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Hobbit House

The plans which June Titterton-Fox has submitted for a modern farmhouse in Whitwell, Lincolnshire. See SWNS story SWMDhouse. A grandmother is locked in a bitter dispute with her neighbours over plans to build a ¬£400,000 "Teletubby-style" eco-home in her posh village. June Titterton-Fox, 61, has applied for permission to create a three-bedroom home which she claims would be one of the most energy-efficient properties in the UK. The county councillor wants to downsize from the five-bedroomed property she currently lives in with husband Andy, 57, in the idyllic village of Whitwell, Lincs. But around a dozen residents have lodged objections to the planning application for "Field House" claiming it would be a ‚Äúblot on the landscape‚ÄE. ***EXCLUSIVE***

Beauty of the day -Xianggong Mountain

August 6, 2020, Guilin, Guilin, China: Guangxi,CHINA-Guilin landscape is the best in the world, yangshuo landscape is better than Guilin. At 4:30 in the morning of August 1, before the starlit dawn, I set out from Yangshuo county to Yangshuo Xianggong Mountain of Guilin to wait for a sunrise to witness the morning of Guilin. Climb to the top of the mountain in the night and a line of red rays from the connection between the water and the sky overflow, light blue morning suddenly by the rising sun dyed golden, gentle sunshine through the mist sprinkled in the landscape, there is a kind of indescribable grace.....In summer, Yangshuo is less like a fairyland surrounded by clouds and mist, but the mountains are like shadows. The thin morning mist and rising sun are the best gifts given to the mountains and rivers in the morning. The mountains are stacked on top of each other and winding through the Li River like a jade belt. Many tourists are attracted to climb Xianggong Mountain to watch the sunrise and sunset, creating a beautiful picture.

''strange tree'', for $ 10.000

August 6, 2020, Binzhou, Binzhou, China: Shandong,CHINA-Binzhou city, Shandong Province, August 2, 2020. Wang Guangde, 64, from Wudi County, has been developing the ''strange tree'' for 12 years. In his hands there are hundreds of various strange trees, these trees are strange shape, unique modeling, some like treasure love, some like calabash, some like dragon, some like flower frame... These trees were developed by Wang Guangde through grafting, netting and other techniques. The strange tree he developed was favored by businessmen from all over the country. At the beginning of last year, some businessmen in Beijing bought his 30 ''strange trees'' at a high price of 10,000 yuan per tree.

Amazing Weightloss

Danielle Hoshia before (left) and after (right) her massive weightloss. See SWNS story SWNYweightloss. A woman who was once too overweight to sit in a chair gained new-found confidence after she dropped over 150 pounds. Danielle Hoshia, 26, who had been obese since childhood, lived to eat and would often spend two hours over lunch on a deit that was from from healthy. But Danielle decided 'enough was enough' at 21 stone when she realised she was too big to sit in an ordinary chair and doctors revealed she had high cholesterol was pre-diabetic. Tax accountant Danielle, from Hoboken, New Jersey, said: “I was obese my whole life from when I was a kid. In college, I gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time. ***EXCLUSIVE***


****GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND OUT**** This incredible optical illusion shows a pair of Zebra on the Maasai Mara National Reserve seemingly fused into one creature. See SWNS story SWBRzebraillusion. Optical illusion shows a pair of Zebra seemingly fused into one creature. Indian photographer Sarosh Lodhi was visiting the Masai Mara, Kenya when the sighting occurred. Sarosh managed to capture the Zebras at the perfect moment resulting in an amazing optical illusion.Lodhi, 47 from Nagpur India who has been a wildlife photographer for more than twenty years said: ‚ÄúThe two zebras that came face to face are overlapping in a way to give out illusion, making it difficult for the viewer to know which one is facing the camera.‚ÄE ‚ÄúI was as puzzled as anyone of the viewers can be, but I knew the answer obviously. It takes ages and a lot of luck to witness something like this, I am happy that I was at the right place at the right time and that I could time it well.‚ÄE ***EXCLUSIVE***

Spot the snow leopard

Pictured: Spot the snow leopard... The predator is so camouflaged against a rock while watching its prey it is almost impossible to see. A closer inspection of these photographs reveals how perfectly the big cat blended into the rocky terrain while waiting for the blue sheep, also known as bharal. SEE OUR COPY FOR FULL DETAILS. Please byline: Shivang Mehta/Solent News � Shivang Mehta/Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800 ***EXCLUSIVE***

Indonesian marriage party simulation as applying the health protocol

August 6, 2020, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia: A bride and groom wearing face masks during a simulation of a wedding reception to applying to health protocols in the New Normal era at a Medan, North Sumatra on August 6, 2020. The Indonesian government has imposed a new set of regulations dubbed as the 'new normal' that are set to be implemented in stages or infection numbers can reopen businesses while adhering to strict health code protocols.

Rudolph Rescue

August 6, 2020, Clearwater, Florida, USA: Rex (right) and Rudolph, visit with Abbey Stone, stranding coordinator at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The two rough-toothed dolphins were taken in by the aquarium and rehabilitated. Rex is estimated to be 5-7 years-old and is completely deaf. He was rescued around St. George Island and later acquired from Gulf World in Panama City Beach. Rudolph is estimated to be between 2-5 years old and is partially deaf. The Fish & Wildlife Conservation found him stranded at Sanibel Island and he was brought to Clearwater in December. According to aquarium staff, Rudolph and Rex took to each other's company quickly and Rudolph's demeanor has noticeably changed since Rex joined him about a week ago. Rough-toothed dolphins can be found in the deeper tropical waters. Aside from their unique teeth they are darker in color and slightly smaller than the Bottlenose. Rex and Rudolph's impaired hearing makes it impossible for them to geolocate to find food which is why they'll live at the aquarium. Guests can visit them starting today, on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020 in Clearwater.



Octopus Trickery

The art is by Instagram user @ghost3dee, who has almost two decades experience in 3D art. QATAR: A SPECIAL effects artist has tricked over four-hundred-thousand people into believing his footage of a CGI octopus is the real deal - but can YOU tell it's a fake? Uncanny footage captured the super realistic four-foot-long brown cephalopod as it dragged itself across a sandy Arabian beach. Special effects artist, Alex Zabei Vorota (32), from Doha, Qatar, shot footage of Old Ruins Beach, Al Mafjar, Qatar with his Osmo Pocket camera. He then spent four painstakingly long weeks animating a photorealistic octopus as if it was sliding along the beach. He used Houdini FX, Octane Renderer and Substance Painter software to craft the viral triumph which has tricked over 400,000 people on Instagram. mediadrumworld.com/@ghost3dee ***EXCLUSIVE***

Most Followed Hostess

Laura said the hardest part about her job is being away from home a long time. CATANIA, ITALY: THIS WOMAN is slamming jealous trolls who say her images are PHOTOSHOPPED after claiming to be the most followed air hostess in the world. Air hostess, Laura D?amore (37), from Catania, Italy, decided to apply for the job a few years after graduating from university. Almost 13-years later, Laura claims to be ?the most followed air hostess in the world? with an impressive 666,000 fans on Instagram alone. It?s not something Laura expected. She began posting photos online of her glamourous work look and stunning off-duty attire and brands and companies began to take notice. Laura travels on several routes across Europe and is regularly recognised by fans ? with a disproportionate amount of these being men. Laura could never have imagined the opportunities her role as an air hostess would lead to. Whilst she loves her job, Laura will soon be answering the call of the silver-screen. mediadrumworld.com / @lauradamore_ ***EXCLUSIVE***

Hot Grandma Charlene

GRASSIE, ONTARIO, CANADA: Charlene decided to overhaul her lifestyle after feeling that she had let herself go. SINCE getting in shape this hot grandma says she is inundated with messages from men asking to buy her USED underwear. Cleaner, painter, and model, Charlene Farnsworth (50) from Grassie, Ontario, Canada, has always been blessed with a slim physique, but it wasn?t until she hit her forties that she started to struggle with her weight. Charlene, who is a mum of two and grandmother of one, had a throat cancer scare in 2011 which luckily turned out to be Hashimoto's disease - a condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. The momentary prospect of an early death meant that Charlene decided life was too short to be a slave to healthy eating and working out. She spent the best part of seven years indulging in her favourite unhealthy foods like poutine, chips, pizza and bacon. Approaching her 48th birthday, Charlene was hitting the scales at 12st 1lb and wore a UK size 12. Unhappy with how she had let her health go, Charlene decided to embark on a fitness journey where she adopted an 80:20 approach to her diet, 80-percent of the time she ate healthy and 20-percent of the time she treated herself. Charlene bought herself a Fitbit and started doing weekly step competitions with her friends and before long, she was feeling fitter than ever and decided to give bodybuilding a try, hiring a personal trainer. This gave her level of fitness an extra boost and she started working out five to six days a week. When Charlene turned 50 in January this year, she admitted she was in the shape of her life and now, she weighs a super svelte 10st 3lb and is a UK size 8. After sharing pictures of her incredible physique on Instagram and earning an impressive 19.7K followers on the social media platform, Charlene has recently started modelling. Her pictures are so popular that she has even received inappropriate messages from men aged from 20 to 70 sending her picture