stores, a staggering 241 percent surge from last year.

Goats crossing cliff

***EXCLUSIVE*** Who's that trip trapping over that bridge? Why, a herd of wild goats, of course making their way over a stunning natural archway overlooking the sea. In a scene reminiscent of the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairytale, the animals make their way across the narrow path on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. A ram keeps a watchful eye over the herd as they cross, looking out for any dangers - trolls or otherwise - that might be lurking in the water below. The remarkable images were captured on the abandoned island of East Skeam in Roaringwater Bay, West Cork, Ireland.

Cattle brought to be sold at market

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of people inspect cattle for purchase at a bustling market. Around 15,000 visitors flocked to the annual cattle market where around 10,000 of the animals fetch up to £3,000 each. Photographer Abdul Momin's aerial shots of the two-day event in Bogra, Bangladesh, show it teeming with activity.

Grebette being fed a huge fish on parents back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three hungry grebe chicks are fed a huge fish as they perch on their parent's back. The black and white birds reached out eagerly to grab hold of the food, tipping their heads back to swallow the 'improbably' large fish. The images were captured in Brymbo near Wrexham in North Wales by amateur photographer Simon Roberts who spent a month waiting for the chicks to hatch.