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Age-defying influencer is regularly mistaken for a man in his twenties

***EXCLUSIVE*** GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS: This man is constantly mistaken for being more than HALF HIS AGE thanks to his youthful looks - but can you guess how old he is? Influencer, personal coach, and writer, Edson Brandao (53) who lives in Groningen, The Netherlands, has been blessed with good genetics and a naturally very young appearance. It is thanks to this that people regularly assume that he is just 25 years old - almost two decades younger than he is. Edson has always been a confident man and at 53, says he has more energy than ever before in his life - and it’s all thanks to his positive mindset, exercising every day, good nutrition and skin care. He has never had plastic surgery. For Edson, his body is a temple and his youthful good looks are the result of avoiding sugar, processed and fried foods, never smoking or touching drugs, and only drinking mineral water - of which he drinks two litres of a day. A positive mindset is Edson’s secret weapon to radiating youth and he hopes that by sharing his secrets, he will be able to inspire others to change their lifestyle.

will be able to inspire others to change their lifestyle. ‘Human sex doll’ with the biggest boobs in Latvia urges married men to leave their wives and worship her instead

***EXCLUSIVE*** DOBELE, LATVIA: Meet the self-declared 'hottest woman' in Latvia who could only get a job in a factory before spending NINETY-THOUSAND-POUNDS on plastic surgery - now she has men worship her and pay for everything. Erotic model, Victoria Wild (37) from Dobele, Latvia, started on her plastic surgery journey 10 years ago with her first breast enhancement as she was unhappy with her skinny frame and didn’t feel beautiful. Before Victoria’s sensational transformation, men were never interested in her, but now after spending Ł90,512 (?100,000) on plastic surgery, she is inundated with messages from men online who adore her enhanced look and want to be her virtual husband. Victoria has 12 virtual husbands who she chats to online and she says that because of her, they are no longer lonely as she is their dream trophy wife. Her virtual husbands buy her smartphones, cameras, lingerie and new clothes. Victoria has had six boob jobs, going from being flat chested to a 34G. She's also had one rhinoplasty, lip implants and fillers, a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer, liposuction, teeth straightening, and keeps herself looking pristine with regular hair, beauty and spray tan appointments in addition to using her gym membership. Beauty is power for Victoria and she loves the effect she has on men thanks to her sexy look. She describes her body as art that should be appreciated. She’s recently set up an OnlyFans account where she posts naked pictures of herself flaunting her voluptuous figure at a starting subscription cost of Ł3.84 ($4.99) after her fanbase had been begging her for nude content. Victoria’s boyfriend, Simon (36) of 11 years is very proud to have a girlfriend like her and is both morally and financially supportive of her. When they are out and about, Simon loves the attention that Victoria gets from men and never gets jealous.

Ex-sailor, 80, finally finishes epic model of HMS Victory 51 years after he started it

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired sailor is finally completing his painstaking model of HMS Victory - 51 years after he started it.   Michael Byard first began work on the five feet long replica of Nelson's flagship in 1969. But after two years he was forced to put the 'labour of love' aside as he concentrated on his career and raising a family.   After it languished in his garage for almost four decades the pensioner finally decided to pick up his tools once again six years ago when he was 74.

Matching rare Chinese vases sell for £324,000 after sitting on couple’s mantelpiece for DECADES

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of rare Chinese vases that a downsizing couple had on their mantelpiece for decades have sold for £324,000 - more than ten times their estimate. The Qianlong porcelain wall vases were spotted by a specialist from Rosebery's Auctions as they went through the contents of the unnamed couple's west London home. They had inherited the vases in about 1950 and they had sat on the mantelpiece for many years, but the owners had no idea how much they were really worth. The vases were given an estimate of £30,000, but sold for a whopping £260,000 hammer price, which with fees and premiums came to £324,500.

Meet the ten-year-old 'mini Monet' whose stunning floral landscape paintings can sell for up to £10,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daisy Watt only started painting four years ago when two of her grandparents were diagnosed with cancer and she painted them a picture to cheer them up. Her mum Karen, 50, spotted her talent, and asked if she'd like to paint a canvas to be displayed at a local gallery and auctioned for two cancer charities. Bidders from all over the world fought to buy the work featuring forget-me-nots for those who had died and bright flowers for those who survived, and it went for £9,500.

Llama figurine and a gold bracelet found inside a stone box at the bottom of a lake are believed to be Incan offerings to the gods

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Inca offering has been discovered at the bottom of South America’s largest lake. A stone offering box containing a llama statue carved out of shell and a laminated gold foil object has been found at the bottom of Lake Titicaca in the Andes mountains between Bolivia and Peru. This is first to be found on the K’akaya reef, while other offerings have been discovered along the lake’s Khao reef, an important Inca ceremonial site. Author Assistant Professor Dr Jose Capriles at Penn State University said: “We knew they (Inca) did some form of ritual offerings and that they did them in the lake. “The 16th and 17th century chronicles indicate there were submerged offerings." The offering box was retrieved intact by professional divers off one of the islands in the K'akaya Archipelago, although currents had eroded one of its sides.

Throuple harassed and stalked after going public with romance

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This triad were harassed for months and received threatening letters to their workplaces after announcing their three-way relationship on social media. Architectural and design representative, Maggie Odell (26) originally from California, USA, first met her partner marketing manager, Cody Coppola (30) originally from Florida, USA, on Tinder in February 2016 and they knew that they were in it for the long haul the moment they met in person. With open communication and trust, Maggie and Cody were not strictly monogamous but never imagined that they would get into a serious relationship with another person until they met knowledge management analyst, Janie Frank (25) originally from New York, USA, in November of the same year. Their relationship soon blossomed into something stronger than friendship and they formed a triad a few months later. Jealousy has never been an issue and Maggie, Cody and Janie all agree that by having three people in their relationship it only means that there is extra love and support for each individual person. The triad, who currently live in Denver, Colorado, USA, are happier than they ever have been before despite being subjected to months of harassment and stalking from an anonymous person after they went public with their relationship on Instagram in April 2018. Maggie, Cody and Janie were all sent letters to their respective workplaces attempting to shame them into being fired for their relationship. Janie received additional letters accusing her of not being a genuine member of the LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning, intersex and asexual and/or allies) community.

Grandmother, 83, died when she accidentally set herself on fire after applying flammable skin cream

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grandmother died after accidentally setting fire to herself not long after putting on a flammable skin cream. Yvonne Webb, 83, who was starting to suffer from dementia, had applied an emollient cream, which are widely used to treat dry and itchy skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. She then tried to light a candle at her gas stove and set herself alight at her north London home. The pensioner ran into the street enveloped in flames where she was helped by neighbours who tried to save her. But after being rushed to hospital for treatment, Yvonne later died.

Mum-of-six, 35, who thought she had blood clot now has just six months to live

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum-of-six who was diagnosed with terminal cancer aged just 35 told how she thought she had a blood clot - but now has six months to live. Holly Blake dialed NHS 24 on June 16 after a persistent pain in her right calf and breathlessness, which she initially feared was a pulmonary embolism - a type of blood clot in the lungs. However, after she went to A&E and had an x-ray, the scan revealed she had metastasised cancer in her lungs - which had spread throughout her body. Holly, from Edinburgh, has given up her job as a digital facilitator as she undergoes her third round of chemotherapy at the city’s Western General Hospital.

Rare Rolex Submariner watch like the one worn by Sean Connery's James Bond that was bought second-hand for just £20 in 1970 is set to sell for £150,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Rolex watch like the one worn by Sean Connery's James Bond that was bought second hand for just £20 is now set to sell for £150,000. The stainless steel Submariner wristwatch belongs to a man whose father was unable to afford a brand new one for diving. The original owner, who has not been named, sourced a second hand model in 1970 and it is now worth 1,500 times more than he paid for it. The item is a Submariner 6538 4 Line series which was Sean Connery's timepiece of choice as Bond. They seldom appear on the open market today and attract an army of loyal collectors whenever they do. The watch has now been consigned for sale with auctioneers Bonhams.

Zebra bites back at 8ft crocodile twice its weight and somehow wins

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENYA: When this eight-foot crocodile went in for a bite of a nine-hundred-pound zebra, it wasn't expecting to be bitten back. Thrilling scenes showed the 444-pound Nile crocodile grab the stripy-beast which is over twice its weight before getting bitten right back. Another image captured the six-foot long Grévy's zebra as it dealt a mighty kick to the freshwater reptile and made a speedy escape. Professional photographer, Rajharsha Narayanswamy (36) from Bengaluru, India took the photos at the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, during the Great Migration.

Royal Navy medic's amazing undercover Second World War heroics that inspired The Guns of Navarone are remembered as his rare Jolly Roger flag goes up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare Jolly Roger flag which was flown during special operations in World War Two has emerged for sale. The Special Operations Executive standard was proudly displayed on a caique in the German-occupied Aegean Sea with the Levant Fishing Patrol (LFP), Force 133. The flotilla was formed by the Navy to supplement its motorboats which went up against German vessels there. The SOE's heroics in the region were later immortalised in the 1961 war film The Guns of Navarone, starring Gregory Peck and Stanley Baker. The flag belonged to medical officer Dr Darrell Wilkinson, who joined the crew of the LFP vessel Catina in October 1944. It is being sold by his descendants with Marlow's Auctioneers, of Staffs.

Home sweet home - Former confectionary that has had a sweet makeover is now on the market

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former confectionary that has had a sweet makeover is now on the market for £795,000. The Grade II listed home in Woodbridge, Suffolk, was a sweet shop in the 1800s before being converted to a tea room in the 1900s. But it had fallen into disrepair and was completely derelict with an overgrown garden he could not get into when the current owner bought it in 2018. The developer, who specialises in master crafts and listed properties, spent 18 months transforming the rundown building into a beautifully-crafted characterful home.

Incredible snaps of jumping impalas looks like an explosion

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: SURPRISE: Four impalas are seen launching themselves six-feet into the air after a massive sixteen-hundred-pound crocodile sneaked up behind them. In one thrilling image, four 100-pound female impalas burst into the air in unison as a giant Nile crocodile emerged from the muddy waters beneath them looking for a quick bite to eat. In another, we saw the mammals running for their lives after escaping the 16-foot-long croc’s jaws of death. Petrochemical production manager and part-time photographer, John Mullineux (36), from Secunda, South Africa, was at Lake Sweni, Kruger National Park, South Africa, when he captured this incredible sight during a drought. The images were captured on a Canon 1D MKIV and 100-400mm lens.

Letter from George Harrison's sister thanking the DJ who 'broke' The Beatles in America has been found in a fascinating archive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Louise Harrison-Caldwell praised provincial radio presenter Carroll James for having the foresight to play The Beatles single 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' in November 1963. He did so at the request of 15-year-old listen Marsha Albert who had written to him asking after the 'new band from England'. At the time James was dating an air stewardess who worked for BOAC and he asked her to bring a copy of the single back from Britain, which she did.