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Six-foot-four model who married a man six inches shorter than her says she receives explicit Instagram DMs from height-obsessed strangers

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, CANADA: Meet the stunning six-foot-four woman who says she is inundated with DMs from men asking to „climb” her and admits shorter guys are better lovers. Nutrition manager and model, Emerald Van Langen (32), from Toronto, Canada, always hoped that she’d be as tall as her eldest sister (37) who stood at 6ft 3ins. Fascinated with her height, Emerald swore off drinking fizzy drinks after hearing a rumour that these stunted your growth. In ninth-grade at school, Emerald began to notice that she was growing at a much quicker rate than that of her friends. She began to opt for flat shoes instead of heels; having a conversation whilst sat down felt much more comfortable than those that took place whilst standing up. Emerald grew to 6ft 4ins tall - beating her sister by a single inch. Whilst Emerald would later learn to embrace her height in her modelling career, certain everyday tasks got noticeably more difficult as Emerald grew taller - dating in particular. Emerald is now spending more time focusing on her modelling career. Models are well-known for their graceful heights but casting directors often deemed Emerald to be „too tall”. It wasn’t until she started freelancing and finding her own work that Emerald found her niche.

Cat is causing a storm on social media because of his multi-coloured eyes that resemble David Bowie

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPAIN: This rescue cat is causing a storm on social media because of his multi-coloured eyes that resemble David Bowie - and he already has over thirty-six-thousand-fans. Stunning photos showed Bowie (1) the European Shorthair named after the rock legend sticking his tongue out from a tree, dressing up and playing with cardboard boxes. Another image revealed some fanart of the 12-pound feline dressed up like Bowie with the iconic lightning bolt covering one eye. The purrific pet is owned by archaeologist Maria Lloret (32) from Benidorm, Spain. The beautiful blue and green eyes are caused by heterochromia, which is a gene that restricts melanin in just one eye during development. With over 36,000 followers online, the sweet and sassy feline is even popular enough to have its own line of merchandise.

Designers create 'healthier cabins' for post-pandemic air travel

A team of designers have re-imagined the aircraft cabin for post-pandemic travel. The new healthier plane cabin designs feature full divider screens, staggered seats and the removal of in-flight entertainment systems. Created by British design firm PriestmanGoode, the new ''Pure Skies'' designs reinvent both business and economy class cabins to be ''future-proof'' against potential new pandemics. PriestmanGoode's concept for aircraft cabin interiors after the coronavirus pandemic features dirt trap-free surfaces and ''colour psychology'' to alleviate passenger anxiety. Seats will use ''photochromic and thermochromic inks'' which will work with new cleaning methods such as UVC - which studies have shown can kill coronavirus - and heat cleaning. Economy class is renamed as Pure Skies Zones while business class is called Pure Skies Rooms. In ''Pure Skies Zones'', new divider screens at full height separate each row from each other. Some of the seats are also staggered to offer more room to passengers. In-flight entertainment TVs have been scrapped - instead, new systems will allow you to hook up your phone so you can watch through your devices, something many airlines are already doing. You will still be able to rent devices if you want to binge a series during the flight. Also on the back of the seat will be wireless charging and an integrated backlit safety card. The tray table - which is often cited as one of the dirtiest parts of the plane - will instead be clipped on, which are handed out by the trolley.

Burning question! Man accidentally torches his own flat when romantic wedding proposal using 'hundreds' of candles goes disastrously wrong

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man gutted his own flat in a blaze sparked when he tried to propose to his girlfriend - using hundreds of tealights and candles. The would-be groom lit the front room with the lights as a surprise - then went to pick his sweetheart up from work. Fire crews say he lit around twenty candles and "hundreds of tealights" as a romantic gesture to pop the question when they got back. But when the pair returned their flat was ablaze and three fire crews were tackling the inferno.

Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce to create a Mach 3 Concorde-like passenger aircraft

Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce have joined forces to create a Mach 3 Concorde-like passenger aircraft, they announced Monday (3 Aug). The basic parameters of the initial high speed aircraft design include a targeted Mach 3 certified delta-wing aircraft that would have capacity for 9 to 19 people at an altitude above 60,000 feet and would also be able to incorporate custom cabin layouts to address customer needs, including Business or First Class seating arrangements. The aircraft design also aims to help lead the way toward use of state-of-the-art sustainable aviation fuel. Baselining sustainable technologies and techniques into the aircraft design early on is expected to also act as a catalyst to adoption in the rest of the aviation community.

Epic selfie with an eighty-foot-long whale

***EXCLUSIVE*** SRI LANKA: This underwater photographer has captured an epic selfie with an eighty-foot-long whale thirty-two-feet below the surface. An out-of-this-world image captured a man swimming alongside an 80-tonne Pygmy blue whale in the Indian ocean, highlighting how small humans are in comparison to the world's largest animal. Another image showed the photographer posing for a selfie with the magnificent creature. The magical images were captured by dive tour leader and photographer, Simon Lorenz (42), from New Territories, Hong Kong. He used a Nikon D850 with a Sigma 15mm lens and Isotta housing kit to snap the whales of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. The German-born dive instructor was, at times, just 26-feet away from the sea creatures, who can travel at speeds of up to 31 miles-per-hour.

Air taxi company complete first phase of VTOL flight testing

Switzerland: While many so-called „air taxi” companies have just fancy renderings to show for their ideas, a Swiss company have announced, on 27 July, completion the first phase of VTOL tech demonstrator flight testing. Dufour Aerospace have carried out 550 test flights of the two-wing craft, expanding the flight envelope incrementally. They say: „We have demonstrated a high degree of stability and control in all conditions, including transitions from hover to cruise and back again.” Developed in partnership with the ETH Zurich research institute, the fully-electric aircraft has a 4.5-metre (14.8-ft) wingspan. Dufour vision is to build the aEro VTOL, an advanced electric aircraft they say aims to bring „you from your doorstep to nearly anywhere you want over 5 times faster than a car but at the same cost per kilometer.” The company explain that they have been inspired by Canadair’s pioneering work fifty years ago with the CL-84, and their research has shown that tilt-wing convertible aircraft offer a high degree of safety and efficiency.

This TWO-HUNDRED-POUND jaguar got more than it bargained for when it attempted to steal a baby otter for its dinner

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRAZIL: Extraordinary footage showed the nine-foot-long beast as it snuck up and grabbed an eight-pound baby giant otter whilst it was sunbathing. However, the victory was short-lived as the baby's family frantically chased the jaguar up the embankment forcing it to drop its prey, with one even biting the jaguar on its leg. The incredible scenes were shot by travel and tourism worker, Alexander Ley (27), and his father Burkhard Ley (61) from Solingen, Germany. The predator vs. prey encounter occurred at Porte Jofre, Pantanal, Brazil. The rare sighting of the cross-species conflict has received over 20,000 views on Instagram, and the whole stand-off lasted for over five minutes.

Height of stupidity! Police blast 'reckless' idiots risking their lives posing for SELFIES on top of sheer cliffs and waterfalls

***EXCLUSIVE*** Police have slammed the "reckless antics" of cliff top selfie seekers in North Devon. The Devon Rural Affairs policing team has shared a series of images of people in dangerous locations, seemingly snapping selfies and posing for photos for social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat. One such image shows an adult crouched on a ledge dwarfed by the huge waterfall and vertical drop he is posing above. Another shoes a group huddled together on a rocky outcrop - with member of their party stood right at the edge, getting a better look at the dizzying chasm below.

A woman who suffered agonising pain for seven years and was even bed bound for 18 months - after it was finally discovered that she had an eye parasite

***EXCLUSIVE*** Skye Wheeler, 21, was just 14 when she came home from a dance class with a headache - but the pain never went away. Instead it got worse, and soon it was so bad that she was left 'rocking in agony', was too weak to climb the stairs, and ended up bed-bound for 18 months. But now it has been discovered that she has a rare eye infection called Acanthamoeba Keratitis, which was triggered by a parasite that burrowed into her eye.

Cat paradise in Neustrelitz

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Neustrelitz: Manuela Jeschke, founder of the private animal protection initiative Katzenparadies Neustrelitz, sits with a cat in the "cat living room". More than 50 velvet paws currently live in the cat paradise. There are no bars here for healthy, adult and neutered animals. You can freely choose between the cat-living rooms in the house and the garden, which looks like a miniature playground for children. Only those who are new, sick or still too small for outside live in enclosures for the time being.