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A man has followed his dream of transforming an old ambulance into a luxury mobile home in his pursuit of living the 'Van Life'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Bonito, 40, from Chertsey, Surrey previously owned a Volkswagen T4 which he skilfully converted into a camper. This is when he first found a love for family adventures and the the freedom of the open road. But in April 2019 Mark, who works as web developer, decided to upgrade his crash pad, and refurbish an old ambulance which was destined for the scrapyard into a modern, comfortable living space. The emergency vehicle came fully equipped with medical equipment and Mark and his partner Sophie Why, 35, spent days disconnecting, removing and disposing of all unwanted equipment.

English man spent 20 years learning Tai Chi in central China

Joseph Dauey, also known as Chen Shaolong, practice Tai Chi, an internal Chinese martial art, at Chenjiagou village, Wen county, Jiaozuo city, central China's Henan province, 8 August 2020. Joseph Dauey is a 44-year-old English man who arrived in China in 2001. He encountered Tai Chi during his college time back in the United Kingdom and decided to go thousands of miles to learn traditional Tai Chi. Chenjiagou village, which is regarded as the place where Tai Chi originated, became Dauey's destination. Henceforce, Dauey has been living in the village for nearly 20 years.

Musicians help severely ill singer finish album

***EXCLUSIVE*** A singer who has ME has released her debut album, after spending two years recording it while bedbound, with it currently number two in the Amazon Best Sellers chart ahead of Taylor Swift. Kara Jane Spencer, 29, from Shirebrook, Derbs., was diagnosed with the debilitating condition when she was just 16 after she became unable to walk.  Her movement is now severely restricted and she needs full-time nursing care.  In May, she asked for help to complete the album and more than 100 musicians and producers came forward to offer their services.

An NHS nurse put on a ventilator after being struck down with Covid-19 has returned to work - at the same hospital which saved her life

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heroic NHS nurse who was put on a ventilator after being struck down with Covid-19 has returned to work - at the same hospital which saved her life. Brave Millie Magadlela was placed in the critical care unit of the hospital where she works in late March after testing positive for the deadly disease. She spent around two weeks fighting for her life on the ICU before being discharged - in an emotional moment which was caught on camera. After continuing her recovery at home in the weeks and months since the mum-of-two finally returned to work at University Hospital of North Tees.