Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A mum who discovered she was pregnant a month after being paralysed and was told she will never walk again has refused to 'dwell on the negatives.'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kara Scott, 33, was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) - a central nervous system disorder affecting the spinal cord - in July 2019 after she had a seizure whilst on holiday in Majorca.  She collapsed again whilst boarding a flight back to the UK in May - with her husband, Jonny, 35, an electrician, and their son, Isaac, three.  When they landed, she was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary after landing at Leeds Bradford Airport and doctors found a lump on her spine, which they thought was cancer.  Thankfully, Kara didn't have cancer, however three quarters of her body from chest-down are now paralysed and the 'positive' thinker always hoped it would be temporary.  Kara had no idea she was pregnant at the time and the hospital's routine pregnancy test originally came back negative because she was just four-weeks gone.  So it was 'a massive surprise' when a CT scan six weeks later picked up a shadow which, when investigated further with an ultrasound, was her baby.  She has since given birth to baby daughter, Winnie, who arrived on 7th January weighing 5lbs 5oz.

A toddler underwent a lifesaving transplant op during the lockdown - with her gran providing the kidney she needed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ruby Simpson, two, has spent most of her life on dialysis and medics had feared she may not survive. Mum Chloe Simpson, 24, had a healthy pregnancy but at 26 weeks one of the foetus' kidneys appeared unusually bright, and it took three attempts to successfully induce the baby. Ruby was born in a membrane, a one in 80,000 rarity, and besotted Chloe and then-boyfriend Danny Simpson, 24, were able to take her home to Kelty, Fife.

A seven-year-old schoolgirl is raking in hundreds of pounds by selling antique bottles from a little shop in her back garden - after digging them up from old landfill sites

***EXCLUSIVE*** Betsy-Mae Lloyd has been coining it in after launching her own business at her parents' home while still attending primary school.  The young entrepreneur flogs old bottles, jars and teapots - dating back to between the 1870s and 1930 - which she finds on historic landfill sites in the West Midlands.  After taking them home and cleaning them up herself, she then stores them in a Victorian-style play shed, built by dad Jason, before listing them for sale on Facebook.  Betsy-Mae sells 12 bottles for £10, which she gift wraps herself, and has already made £600 from her business venture within the last 12 months.  But the business-savvy youngster said her favourite part about running Betsy's Bottle Shop is still "digging and getting dirty".

A grieving schoolboy who posted a letter to his great-grandmother in heaven received this tear-jerking reply from the 'pearly gates response unit' at Royal Mail

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Dylan Dubber, 10, penned the heartfelt letter to great-nan Monica and addressed the envelope 'To Heaven' before popping it in the postbox. A week later him and mum Rachel, 31, were shocked to find a letter in the post addressed to 'The parents of Dylan Dubber'. A Royal Mail employee had replied to Dylan reassuring him his letter was on "a very special journey to the stars so that it reaches her today".

A weightlifter has achieved a remarkable world record after successfully lifting 340kg - more than five and a half times her own body weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A weightlifter has achieved a remarkable world record after successfully lifting 340kg - more than five and a half times her own body weight Rhianon Lovelace, 24, overcame incredible odds to become the first woman to deadlift 340kg in the world after an incredible event which saw her heart rate racing dangerously at nearly 250 beats per minute.  Rhianon won the title of World's Strongest Woman twice in three years, only pulling out last year due to an injury, and hopes this record will propel her to her third title.

A mum has told how her "baby saved her life" after a grapefruit-sized rare cancer was spotted during a pre-natal scan

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rachel Bailey, 28, had no idea she had a huge mass on her kidney until she went in for a baby check-up at 21 weeks pregnant. While her baby was healthy, the scan revealed a previously undetected 6cm tumour, which medics said might not have been found in time. And just weeks after she'd given birth to baby daughter Phoenix, weighing 4lb 4oz, she underwent robotic surgery to remove the tumour and part of her kidney.

$7,820 USD Swarovski Mickey Mouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** Medicom Toy has called in LIGHTS STYLE for a shiny Swarovski-embellished Mickey Mouse BE@RBRICK. This release follows a set of equally opulent Snoopy figures the two labels put out last month. Embodying a striking monochromatic color scheme, the figure is coated with tiny black and white Swarovski crystals. Price: 7 820 Dollars.

Budweiser launces its first beer with no alcohol

***EXCLUSIVE*** Budweiser is now launching the brand's first-ever alcohol-free beer, simply named Bud Zero. For the project, Budweiser's owner Anheuser-Busch InBev teamed up with entrepreneur and ex-NBA player Dwayne Wade, who helped with the package designs and actual taste of the beverage. One serving is only 50 calories, and holds no sugar at all, while tasting similar to the original Budweiser beer.