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Refugee who left Iraq as a toddler for urgent UK medical treatment is working towards dream of becoming an NHS doctor

***EXCLUSIVE*** A refugee who left Iraq as a toddler to get get urgent UK medical treatment has earned a place at Cambridge University to study medicine to become an NHS doctor - after getting 4A*s. Buraq Ahmed, 18, suffered with an agonising hip condition, and aged three his parents sold their home to fund surgery in the UK. The toddler and his grandma Saadiyah Khattab, 69, were only supposed to stay long enough for treatment - but while he was away the war intensified, and he couldn't go back. Unable to speak English, he started school in the UK, and flourished - but was unable to see his parents for ten years while the war raged on.

A mother who struggled to find a doll that looked like her mixed race daughter set up a business to make her own

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sonia Whiteley-Guest, 49, was determined to make sure her young daughter knew that there were dolls that looked „beautiful” like her. But growing up, there weren‚Äôt any toys that looked like little Lila - as she is mixed race, with her dad being white and her mum being originally from Pakistan.  When Sonia travelled to Chicago on a business trip in 2014, she stumbled into a massive doll department store that sold a range of diverse toys.

Xiaomi unveils world's first mass-produced transparent TV

***EXCLUSIVE*** During its 10-year-anniversary event, Xiaomi revealed the world's first mass-produced transparent TV, the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition. Building on its minimalist design and flagship configurations, the monumental 55” 5.7mm ultra-thin display features an edge-to-edge transparent self-luminous design. The TV looks to suspend images in the air and when turned off stands as just a transparent piece of glass. Price: 7 195 Dollars.

The world's oldest eye has been discovered in an extinct creature that crawled on the ocean floor - 429 million years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** It's almost identical to that of modern bees, dragonflies and crusataceans - showing sight emerged much earlier than previously believed. The prehistoric peeper belonged to a hard-shelled arthropod called a trilobite. It was an ancestor of spiders and scorpions. Corresponding author Dr Brigitte Schoenemann, of Cologne University, said: "The parallels are amazing.

These harrowing images show the moment a woman was cut out of her wrecked car after FIVE HOURS inside the mangled vehicle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Carrie Adeladel lost her left forearm in the terrifying crash when she drove into a tree while delivering newspapers in Hudson, Wisconsin.  Carrie, 37, believed she was going to die until she was found by a policeman at 5am who noticed the skid marks on the winding road and found her screaming for help.  She was flown by helicopter to hospital where doctors amputated her arm and worked painstakingly to save her crushed legs.

A mum who dated a man online during lockdown finally met him and got engaged just weeks later - and thinks not being able to see him helped her find 'the one'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Harvey, 28, matched with Gregg Wright, 40, on dating site Badoo, and they instantly hit it off, but couldn't actually meet up because of Covid-19 rules. But they fell head over heels on video calls and texts for a few months - and the smitten pair think it's because they got to know each other before they finally met. And just four weeks - and a handful of dates - after they first met, Gregg proposed, and Hannah said yes.

A council worker faked cancer to stop his girlfriend from leaving him, even walking with a cane and guzzling vitamin pills as daily "medication"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kevin Bevis, 38, lied about being terminally ill to convince Karen Gregory, 50, to stay with him, even asking her to travel with him to hospital for fake treatment. The dad-of-three, who worked for Gravesend Borough Council housing department, also convinced her friends who sponsored him in a cancer charity run. But his shocking deceit came to an end when Miss Gregory bravely went to the police after Bevis became violent and he was jailed for 18 months.

These incredible pictures show bluefin tuna and dolphins locked in a life and death struggle as a two hour „feeding frenzy”

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible pictures show bluefin tuna swimming alongside whales and dolphins and were taken during one kayaking trip off the British coast. Rupert Kirkwood, 60, is known as the lone kakayer and spends his time paddling out to sea to spot marine wildlife. On one of his recent trips, on Tuesday, August 11, he saw a group of 'hundreds' of bluefin tuna, and witnessed a two hour feeding frenzy including wales and dolphins. Bluefin tuna, also known as giant tuna, are the most valuable species of fish in the world and in 2019 one sold in Japan for £2.5m.

Jaguar celebrating the E-Type’s 60th anniversary with special tribute edition

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jaguar is celebrating the iconic E-Type’s 60th anniversary in March 2021 by building six roadsters and six coupes, delivered as a commemorative pack to the half-dozen selection of lucky customers. The E-Type is without a doubt the marque's most famous sports car, and to this day is one of the most sought after period British sports cars around. Prices for original E-Types often fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Woolly rhinos were wiped out due to climate change rather than overhunting, according to a new study

***EXCLUSIVE*** The extinction of prehistoric big beasts - such as the woolly mammoth, cave lion, and woolly rhinoceros - at the end of the last ice age has often been attributed to the spread of early humans around the globe.  But while overhunting led to the demise of some species, new research suggests that the extinction of the woolly rhino may have actually been down to climate change.  By sequencing ancient DNA from 14 of the megaherbivores, researchers found that the woolly rhinoceros population remained „stable and diverse” until only a few thousand years before it disappeared from Siberia, when temperatures likely rose too high for the cold-adapted species.