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Meet the man who after a botched nose job was left with a permanent erection for THREE MONTHS

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZAGREB, CROATIA: Meet the man who after a botched nose job was left with a permanent erection for THREE MONTHS and is now starting his own consultation business to ensure it doesn't happen to YOU. Blogger, fashion stylist and TV personality, Neven Ciganovic from Zagreb, Croatia, always had a clear idea of how he wanted to look when he got older. He fell in love with the surreal macho look of the male Bratz dolls with their ageless faces, small nose, high cheeks and big lips against a smaller body. Neven, who looks decades younger than approaching his 50s, had his first cosmetic surgery in the form of silicone fillers in his lips in 1992 and has maintained his flawless look ever since with three nose job procedures, Botox, cheek bone implants and jaw and chin fillers. But Neven’s sculpted physique isn’t all down to surgery, he works out four to five days a week and does special „chewing” exercises to keep his face looking chiselled and defined. Neven loves the fact that it’s difficult to guess how old he is and that he looks eternally youthful. In 2017, Neven was left with a priapism – an unwanted, long-lasting annd painful erection that is not accompanied by sexual desire – after undergoing rhinopllasty surgery in Iran to correct his septum. After surgery, Neven woke up with an erection which had to be operated on three times to get back to normal but he was left with the problem for three long months. Doctors weren’t sure what caused Neven’s priapism, but Neven thinks it might have been caused by a food supplement he was taking at the time to help at the gym as it has been linked with boosting male sex drives. Neven suffered from depression for months after his erection problem was fixed by doctors but he hasn’t been left with any erectile dysfunction as he says he can still last longer than other guys. He’s since set up an OnlyFans account under his stage name, Rick Vendeta, and this has boosted his confidence massively – he’s also passionatee about advising others on how to handle botched surgery and to help them research reputable surgeons.

Couple who were stuck in a rut after 17 years of marriage say they're 'happier than ever' after forming a 'throuple' with a woman they met at a festival

***EXCLUSIVE*** OREGON, USA: Strangers can't believe this man has TWO partners and are convinced they must be after his money. Health services coordinator, Mikey Titus (37), and equipment maintenance technician, Eli Titus (36), from Beaverton, Oregon, USA, have been married for 17 years. After going through a rocky patch in their relationship, the duo knew that something needed to change. After several years of living a healthy lifestyle and rekindling their relationship, Mikey and Eli met insurance rep, Alida Gibson (31), also from Beaverton, through mutual friends in July 2018. The trio were attending a private camping festival. Alida had also been through a rough time - having just been through a divorce - and the group instantly bonded. They shared a love of the outdoors, crafting, and music, and Mikey and Eli soon realised that Alida would be a perfect fit to join their relationship. The duo were aware of polyamory but never thought it would be something they’d explore themselves. However, when they met Alida, the extension of their relationship felt like the natural thing to do. Recognising no hierarchy, the trio are a closed triad. The trio have three children, Linkoln (12), Maddox (7), and Lennox (5), all born during Mikey and Eli’s original marriage. Whilst the triad have openly spoken to the children about what makes polyamory different, other people aren’t so understanding. The triad feel that being together has made each of them a better person - particularly when it comes to being in a relationship. It’s not simply strangers that are dubious about the triad’s relationship. Mikey, Eli, and Alida’s own families find the arrangement confusing, but the throuple aren’t put off by the constraints of what is considered to be „normal” in society.

This woman was left with a gaping hole above her lip after an innocent skin tag on her neck turned out to be cancer that had already spread to her face

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: Special education needs teaching assistant, Emily Sawyer (38), from London, UK, didn’t think much of the skin tag on her neck - a harmless growth of skin. It was only when her work lanyard began to rub against it and make it bleed that Emily decided to go to the doctors in September 2019 to see if it could be removed. After removing the skin tag during Emily’s original appointment, the problem seemed to be solved. The skin tag was sent away for analysis but only as a routine precaution. Five days later, Emily received a call to say that it was in fact skin cancer and she’d require surgery. In April 2020, Emily underwent Mohs surgery - a treatment for skin cancer - on her face to remove a cancerous area found around her nose. Skin is taken from the cancerous site along with a further one-millimetre area from around it. This is repeated until the extra millimetre is tested as being cancer-free. The cancer on Emily’s face was found during an inspection three-months after the original skin tag tested positive. The surgery - which lasted over four hours - was done under local anaesthetic. Emily now has the all clear but is keen to encourage others to get checked-out if there’s anything they’re concerned about. Proactively seeking help is the right thing to do.

Nine sets of twins starting school in Scottish area which already holds record

Teachers were left seeing double as EIGHT sets of twins prepared to start their first day of school. The children, all aged four and five, will all start at primary schools across Inverclyde - with one school set to welcome three sets of the twins.  Inverclyde has a history of having the highest number of twins in the classroom after a record breaking 19 pairs started school in the area in 2015. This year 16 sets of twins were eligible to start school, but the parents of seven pairs decided to defer their children’s start until next year.

Baby with a huge neck tumour operated on by surgeons as she was being BORN

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby with a huge neck tumour was operated on by surgeons as she was being born. The growth would have left Kayleigh Deaville unable to breathe alone. So she was delivered by caesarean up to her shoulders, allowing medics to secure the airway while she still got oxygen via the umbilical cord. Once delivered, Kayleigh had a tracheostomy to help her breathe. Further surgery to remove more of the teratoma took place ten days later. Despite losing blood and going into cardiac arrest at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, the determined tot rallied and is now home. Mum Deborah, 41, of Stoke-on-Trent, said: “She wasn’t just fine, she was perfect. Our little miracle.”

Elephant tracking

Menghai County in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province: About 280 wild Asian elephants, the largest wild Asian elephant population in the country, live in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Pu Zongxin is a wild Asian elephant tracker of an official monitoring team in Menghai to avoid conflicts between humans and wild elephants, against a backdrop of a growing population of the mammal in China, mostly scattered in Yunnan, thanks to unremitted environmental and wildlife protection efforts.

'Smart' bricks costing as little as 50p each can store electricity just like batteries and could be used to power lighting in buildings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Building bricks costing as little as 50p can be used to store electricity - just  like a battery. Scientists say that house in future could be made from the newly invented "smart brick" with walls that could be recharged hundreds of thousands of time within the hour and used to power lighting. Red brick, one of the world's cheapest and most common building materials, has been used in walls and buildings for thousands of years but is rarely fit for anything else except heating and cooling. Now scientists have discovered how to convert the humble brick into energy storage units and be given the extra purpose of holding electricity like a battery. Chemists say just 50 of these new "smart bricks" could power emergency lighting for five hours. Study author Dr Julio D'Arcy, an assistant professor at Washington University, USA, said: "Imagine plugging in to your brick house.

UK's first socially distanced gig with fans sitting in pens

The UK's first ever socially distanced gig took place in Newcastle on Tuesday evening. Musician Sam Fender took to the stage at Gosforth Park and fans watched him rock out as they sat in penned off areas. A number of people attending the concert took to social media to share snaps from the event that showed off gated sections kitted out with tables and chairs. Concert-goers were seated in their own viewing platforms and be able to order food and drinks to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Squirrel cools off in bowl of water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A squirrel cools off from the hot weather by taking a dip in a bowl of cold water.  The red squirrel can be seen making a splash as it dived into the fishbowl. Photographer Geert Weggen captured the shots in his garden in Bispgarden, Sweden.

Spectacular penguin with yellow feathers and a bright red bill that waddled Earth more than three million years ago could be the 'missing link' between living seabirds and their ancient relatives

***EXCLUSIVE*** A spectacular red-eyed penguin that waddled Earth more than three million years ago has been described as a "missing link" in the evolution of the iconic seabird. The elaborately adorned creature also had yellow feathers and a bright red bill. Named Eudyptes atatu, it's an early ancestor of the crested penguins endemic to New Zealand. Lead author Dr Daniel Thomas, of Massey University, Auckland, said: "The newly-discovered, three-million-year old 'dawn' crested penguin Eudyptes atatu provides a crucial connection.

Two long front teeth on hare

***EXCLUSIVE*** WHAT'S UP DOC... This hare looks like it could be auditioning for the Looney Tunes' character Bugs Bunny as the wild grass stem it's eatting alligns like two long front teeth. The photos were taken along the edge of a wheat field near Ventnor, Isle of Wight by Darren Harris who spotted the hare around 20 foot away from him through some long grass and weeds. Darren, 44, a horticulturalist who works and lives on the Island said, "I could see it starting to eat the long grass stem. It then ducked it's head down and then reappeared with what looked like two long teeth.  I could see through the camera lens the 'long teeth' and just prayed I managed to capture it." "I was so happy when I looked at the back of the camera and saw I'd captured the moment."