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Woman who quit her job to become a dominatrix earns £500 an hour and says bossing men around comes ‘naturally’

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This self-taught dominatrix has ditched her desk job and now gets paid five-hundred-pounds an hour to let men worship her feet and clean her apartment. Dominatrix, Zoe Noir (28), from London, UK, was fed up of her nondescript office job as an estate broker. When she came across an article detailing the life of a Los Angeles dominatrix, Zoe was surprised to discover that this was something women could make careers out of. Soon after reading the article, Zoe signed up for a BDSM dating site and two days later, she had her first submissive, or „sub” paying her to humiliate him. Zoe was simultaneously running a company in the wellness industry, but she knew „femdom” was now her real passion. In 2016, Zoe decided to become a full-time dominatrix. She often travelled to Prague - somewhere Zoe partially spent time growing up - learning from some other dominatrixes she had befriended. They taught her the basics of BDSM and power-play but ultimately, Zoe claims to be self-taught having learnt from exploring her own fetishes and experimenting with her subs. With her new-found empowerment, Zoe now regularly tours Europe and the Middle East but predominantly hosts sessions from a BDSM studio in London - with sessions costing from Ł300 to Ł500. She hopes to open her own independent studio soon.

Photographer visits Indonesian people who gave up eating humans thirty years ago and converted to Christianity after disappearance of American heir in 1961

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDONESIA: Stunning images offer a rare glimpse inside the former cannibal tribe of Indonesia that is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller. One photograph captured a Dani tribe leader covered in silver bodypaint made from ash and pig fat, with a pig rib hooked through his nose. Another image showed the tribe practicing war formations and spear throwing at the Baliem festival, held every August, which unites and celebrates the 25,000 population of the Dani people with other local tribes in the highlands. Software engineer and photographer Roberto Pazzi (47) of Majorca, Spain, snapped the shots with a Nikon D600 with 24-85mm. Originally from Milan, Italy, Roberto captured the Grand Valley Dani people located in Baliem Valley, West Papua, Indonesia.

Baby George in Beirut

Lebanon, Beirut: At Saint George Hospital, a nurse looks after the newborn George, son of Edmond Kneisher and his wife. George was born 15 minutes after the devastating explosion in Beirut harbour. When the pregnant woman was taken to the delivery room, the power went out in the entire hospital. Although some employees in the delivery room were injured, the doctor continued the birth. The doctor and nurses used the lamps of their smartphones to deliver the baby safely.

Covid Proof Pub

***EXCLUSIVE*** AMESBURY, UK: This British couple love the pub so much that they spent over one-thousand-pounds building one in the back garden - and no local lockdown or virus outbreak can shut it down. Office worker, Melanie O’Hare (42) from Amesbury, UK, has created a new social space amidst the easing of the UK lockdown - converting a 150-square-foot workshop in the back-garden of their detached, three-bedroom home, into a fully-functioning pub alongside husband, Jason (47). The couple spent Ł1,100 on the pricey project including the purchasing of insulation (Ł300), OSB boarding for the walls (Ł300), and the installation of electrics (Ł500). However, they managed to keep the remaining costs down thanks to Jason’s „it will come in handy one day” attitude. Whilst DIY-savvy, Jason, set to work converting leftover wood into a bar and bespoke seating, Melanie was on-hand nearby with ideas and „copious amounts of coffee”. With children, Ellie (19), Wesley (19), and Lucy (22), currently living back at home, the family are making the most out of their new space. Every Wednesday, they gather for a few drinks and a game of poker. It’s a great way for the family to make safe and special memories during these strange times. There’s plenty of controversy surrounding the re-opening of pubs with several having to close already due to local lockdowns and virus outbreaks. However, nothing can stop Melanie and Jason from enjoying a pint in their covid-proof backyard boozer. Creating the pub was the perfect opportunity for the family to busy themselves during the lockdown whilst also creating a space in which they could spend time together. With coronavirus cases back on the rise, Melanie and Jason are happy to have their own private pub.

Mum left with lip ‘hanging off’ after dog attacks her at barbecue

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, USA: This woman was left with her lip hanging off and her nose sliced in two after a dog attacked her at a barbeque. Network marketer, Amber Esala (26) who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, had a full day of celebrations planned for her favourite holiday, Independence Day, on July 4 of this year. With her boyfriend, Kyle (24) and daughter, Raelynn (11 months), Amber had decorated her house and driveway especially for the occasion and they enjoyed a celebratory barbeque in their garden that afternoon. Later that evening they were sitting in the garden with their neighbours, who were dog sitting a German Shepherd for the evening, when all of a sudden fireworks being set off in the distance spooked the dog and it attacked Amber's face. The shock attack left Amber’s upper lip hanging off and her nose sliced through. She was rushed to hospital by ambulance and spent 10 hours in A&E whilst she waited for her face to be stitched up. When Amber was discharged from hospital the next day, she was worried that Raelynn, who was asleep when the attack happened, would be frightened of her due to her injuries. As soon as Amber arrived home, Raelynn embraced her, and Amber’s doubts disappeared. Now over a month since the accident, Amber suffers from night terrors and sometimes feels sad when she looks in the mirror. Although she finds it difficult to smile due to the loss of sensation in her face, Amber is determined to not let herself be defined by her scars and is instead embracing them as a sign of being a warrior.

Britain's most-haunted place - and you can stay the night!

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTHUMBERLAND, UK: If you’re brave enough, you can now stay in Britain’s most HAUNTED castle for just Ł100 a night. Dubbed Britain’s „most haunted historic castle”, Chillingham offers a spine-tingling getaway located just 20-miles from the rural Northumberland coastline. This Grade 1 listed fortress began life in the 13th century and is home to a host of supernatural beings including the white pantry ghost - a frail figure doomed to spend eternity begging for water. Once a monastery, the castle later housed several travelling royals including King Edward I, King Edward III, Anne of Denmark, and James I. During the Second World War, the castle was used as an army barracks. Complete with grand royal halls, an elegant tearoom, and a grisly torture chamber and dungeon, there is plenty to explore in this grand castle - if you’re brave enough. Chillingham has eight apartments suitable for between two and seven guests. If you’d like the royal treatment, „The Grey” apartment features two four-poster beds, an Elizabethan long gallery, and windows overlooking the medieval courtyard. For larger groups, the timbre surroundings of the „Coaching Rooms” could provide the perfect respite just as they did for weary travellers hundreds of years ago. Chillingham Castle is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. One night starts at Ł100 with a minimum two-night stay.

Yorkshire’s too hot - I’m lion down! Big cat takes it easy in the summer sun at Doncaster wildlife park

A lion is pictured taking it easy at a Doncaster wildlife park as temperatures soar across the UK. The King of the jungle relaxed at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster, as the park celebrates World Lion Day. The photographs, taken on August 10, show the big cat lying down and enjoying the summer sun. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is highlighting the plight of wild lions who are under threat in their native habitat. They saved the park's lions from terrible conditions in a Romanian zoo and brought them to a new life in Yorkshire in 2010 after a public appeal to save them. The big cat - one of six at the park - enjoyed the sunshine and lazed about in the heat. 

6ft emu Ethel goes on the run in Doncaster for five days

***EXCLUSIVE*** An escaped emu has gone on the run — in Doncaster. Ethel legged it from a private wood after she was spooked by passers-by taking her photo. Police and the RSPCA have received more than a dozen sightings in five days. But if 6ft Ethel is approached by anyone she turns tail and races away at 30mph. Youths have pelted her with stones. Ethel fled her owner’s property a few years ago and has since lived wild on land owned by Rod Bloor in Sprotbrough.