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Christie’s will conduct its annual Deep Impact: Lunar and Rare Meteorites sale in which dozens of striking extraterrestrial specimens will be offered for bidding

***EXCLUSIVE*** An auction of rare meteorites, some of which are billions of years old, is being held by Christie’s, New York. Some of the extraterrestrial specimens, including a sample of the Moon in the shape of Moon, are expected to fetch up to $500,000 USD. The Lake Murray meteorite, which is older than mankind itself, it expected to draw around $25,000-35,000. The crystalline rock originates from the molten core of an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, landing on Earth more than a hundred million years before the earliest humans.

A British art conman who was jailed numerous times for faking masterpieces is now giving painting lessons - to pensioners

***EXCLUSIVE*** Max Brandrett - dubbed 'Max the Forger' - has duped expert dealers, been chased by the fraud squad and dealt with infamous villains over his criminal career. He estimates that his talents, which he uses to recreate works by artists like Caravaggio, Lowry and Banksy, have netted him hundreds of thousands of pounds. But, free from the underworld, Max, 72, is now spending his time teaching OAPs near his home in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Once in the same circles as the Kray twins, the former forger claims he is on the straight and narrow - but doesn't regret his past.

Domino's launches limited edition Garlic & Herb Drizzler Bottles

The age-old question, to dunk or to drizzle? What's the best way to savour Domino's delicious dip? You don’t have to decide anymore. For the one in five of Domino’s fans* who love to drizzle the iconic Garlic & Herb sauce on top of their pizza, life has just been made that little bit easier. Domino’s - the UK’s best loved pizza company - has answered the prayers of drizzlers across the nation by creating „The Drizzler” limited edition 320ml bottles for the very first time. The Drizzler bottle has been designed specifically to make drizzling simple, with a nozzle crafted to dispense an even spread of delicious sauce on any size of pizza, with no fear of running out before you get to the final slice. The big question is how to get your hands on one. Well, from this weekend, Garlic & Herb fans who order The Big Dip as part of their order just might be treated to an exclusive free The Drizzler bottle delivered straight to their door. Domino’s will be choosing Garlic & Herb fans at random in selected stores up and down the country, until stocks last.

'Peanuts' celebrates 70 years with limited Heinz ketchup bottles

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peanuts Japan is celebrating 70 years of the comic PEANUTS franchise with the release of three commemorative Heinz Ketchup bottles. The popular inverted bottle design features the lovable Snoopy beagle character mixed in with a three label graphics: “Snoopy sleeping on the omelet rice,” “Omelet and Snoopy with caricature,” and “Tomato and Snoopy.” Tokyo.

Two of the last surviving prisoners of war who worked on WWII's notorious Death Railway will mark the 75th anniversary of Victory over Japan (VJ) Day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Walter Stead and Cyril Doy, both 100, will pay tribute to the tens of thousands of servicemen killed during the campaign with a two minute silence. Both were among the thousands of Allied troops held captive by the Japanese and forced to build a 400km railway from Thailand to Myanmar (then Burma). They spent more than three years - between 1942 and 1945 - working backbreaking seven day weeks building the notorious bridge over the river Kwai.

A college student who lost 220 pounds began his weighloss regime by only eating unseasoned potatoes for TWO WEEKS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dylan Wall, 21, was 425 pounds when he graduated high school in 2017. When he visited Austin Peay State University for new student day, he knew he had to make a change. ‚ÄúDuring a tour of my college, I lost my group because I couldn‚Äôt keep up,‚ÄĚ said Dylan, of Dixon County, Tennessee.

A protein that protects against Alzheimer's disease has been discovered by scientists

***EXCLUSIVE*** Experiments found the condition spreads more rapidly in the brains of mice genetically engineered to lack it. Known as LANDO (LC3-associated endocytosis), it is also found to be more thanhalved in dementia patients. The findings published in Science Advances may lead to a potential therapy for the incurable condition.

Self-seeded sunflower which has produced a monster 27 flower heads

***EXCLUSIVE*** Unlike their one-headed, cultivated cousins, wild sunflowers growing in open fields and ditches and can have multiple flowering heads — some as many as 20 heads per plant.