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You’ll never guess who we p-p-p-picked up tonight! Police find lost PENGUIN wandering on the streets of Nottinghamshire

***EXCLUSIVE*** Officers out on a proactive patrol in Broxtowe last weekend were perplexed when they came across a penguin plodding up a village street. The friendly bird was marching around Strelley in the early hours of Sunday morning when he was spotted by police, who quickly moved to question him on what he was doing walking in the middle of a road. The Humboldt penguin had escaped from his home and travelled around a mile before Nottinghamshire Police officers came across him. Police Constable Gareth Philp, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We were very surprised when we came across a penguin on our shift.

B&O partners with F1 champ Fernando Alonso for limited edition headphones

***EXCLUSIVE*** Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen has tapped the two-time F1 world champion and double 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Fernando Alonso for a two-piece collaboration. The collaboration comprises Bang & Olufsen's recently-released Beoplay E8 Sport Edition wireless earbuds and the Beosound Edge home speaker, with both sporting a reworked design inspired by Alonso's racing background. The Fernando Alonso x Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge will retail for 4 200 Dollars.

Collection of vintage plastic action figures has emerged for sale for £130K

***EXCLUSIVE*** An enormous single-owner collection of vintage plastic action figures has emerged for sale for £130,000. The group, which mainly consists of 80s and 90s toys, is believed to be the biggest of its type to be sold in the UK. Figures from Star Wars, Flash Gordon and Masters of the Universe will go under the hammer alongside memorabilia from Thundercats and Clash of the Titans. They have been brought together over several decades by an esteemed British collector.

Hyperion's hydrogen-electric XP-1 supercar is capable of 220 MPH

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Southern Californian company that employs ex-NASA engineers has unveiled its first hypercar concept, the hydrogen-powered Hyperion XP-1. Hyperion's concept is straight out of the future and showcases technology that could be the answer to the downfalls of electric cars — such as their range and the weight of batteries. The XP-1 uses tech that has been developed for space travel, creating a chemical reaction that breaks down hydrogen to power a bank of fuel cells within the car's super lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis and bodywork. Weighing in at just over 2,200 lbs, the Hyperion XP-1 can catapult from 0-60 MPH in just 2.2 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 221 MPH.

First edition book which is inscribed by Hollywood legend Marlon Brando has emerged for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare first edition book which is inscribed by Hollywood legend Marlon Brando has emerged for sale for £15,000. The Godfather actor wrote a personal message on the title page of the copy of Tennessee Williams' 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in 1947. He was starring in the play on Broadway at the time. Brando, who was still relatively unknown, penned some sweet words to 'Carol', the daughter of fellow cast member Peg Hillias. It was given to her as a 16th birthday present and Brando wrote: "To Carol, with warm affection, Marlon Brando." The book, which was signed by the majority of the cast, is now being sold by London-based book dealer Peter Harrington.

Spitfire model built as a memorial to the women & children who made 2,000 of them during WW2

***EXCLUSIVE*** A full-sized model Spitfire has been built as a memorial to the women and children who constructed over 2,000 of them in secret during World War Two. The crucial little-known operation involved just a few hundred people who operated in requisitioned car garages, sheds, workshops and factories in the city of Salisbury, Wilts. They had to sign of Official Secrets Act and worked with such discretion that the Wiltshire city's inhabitants were oblivious to it. They built the legendary aircraft in piecemeal, with the parts coming together to be assembled in one large factory that is now the local rugby club.

Tommy's bullet-ridden mirror and cigarette case reveal his miraculous survival

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Tommy's miraculous survival can be revealed after the bullet-ridden mirror and cigarette case which saved his life were found in a box of his wartime possessions. Private Percy Warner, of the Royal Fusiliers, was shot during the Battle of Havrincourt, an attack on the Hindenburg line, on the Western Front in September 1918. But the bullet's path was obstructed by the everyday items he kept in his right hand trouser pocket. His medical records, also found in the box, reveal he sustained a wound to his right thigh which led to his discharge from the army. He also had a picture of his girlfriend Dolly and his pay book in his pocket, which appear to have taken some of the bullet's impact. Now, 102 years after he fortuitously escaped death, his story has emerged after his descendant Ben Mayne came into possession of a metal tin box of his belongings.

Nun like it - former convent that has hardly been touched in 80 years is on the market for £450K

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former convent that has hardly been touched in 80 years is on the market for £450,000. Until recently Posbury House was home to an Anglican Franciscan nunnery which moved to the Devon property to escape the danger of German bombardment in the Second World War. The eight-bedroom manor house and two acres of gardens have been well looked after by the nuns, but the property is now in need of refurbishment and buyers are relishing the idea of a project. Estate agents Strutt & Parker say the property has attracted an extraordinary amount of interest with more than 150 viewings in just ten days. They are now asking for best and final offers by midday on Wednesday.

A historic country manor where Doctor Who was filmed has been restored to its former glory and is up for sale for £2m

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 170-year-old Fields Manor, near Newport in South Wales, was in a dilapidated state when award-winning developer Paul Priestley acquired it. The crumbling house had cracked window panes and invading pigeons and tree roots, but his company worked painstakingly to make sure the heritage of the building was preserved in the restoration. It is now a stunning six-bedroom home with a wealth of period features and modern touches, on the market through Mr and Mrs Clarke.

Zebras fighting during sunrise

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of zebras play fight during a spectacular sunrise. One zebra leapt onto its hind legs as it spars with its playmate and the tussling pair kicked up dust in the glow of the rising sun. Photographer Torie Hilley pictured the zebras in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, in the early hours of the morning.

Workers harvesting straw to be transported by boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers harvest huge piles of grass before they are made into environmentally friendly straws. The crop, known as bang grass, is one metre (3ft 3ins) in length and workers must use sharp knives to cut through it. Aerial photographs of this bang grass farm in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam show farmers cutting it, putting it in bundles and then transporting it to manufacturers.

Inquisitve fox

***EXCLUSIVE*** This inquisitive fox isn’t shy of people as it edges closer to the camera and shows off by giving her best Elvis Presley impression. The fox, known by photographer Paul Lunn as ‘Foxy Loxy’ has been visiting his families garden in Rochford, Essex for two years and has become a part of the family. She can be seen sniffing some food left for her and shows off to the camera, giving her best Elvis Presley impression. 40 year-old Mr Lunn said “She is very inquisitive and isn’t shy at coming up to you. In the image she was caught just as she was about to lick her lips”.

UFO spotted over Britain

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mysterious craft spotted flying through the skies last night left confused Britons arguing over what it might be - with some suggesting 'aliens'. The 'UFO' could be seen flying vertically in orange sky at 8.45pm on Wednesday on the British coastline, leaving a long trail behind it before it rolled and 'disappeared' out of sight. The peculiar sight baffled people, with a group of astrophotographers guessing that it was a 'rocket taking off', a 'fighter aircraft' or a 'typhoon jet'. Some even claimed it could be aliens - or Dr Who in a Tardis. Retired salesman Graham Wiffen, who captured the shots from coastal village Milford-on-Sea, Hants, as he looked out across Dorset, thought he was witnessing a rocket.

Leaping deer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deer takes an early morning leap through a field of wheat in Boultham Mere, Lincoln. The roe deer was in a field off a track used by dog walkers. Andrew Scott, 45, from North Hykeham, Lincolnshire, who spotted the buck said, "I saw the deer and managed to get a little closer, it eventually noticed me and then ran to the left before bolting to the right. I’d been watching it for around 10 mins before it eventually spotted me." "It took me by complete surprise when it leap at full height, I wasn’t expecting that at all!"

Lobster farming in Phu Yen

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers sail circular boats through a floating lobster farm, forming a beautiful pattern in the sea. The farmers did so to check a series of coloured cages, each of which can hold up to ten lobsters. Once they are big enough, the lobsters are taken out of the cages to be sold. Photographer Pham Hung pictured the lobster farm off the coast of Hon Yen Island, Vietnam.