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Hell Ants

EMBARGOED UNTIL 16.00 BST, THURS AUG 6 (11:00 ET) Researchers discover a worker of the hell ant Ceratomyrmex ellenbergeri grasping a nymph of Caputoraptor elegans (Alienoptera) preserved in amber dated to ~99 Ma. A new fossil discovery shows how ancient 'hell ants' hunted with metal headgear and vertically-grasping pincers. See NATIONAL story NNants. The 99-million-year-old amber fossil has pristinely preserved the hellish predator as it embraced its unsuspecting final victim, an ancient relative of the cockroach. The ancient encounter recovered from Myanmar, offers a detailed glimpse at how the prehistoric hell ants once used their killer features to exterminate prey. It also reveals vital information about how the evolutionary process enabled the ants to accrue their remarkable killing kits. Perhaps at the pinnacle of its hellish armoury were deadly, scythe-like mandibles which operated in a vertical motion to pin prey against their long horns. Among the recently-identified ants is a species named Linguamyrmex vladi, or "Vlad the Impaler" by Dr Phillip Barden and his colleagues in 2017. ***EXCLUSIVE***


(200806) -- YANGZHOU, Aug. 6, 2020 (Xinhua) -- A staff member dressed up as a giant panda welcomes giant pandas at the Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport in Yangzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province, Aug. 5, 2020. Transferred from China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in southwest China's Sichuan Province, two giant pandas, Yun Er and Zhen Sheng, arrived in Yangzhou on Wednesday and will be transferred to Dafeng Port Zoo in Yancheng of Jiangsu. (Photo by Yu Xing/Xinhua) Xinhua News Agency / eyevine Contact eyevine for more information about using this image: T: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 E: info@eyevine.com www.eyevine.com *** Local Caption *** 02675397

Squirrel Loves Apple

Video grab of this adorable video of a happy little squirrel eating an apple on a park bench in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow's West End. See SWNS story SWSCsquirrel. This adorable video shows a squirrel happily eating an apple. The friendly squirrel approached NHS worker Hollie Garner, 28, as she was sitting in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow's West End. Hollie, who was having her a three-day break after working through the lockdown, was charmed by the fluffy creature and started filming it. The squirrel sat with her for about 15 minutes before racing up into a tree when she left. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Owl Chick Saved

Six-week- old Spectacled Owl chick born at Scottish Owl Centre in West Lothian will become part of the flight team. Aug 5 2020. See SWNS story SWSCowl. This fluffy baby owl will be starting 'owl school' next week as it learns how to become fully grown. The spectacled owl, which was born six weeks ago, will learn to walk, hop, bounce, flap and finally fly, which it will finally do at 12 weeks old. It is not yet known whether the owl is male or female, but if it's a boy it will be named Aztec, and if it's a girl it will be named Inca - in a nod to its South American origins. The species is the only kind of owl to live permanently in the Amazon rainforest ***EXCLUSIVE***

Hero Sutcliffe

Maurice Sutcliffe chats with daughter Janet Griffiths - One of Britain‚Äôs WWII heroes has died aged 99. See SWNS story SWLEhero. Great-grandad Maurice Sutcliffe ‚Äd who was Bradford Bulls rugby league team‚Äôs oldest fan - passed away in Westbourne Green Community Hospital in Bradford on July 23. He saw his first game in 1933 when he was 13.The former mill worker from Thornton in Bradford had never spoken about his role in the D-Day landings until two years ago. The ex Royal Marine was awarded the Legion D‚ÄôHonneur Medal by the French government in 2017 for his role in the D-Day landings and Normandy campaign. Early on the morning of June 6, 1944, Maurice and his landing craft crew set off from Chichester harbour near Portsmouth to make the hazardous 100-mile journey across the Channel to land on Juno Beach in Normandy. They had been tasked with one of D-Day‚Äôs most daunting missions ‚Äd taking a small landing craft stacked high with four tons of anti-tank shells to the beach invasion. The mission was crucial to the invasion as the shells would be needed by glider troops ordered to land and hold two vital road bridges ‚Äd the Ranville bridge across the River Orne and the Benouville bridge over the Caen Canal. ***EXCLUSIVE***

High-pitched duck whistles

Holiday park staff are providing high-pitched duck whistles to help families staying with them to maintain social distancing while enjoying the idyllic walking and cycling trails of South Devon. See SWNS story SWBRwhistles. Available to guests at Cofton Holidays, the whistles are being introduced by staff at the popular holiday park in a bid to help visitors alert others to their presence. Holidaymakers can blow hard on the whistles to help them maintain a good social distance from others when exploring the surrounding countryside, particularly when the path ahead is unclear, such as in dense woodland or when passing dips and bends on walking and cycling trails. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Ecology photo competition

EMBARGOED 7-AUG-2020 01:00 BST (6-AUG-2020 20:00 ET) A Gelada monkey. See SWNS story SWNNeco. The expression on this monkey's face says it all as it shoos away a fly in one of the entries to a top international ecology photo competition. The picture, by Bing Lin was highly commended in the seventh BMC Ecology Image competition, showcasing the beauty and diversity of life on our planet, as well as its intricate relationships and risks. Speaking of the photo of the female Gelada monkey, a species only found in the Ethiopian Highlands, and the only primatev to eat grass, Bing said: "An adolescent female gelada monkey bites and claws at a bothersome fly in mid-flight. "This photo shows a fly bothering this adolescent female, and I took this shot right as she became fed up with the fly buzzing in her ear, a moment I could empathise with well." ***EXCLUSIVE***

Anna Laurini's ''Urban Spinxes''

August 4, 2020, London, UK: LONDON, UK. An assistant to artist Anna Laurini works on her new artwork ''Urban Spinxes''. Located outside a construction site just off Carnaby Street, the piece is inspired by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The construction company commissioned the artist to design something to cover up what would otherwise be bare wooden hoardings.

Device boosts linguistic skills

EMBARGOED UNTIL 10.00 BST, THURS AUG 6TH (05.00 ET) tVNS earbud in place. An earbud-like device that boosts people's linguistic skills has been developed by scientists. See SWNS story SWNNlanguage. It kickstarts a nerve in the brain that holds the key to learning languages. The simple gadget dramatically improves the wearer's ability to learn new words, say the US team. The painless technique called tVNS (transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation) may also be applied to other forms of education. Electrical currents are sent through the ear. English speakers distinguished Mandarin Chinese sounds more easily - and picked up some twice as quickly. It was achieved through precisely timed stimulation of the vagus nerve - the longest of the 12 cranial nerves connecting the brain to the rest of the body. ***EXCLUSIVE***

eating disorder

Collect photo of Chloe Withyman before she suffered with an eating disorder. See SWNS story SWOCcalories. A former anorexic who shrunk to a size zero when she gave up eating meals said the government's plans to put calories on menus would have KILLED her. Chloe Withyman, 21, became obsessed with calorie counting aged 14, after she put on a small amount of weight following an operation. Some days she would only eat salad, and went from a healthy size 12 to 14, to a UK size 4 - or zero in US sizes - in a matter of months. She's now recovered, but said the news the government wants to tackle obesity by putting calories on menus would have tipped her over the edge, at her worst. Gemma Birbeck, 32, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, feels the same. The PR consultant struggled with an eating disorder in her teenage years and dropped four dress sizes in a single summer due to her obsession. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Rocord 50,000 Vinyl Collection

(from left) Julie Mattin, Emma Kelly with 4 year old daughter Ayva-Rose, Rhona Peel. See SWNS story SWLEcollection. A staggering collection of 50,000 vinyl records is being sold by the family of a late music collector - who was called John Peel like the famous DJ. Julie Mattin, John’s daughter, sold thousands of records on the first day and said that she will sell each record for just a quid - even though some are worth up to £2,000. Her father, who shared a name and a love of music with the legendary radio 1 DJ, amassed more than 50,000 LPs at record shops, auctions and car boot sales. John, from Ramsey in the Isle of Man, spent a lifetime collecting music records and video box sets. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Britain invaded by jellyfish

Sam Whitfield. Britain's beaches are being invaded by jellyfish - as one kayaker shows with his images of swarms near the coast. See SWNS story SWPLjelly. Britain's beaches are being invaded by jellyfish - as one kayaker shows with his images of swarms near the coast. Resorts in the South West of England have reported a high number of the stinging sea creatures this year. Surfers and swimmers are reporting being regularly stung - with some now saying they are too scared to go in the water. Locals in South Devon have taken a series of images Compass jellyfish - Chrysaora hysocella - that can give a nasty sting. Explorer and wildlife expert Darren Murray captured shots of the Compass jellyfish off Brixham, while in his kayak. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Bizarre Reptile Skull

EMBARGOED UNTIL 16.00 BST, THURS AUG 6 (11.00 ET) The digitially reconstructed skull of Tanystropheus, using CT scans of the crushed skull pieces. A 3D skull of a bizarre reptile that roamed the oceans 242 million years ago has been unveiled, helping to explain the creature's huge neck . See NATIONAL story SWNNneck. The sea monster has been named Tanystropheus hydroides - after the long-necked hydras in Greek mythology. It has baffled scientists since its discovery in 1852. Three quarters of its twenty foot body was its neck and tail. At one point it was thought to have been a flying pterosaur, or pterodactyl, due to its hollow bones. Some insisted it lived on land - alongside the first dinosaurs. Now the mystery has been solved after a US team digitally reconstructed its head - using CT scans of crushed pieces. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Bathroom Cobra

Snakecatcher Andre du Preez after having fished the Cape Cobra out of the bath. See SWNS story SWBRsnake. SNAKE-CATCHER Andre du Preez was left in hot water after putting a deadly King Cobra in his bath to warm up – when his unsuspecting wife popped in to spend a penny. Andre, 54, had just captured the 6-foot long killer snake after it had been disturbed from her cosy hibernating place on a building site and was in danger of freezing to death. Knowing his wife Tossie, 55, was out shopping the professional snake expert ran a warm bath to revive it and went off to prepare a heated terrarium glass tank for it. But he was alerted to his wife returning from shopping early at their home in Worcester in Western Cape, South Africa, by screaming and the slamming of the bathroom door. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Firsl Look of McLaren F1

Présentation de la nouvelle McLaren F1 au prix de 3 millions de Dollars créée par l'ingénieur Gordon Murray Gordon Murray Automotive has just offered supercar fans a first look at its T.50, heavily inspired by the similarly Murray-designed McLaren F1. As the father of the original F1 from some three decades ago, there's very little surprise that much of his new T.50 takes its design cues from the retro racer &x2014; from its centered driving position to its exterior body paneling, everything screams the F1. Of course, with so many years having passed since the McLaren came out, Murray can afford to equip the new supercar with much more modern technology, including the lightest V12 engine ever used in a road car. Price: 3 million Dollars.

Beach Guardian

Environmentalist Emily Stevenson, also known as the Beach Guardian, has picked up 171 items of PPE including face masks and gloves during a one hour clean in Cornwall - showing that PPE has become a major threat to the environment and ocean. See SWNS story SWPLppe. . Environmentalist Emily Stevenson, also known as the Beach Guardian, has said that PPE has become a major threat to the environment and ocean. During a one-hour litter pick in Cornwall, the 23-year-old found 171 items of PPE including face masks and gloves - compared to just six she found previously on the same route. Emily said: "Though this may be a timely issue now, it’s unfortunately not one that is going to go away any time soon either. ***EXCLUSIVE***