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A professional stuntman proposed to his girlfriend - whilst on fire

***EXCLUSIVE*** Riky Ash (CORR), 52, asked his sweetheart to marry him as he was covered in flames spreading up his back and legs. Coronavirus nurse Katrina Dobson, 48, was left speechless by the stunt, but eventually regained her composure and said yes. Katrina, who at 6’3 towers above 5’3 Riky, knew he would be set alight, but thought she was just taking part in a photo shoot and had no idea he would propose.

Cat who playing the piano to let his owner know when he’s hungry or needs his litter tray changing

***EXCLUSIVE*** This clever cat has learned to play the piano when he's hungry or when his litter tray needs changing. Winslow the seven year-year-old tabby was taught to play to counteract some bad behavior. „He used to run around screaming all the time and I was like, this is no good” said Winslow’s owner Kate Nyx, 29, of Philadelphia. „The piano is another way to communicate, so he’s not screaming bloody murder.”

Man has clocked up a whopping 20,960 running miles over the last three decades

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super-fit OAP has run almost the entire circumference of the Earth after completing his 800th marathon - at the grand age of 76. Andy Wilmot has clocked up a whopping 20,960 miles over the last three decades, since running his first ever marathon at the annual London event in 1988. The amazing runner completed his 800th marathon, in an impressive time of four hours and 53 minutes - having completed number 799 the day before, in five hours and two minutes.

A mum of two who spent three weeks in a coma after almost dying from coronavirus whilst pregnant has survived and finally given birth to a healthy baby boy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Glorimar Pagan tested positive for Covid-19 when she was already six months pregnant in April 2020. Struggling to breathe, the pregnant mum of two was rushed to hospital and placed into a medically induced coma where she remained for three weeks. Thankfully, she beat the odds and pulled through, giving birth to her healthy baby boy on 27 July and returning home with her family.

A metal detectorist helped reunite a woman with her lost wedding and engagement ring - two days before her 18th wedding anniversary

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christine Mathieson, 44, lost the 21 carat gold, diamond encrusted marital bands at Portsoy Links in Portsoy, Aberdeenshire after swimming in the sea on July 31. She had been at the beach with her husband Derek, 50, and children Alex, 13, and Bella, ten, when she shook her hands to get the seawater off and both rings flew off. Devastated Christine, a childminder, frantically searched for the rings but couldn't find them in the water.

Teddy bear-inspired slippers and bags for 1950 Dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Revisiting its playful Teddy Bear-inspired footwear style, Vetements has now put together new takes on its Hug Me Bear Slippers. Available in “Brown” and “White,” the unique loafer style is constructed of fluffy shearling for a soft and cozy feel. The round toe design replicates the classic look of a teddy bear complete with arms, legs and head. For a comfortable ride, the slippers also feature a padded textile lining. Price: 1950 Dollars.

Abandoned castle which used to host Europe's most impressive illegal DRUG laboratory

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 100-year-old castle in Piedmont region in north-west Italy. These stunning photos show the ornate, abandoned castle - that was later used to host Europe's most impressive illegal DRUG laboratory. The 100-year-old castle, which has stood completely empty for the past decade, still maintains much of its intricate artwork and design, with stunning archways and golden, patterned ceilings.

This perfectly timed footage shows a flock of birds congregating on the back of warthog causing him to momentarily look like a spiky backed DINOSAUR

***EXCLUSIVE*** The warthog was grazing on the plains of Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda when the sociable birds known as Piapiacs began landing on him. The birds that come and go cause the hog to resemble a scaly reptilian such as a dragon or dinosaur. Russian photographer Julia Sundukova captured the events on film. ‚ÄúIt was my first time in Uganda and local wildlife amazed me! Especially moments like this with birds.‚

A stranded dolphin was rescued after a five-hour rescue mission when it became stranded in a river

***EXCLUSIVE*** The two-metre animal became stuck in a tidal creek, an area known for animal strandings due to its muddy creeks. The sighting was reported to Dan Jarvis at British Divers Marine Life Rescue, who mobilised a team to help the stricken dolphin. They went to Mawgan Creek, in the Helford Estuary, near Helston, Cornwall, and with the team were soon able to rescue and refloat the dolphin on Monday, August 10. A spokesperson for BDMLR said: "On arrival, accessing the dolphin proved to be something of a workout.