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Kate MccGwire sculpture

Harewood House collections manager Paula Martin takes a photograph of 'Discharge', a sculpture made from 10,000 pigeon feathers by artist Kate MccGwire, in the Main Library at Harewood House in Leeds, that forms part of previously unseen exhibition 'Menagerie', after the house at Harewood reopened to the public following the easing of lockdown restrictions in England.

Beekeeper in Tartua village

Video grab from footage of a beekeeper in Tartua village, Oupada, in Balasore district, India, weaning a swarm of bees on his BODY! See SWNS story SWOCbees. This brave man calmly allows thousands of bees to swarm and settle on FACE - putting the skill down to composure he inherited from his grandfather. The 34-year-old beekeeper, named only as Tukaram, learned the profession as a young boy and despite not wearing any protective equipment, has never been stung. Tukaram was filmed showing off his remarkable talent in Tartua village, Oupada, in Balasore district, India, on July 31. A source said: "His grandfather taught him the calmness and composure required to deal with the bee swarms." Tukaram is busy teaching his profession to his neighbours after many lost their jobs due to the pandemic

Pig sculpture

To see Ode to the Pig in Hamburg - a leap into freedom, ”is how the Dutch artist Jantien Mook describes her five-meter-high and seven-meter-long sculpture of a pig, which can still be admired on September 28th in Dammtorstrasse in Hamburg . | usage worldwide

Toilet to rescue

2 year old Callum Souch at Bedminster fire station. Bristol. 3 August 2020. See SWNS story SWBRtoddler. A toddler had to be rescued by firefighters after getting his head stuck - in a TOILET SEAT. Little Callum Souch had popped off to use the loo while mum Kirsty Smith made a coffee earlier this week (August 3). The two-year-old has only just started using the toilet independently - and appears to still be learning how it all works. Callum emerged from the bathroom with the child seat firmly trapped around his neck after taking "longer than usual".

MUM and daughter duo look alike

Dawn feels that diet, sleep, exercise, and drinking water are all important elements in staying young. NEW YORK, USA: THIS MUM and daughter duo look so alike that even their own husbands get confused - despite their thirty-year age gap. Authors, Dawn Hubsher (60) and Cher Hubsher (30), from Florida, USA, and New York, USA, respectively, may look like twin sisters, however the two are in fact mother and daughter. The duo have always shared a likeness but during Cher?s teens, the likeness became uncanny. Whilst Cher initially found it strange being the only kid at school with a ?young? looking mum, she soon grew to love it ? even inviting Dawn to her bachelorette party as ?one of the girls.? The duo's likeness has garnered them a collective 75,000 fans on Instagram but the pair?s twin-like looks have even fooled family and friends ? including Cher?s husband, Jared Gopman (30). Together, Dawn and Cher have written A Bond That Lasts Forever, a book chronicling their journey. The two may look like sisters, but they?ve also grown to act like them too. Dawn is unsurprisingly thrilled to be mistaken for her daughter?s sister ? with many presuming her to be half the age she is. Now aged 60, Dawn is passing along her tips on how to maintain a youthful appearance as well as staying young-at-heart. mediadrumworld.com / @cherhubsher *** Local Caption *** 00050881

Boob Show Shame

RENFREW, ONTARIO, CANADA: Anna breastfeeding Winn at six months (left) and at 18 months (right). THIS YOUNG mum?s decision to breastfeed in public has been called a ?BOOB SHOW? by her own family and attracted DMs from men with creepy fetishes online. Stay at home mum, Anna Carthy (22), from Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, fell pregnant with her son, Winn, who is now 18 months old when she was 19, and Anna knew immediately that she wanted to try breastfeeding. Anna didn?t know any other young mums who breastfed their children and she felt that healthcare professionals sometimes doubted her ability to nurse her son after he was born via c-section, as she wasn?t actively encouraged to do so. This only made Anna want to breastfeed even more and she started to post pictures on social media to inspire, support, and educate other women about breastfeeding. As Winn grows older, Anna has found that people are increasingly judgemental of her decision to continue breastfeeding, with one extended family member calling the natural act a ?boob show?. Other people have told her that nursing her son is gross now that Winn is of an age where he can ask for milk himself, and she has even received a string of creepy messages from men on social media regarding her extended breastfeeding who say that they are jealous of her son. These comments aren?t going to put Anna off doing something she feels will give her son the best start in life. She has no plans to stop breastfeeding and feeds Winn on demand, in public, and at home, whenever he is hungry ? sometimes upwards of 10 times a day. She hopes that by sharing her story, she?ll be able to empower other women. Mediadrumworld / Anna Carthy

The array of wildlife in tunnel

Pictured: A badger peeks out of the tunnel A series of animals are perfectly reflected in a pool of water as they peek their heads out of a tunnel. The array of wildlife - from a red squirrel to a badger - seek refuge from the hot weather in the drainage pipe. Visitors to the 18-inch wide tunnel and the surrounding small pool include a blackbird, a great spotted woodpecker, an otter and a family of blue tits. Photographer Alan McFadyen pictured the animals near his home in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS Please byline: Alan McFadyen/Solent News ? Alan McFadyen/Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800

Bustling cattle market

Pictured: Thousands of cows are lined up to be sold at a bustling cattle market. The animals will then be sacrificed as part of the annual Eid al-Adha celebrations - otherwise known as the Festival of the Sacrifice. Farmers sell the cattle for between £500 to £5000 depending on size, with the highest price reaching £100,000 this year. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie pictured the cattle at the market in Bogra, Bangladesh. SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS Please byline: Azim Khan Ronnie/Solent News © Azim Khan Ronnie/Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800

Daily Life: Leather Processing

August 5, 2020, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Labour is working on a raw leather at a tannery during the COVID-19 pandemic in Savar area near Dhaka, .Bangladesh on Wednesday, August 05,2020.