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Meet amazing girl, 2, born with her stomach, liver and bowel on the OUTSIDE of her body defies the odds

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the 'inside-out' little girl who was born with her stomach, liver and bowel on the OUTSIDE of her body. Laurel Phizacklea, two, wasn‚Äôt expected to survive birth and her parents, Kelly, 30, and Sean, 34, were offered a termination at their 12-week scan when doctors diagnosed their unborn child with a major exomphalos - a condition which occurs when the baby's abdominal wall does not form during pregnancy. But Laurel's parents decided to give her a chance and the tot defied medics predictions when she was born at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge on June 6, 2018. Most babies with the condition have the organs reinserted into their body at birth, but due to the unusually large size of Laurel‚Äôs exomphalos, doctors warned she wouldn‚Äôt be able to have them internalised until she is three years old.  Laurel was left with a protruding bump from her tiny tummy - which her parents have to wrap in bandages to support her external organs, in case the weight of them were to pull anything else out of her body.

Woman who gouged her eyes out after taking meth shares joy at getting prosthetic eyeballs

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who gouged out both of her own eyes while on drugs has received her first pair of prosthetic eyeballs. On February 6, 2018 Kaylee Muthart, then 21, ripped out her eyes in a meth-induced psychotic frenzy, while a horrified bystander struggled to restrain her. She was rushed to hospital, where doctors told her that she would be blind for the rest of her life. But the appalling incident served as a catalyst for positive change in Kaylee‚Äôs life ‚Äď she entered rehab and committed to quitting drugs for good.

A former soldier who lost both legs in Iraq becomes the first above-the-knee double amputee to climb the Matterhorn - on his third attempt

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neil Heritage, 39, reached the peak of the 14,692ft summit in the Alps - one of the world's most dangerous in the world. He was injured by a suicide bomber while on tour in Iraq in 2004 and was told he would  never walk again. But the former corporal, from Poole, Dorset, made it up the near-vertical mountainside in three days, reaching the peak at lunchtime on Friday.

Collection of rare action figures relating to TV shows and films from the 70s and 80s is set to bring an eye-watering £130,000 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Auctioneers believe the collection of small-scale toys - which is so vast it is having to be sold off over two days - is the best of its type to ever go on sale in the UK. A top pre-sale estimate of a staggering £6,000 has been placed on a super rare Meccano Star Wars IG-88 Bounty. And a backing card from a vintage toy of a StormTrooper from the battle of Hoth Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is expected to fetch £700 - despite not being with the figure.

A British music fan has splashed out a whopping £100,000 on the world’s most expensive Motown record

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lee Jeffries said it was like “finding the Holy Grail” after buying the seven-inch Northern Soul 45 record “Do I Love You” by Frank Wilson.  It was originally rejected for release by legendary label Motown in the 1960s, with only a handful of copies ever being produced.  It broke the record in 2009 as the most expensive Motown vinyl ever sold when it was snapped up for £25,742.  Lee, 38, a millionaire record label owner and entrepreneur, approached the owner of the record and agreed to pay almost four times the original price.

Digital eyewear via Instagram face filters

***EXCLUSIVE*** In response to the lockdown measures in place due to COVID-19, fashion labels have taken up digital-based initiatives to showcase their latest offerings. From virtual reality experiences to online exhibitions, brands are optimizing the latest technology and tools provided on and off the Internet to reach the masses. The latest example is South Korea-based label, Gentle Monster, that recently unveiled a virtual eyewear collection. Titled Redefinition of Eyewear, the project aims to digitally reinvent traditional modes of consuming eyewear through a series of augmented reality filters designed by artists. Some items feature specific materials such as glass, obsidian, gold and flowers while other options are centered around more unconventional concepts that draw inspiration from robots, animals and the human anatomy.

New app helps Essex parents keep connected with their newborn twins being treated in hospital nearly 60 miles apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of twins have hailed a new app which allowed them stay updated on the progress of their babies - after the boys were sent to hospitals 60 miles apart. Jane and Alex Askew's newborns arrived prematurely at just 30 weeks - and just three days after the national coronavirus lockdown was announced. James and Freddie were born via C-section on March 26, weighing just 3lbs and 2lb 1oz respectively. They spent two weeks being cared for at a hospital in Ipswich before both being transferred back to another facility in Colchester.

Japanese maker releases glowing and flashing gaming masks

***EXCLUSIVE*** To fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many are social distancing by staying home, turning to gaming instead to keep entertained. To make it easier to do both at the same time — and in true gamer style — Japanese company Spec-Computer is now launching its illumi-ON “mouth cover,” an RGB LED-enabled face mask perfect for the Twitch streamers out there. Coming in both a black or white material, the masks have LEDs woven into the sides, which illuminate and diffuse across the front surface. The LEDs can cycle through seven colors — red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and white — or can be configured to display various lighting patterns, including a strobe effect. Users can control these settings via a small button installed on the side of the mask which also carries a micro-USB port for charging.

Russia remakes 1967 Ford Mustang with Tesla drivetrain with 678.000 dollars price

***EXCLUSIVE*** Russian electric car startup Aviar has unveiled the R67 &x2014; a car that combines the body and styling of a 1967 Ford Mustang with the underpinning of a Tesla Model S. Indeed, this &x2018;67 Mustang is fully electric. It features the battery, electric motors, gearboxes, suspension elements, power cables, and all the electronics manufactured by Tesla, which sit underneath and inside a custom composite and aluminum shell that replicates the classic Mustang design. The R67 comes with 840 HP, a 0-62 MPH time of just 2.2 seconds, a top speed of 155 MPH, and has a range of up to 507 miles. Combined with all-wheel-drive, anti-lock disc brakes, and a host of modern technological features, this Mustang could serve as the base for the future of reviving old cars.

Meet the whales with plenty to smile about! Two belugas are transported from captivity in China to a new ocean refuge 6,000 miles away thanks to British charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Sea Life Trust team hold Beluga Whale Little Gray during transfer from the landside care pool to the bayside care pool where it will be acclimatised to the natural environment of its new home at the open water sanctuary in Klettsvik Bay in Iceland. The two Beluga whales, named Little Grey and Little White, are being moved to the world's first open-water whale sanctuary after travelling from an aquarium in China 6,000 miles away in June 2019.

Woman filmed naked in hotel room with no memory how she got there finally gets justice as perv admits making sick video

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man who filmed a strategy consultant sleeping naked in a five star hotel bed admitted voyeurism after the woman's five year legal battle to have him charged. Emily Hunt, 41 woke up in a hotel next to a stranger Christopher Killick, 40. The consultant, who has waived her anonymity, had been enjoying lunch and a drink with her dad in a restaurant in east London. She stayed on after her father left to go to the airport and said the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hotel.

Oakley is bringing back the weirdest sunglasses it ever made

***EXCLUSIVE*** Turning its focus back on one of its most iconic eyewear styles, Oakley is now preparing to bring back its progressive OVERTHETOP frames. The return commemorates the 20th-anniversary of the unique, disruptive design's debut at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia and would have marked the end of the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan. Oakley famously put its innovation to the test in Sydney when Trinidad and Tobago sprinter Ato Boldon debuted the OVERTHETOP in the Men's 100-meter race. Images of Boldon wearing the unusual eyewear became one of the Games' most memorable images and one of the most iconic moments in Oakley history. Priced at 2 000 Dollars, the Oakley Overthetop “Precious Mettle” will be available August 7, 9 a.m. PST exclusively online.

Bear cubs travel across river on mums back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two bear cubs cling to their mother's back as they hitch a ride across a wide river. The six month old grizzlies hold on tightly as their mum crosses the fast flowing, 6ft deep water, as they are not yet strong enough to swim and their mother is trying to teach them not to be afraid of cold water. The images were captured by photographer Pattie Walsh in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.   Mrs Walsh, who lives in Gilbert, Arizona, said: "The cubs appeared to be a little apprehensive. They stayed close to their mum and latched on as tight as they could.

Zebras reflect as they run through mirror like lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A herd of zebras are reflected on mirror-like water as they run through it. Aerial photos of the animals show their hooves leaving prints in the sand as they ran through streams. Photographer Phillip Chang, 64, took these shots at the Masai Mara national park in Kenya. Mr Chang, from California, USA, said: "It was the raining season, and the land were scattered with puddles and ponds from the rain.

Circular boats in coconut forest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Circular boats make their way through a coconut forest. Tourists bundle into the bamboo baskets before exploring the 100-hectare forest with a guide, gliding through the channels of water and becoming surrounded by the coconut trees. Amateur photographer Diem Ngoc pictured the boats in the Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An, Vietnam. The 42 year old Customs Officer, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, said: "Travelling through the coconut forest is an amazing experience for the visitors.