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Wife cpr

(L-R) Juris Lazduaskis, Sanita Lazdauska with children Martin and Michelle. See SWNS story SWOCsave. A wife brought her husband back to life by performing CPR -- after he 'died' for nearly an HOUR. When Sanita Lazdauska, 39, climbed out of bed one morning, leaving husband Juris Lazduaskis, 45, snoring away, she thought he was asleep. But she noticed he was making strange sounds and watched in horror as he stopped breathing and turned blue. Fast-thinking Sanita, a mum-of-two, jumped into action and called for an ambulance, and listened as a call handler told her she'd have to perform life saving CPR. **EXCLUSIVE**

3First Chinese-designed Lego models

The LEGO piano model, which belongs to Ideas Series with the serial number of 21323, is displayed, 1 August 2020. The model, which is composed by over 3600 pieces, is now available. *** Local Caption *** fachaoshi

Dolphin catching a salmon

These stunning pictures show a dolphin catching a salmon in its jaws at Chanonry Point. Wildlife photographer Beverley Thain snapped the images at the Moray Firth beauty spot. The salmon appeared to be diving into the jaws of a hungry dolphin, which emerged from the water to catch its prey. See SWNS story SWSCdolphins. **EXCLUSIVE**

Fisherman and cormorant

In this undated photo, an old fisherman drives his raft, fishing with his shag on Li River, Guilin city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 5 August 2020. *** Local Caption *** fachaoshi

Crashed Jaguar

A driver was left with egg on her face after crashing into a café at breakfast in a luxury £60,000 sports car - bearing the number plate '2FAST4U'. See SWNS story SWOCcar. Diners had to scramble for safety as the Jaguar F-Type Coupe ploughed through safety barriers at the popular spot. The woman, who has not been named, was lucky to escape with just wounded pride - having accidentally hit the accelerator rather than the brake. Pictures show the extent of the damage at the Botanicum Café & Grill in South Africa - with the white V8 vehicle coming to a rest at a 45 degree angle on a wall. **EXCLUSIVE**



Shetland Orcas

Shetland Orcas captured on camera near Meal Beach, Shetland Islands, the culmination of photographer Norman Watson’s nine year quest. .See SWNS story SWBRorca. This is the story of a photographer whose nine-year long dream of capturing the elusive Shetland Orca’s on camera has finally come true. Norman Watson ,48 had been visiting his son in Shetland after six-months of social isolation when he heard an Orca had been spotted near Meal Beach. He arranged to go out fishing on a friends boat and managed to be in the right place at the right time to take a once in a lifetime video and a handful of photographs. **EXCLUSIVE**

Van cat Darcy

Missing Posters - Darcy the cat. A cat who was missing for more than two weeks after hopping into a van has been found 30 miles away from her home. See SWNS story SWMDcat. Darcy was found on Friday when she was spotted in Knighton, Leicester, after going missing from her home in Beechdale, Nottingham, on 15 July. Her owners Matt Ryder and Katya Aleksic, with help from many others, had searched for her every night since her disappearance. Mr Ryder said now she is back "the house feels like a home again". The 31-year-old said they had had their television repaired on 15 July. When Darcy, who is an outdoor cat, did not come home the following day they realised she was missing. A couple of days later, their neighbour found CCTV footage showing Darcy hopping in the back of the repair worker's van. **EXCLUSIVE**

Beaver Dreamer

Robin Hanbury-Tenison releasing a beaver onto his nature reserve near Bodmin, Cornwall. See SWNS story SWPLbeaver. A famous explorer and one of the first in the country to become a coronavirus victim said he survived his battle - by dreaming of beavers. Robin Hanbury-Tenison, 84, who is also an author, spent seven weeks in hospital and five of those were in an induced coma. He said it was a "rough time" and that he was given just a five per cent chance of surviving - but miraculously he pulled through. One of the things that kept Robin, from Bodmin, Cornwall, going was the dream of releasing a beaver into a nature reserve - which his son, Merlin, arranged on his return home. **EXCLUSIVE**

Proposal Blunder

Albert Ndreu, 26, from Sheffield, planned a romantic proposal to girlfriend, Valeria Madevic, 22, but accidentally set his flat on fire, pictured inside their top floor flat in Sheffield, South Yorks, August 4, 2020. A hopeless romantic who hoped to propose to his girlfriend accidentally torched his flat - after lighting up over 100 candles which set his living room on FIRE. See SWNS story SWLEproposal. Albert Ndreu, 26, spent two weeks meticulously planning his perfect proposal after buying a ring for his girlfriend Valerija Madevic. He decided to surprise his sweetheart by filling their living room with over 100 candles and roughly 60 balloons, with the tealights spelling out: “Will You Marry Me?”. But after picking her up from work on Monday (Aug 3), they returned to find their new home had been devastated in a fiery blaze. Three fire crews rushed to the scene at roughly 8.30pm after Valerija saw clouds of dark smoke emanating from their flat’s door in Sheffield, South Yorks. But Albert was undeterred and got down on one knee and asked the love of his life if she would marry him. With sirens wailing in the distance and their flat engulfed in flames, the lovestruck girlfriend said yes. **EXCLUSIVE**

Bunker Murder

FILE PICTURE - Linked to todays SWNS story SWMDkeeley, August 4, 2020, about how the jury are set to retire in the case of Welsley Streete, who is accused of the rape and murder of Keeley Bunker. Composite picture of Keeley Bunker (L) & Wesley Streete (R). See SWNS story SWMDmurder. Streete, 20, was arrested on suspicion of the murder and rape of Keeley Bunker whose body was discovered in a pond in woodland in Tamworth on September 19, 2019 and subsequently charged. In March 2020, he was also charged with the rape of a child under 16, rape of a woman over 16, sexual activity with a girl and three counts of sexual assault. **EXCLUSIVE**

Officer at Seven

Harry Cannell with police officers Jason Crisp (L) and James Lister (R). A seven-year-old boy whose cat was killed by a car outside his home has been busy policing drivers by giving them a ‚Äústern glare‚ÄE. See SWNS story SWCApolice. Harry Cannell, from Mattishall Norfolk, keeps an eye on traffic going past his home ‚ÄE waving at those going the correct speed and glaring at anyone going too fast. His efforts came to the attention of two local police officers, who let him try on their uniform and test out the speed gun. **EXCLUSIVE**

Water Jumping Festival

People of Zhuang ethnic minority celebrate the Tiaoshui Festival (Water Jumping Festival) in Congjiang county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province, 4 August 2020.

Water cannon spread coolness

A multi-purpose anti-dust truck, which looks like a cannon, sprays water on the street to fight against scorching summer heat, Nanjing city, east China's Jiangsu province, 4 August 2020. *** Local Caption *** fachaoshi


January 21, 2019, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA: January 21, 2019-Seoul, South Korea-K-pop manias experience k-pop dance at Black Gold Dance Studio in Seoul, South Korea.

Cattery house for £850,000

The four-bedroom house on sale for £850,000 in Norwich, Norfolk - that comes with a cattery that has room for almost 100 cats. See SWNS story SWCAcats. A retiring couple are selling their four-bedroom home for £850,000 - and it comes complete with a CATTERY that has room for almost 100 cats. Wendy and Graham Jones, who are both in their mid-70s, moved to the site of Timbers Cattery in Norwich, Norfolk, in 2004. They said that 16 years ago, the almost half-acre of land was a "very small, run-down place", with a few small wooden sheds out the back of their home. But over the years, the couple have poured all their time and money into completely renovating and refitting the cattery - which now has a five-star animal welfare rating, and is able to house 95 cats. **EXCLUSIVE**

Hot Wheels

Dramatic Hollywood blockbuster-style pictures show firefighters battling a huge scrapyard blaze which could be seen from 30 MILES away. See SWNS story SWMDfire. Fire engulfed around 40 vehicles when a blaze broke out at a scrapyard in Daventry, Northants., at 8pm on Monday (3/8). The blaze was so fierce smoke could be seen billowing from the Intapart Ltd site from 30 miles away in Leicester. Residents living nearby were warned to keep their windows and doors shut to prevent fumes from entering their homes. Meanwhile drivers faced huge diversions as police closed the bust A45 while around 40 firefighters tackled the blaze. Dramatic pictures taken by Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service show dozens of scrapped cars being destroyed as the flames tore through the site.January weighing 5lbs 5oz. **EXCLUSIVE**

Maijishan Grottoes

Sculptures of Buddhas are seen on the half of the mountain at the Maijishan Grottoes, a series of 194 caves cut in the side of the hill of Majishan, Tianshui city, northwest China's Gansu province, 3 August 2020. *** Local Caption *** fachaoshi