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Peterborough Cathedral - 'the most digitally recorded historic building in the world'

Peterborough Cathedral had an unusual condition survey when a stonemason abseiled down its iconic frontage - enabling it to become 'the most digitally recorded historic building in the world'. The high resolution laser scans Kate Holmes took on her descent will add to one of the most in-depth digital captures of an historic building ever carried out as part of work carried out by Architectural & Heritage Scanning Ltd, as they work to make a "digital twin" of it. A drone criss-crossed the west front in a grid pattern to capture additional data, which will all contribute towards a unique, limited edition Peterborough Cathedral chess set, reproduced in cast stone resin.

MoMA design store launches collection of everyday innovations for women

***EXCLUSIVE*** New York's Museum of Modern Art’s iconic Design Store has just revealed its new Design Innovations for Women collection, which features a selection of products - representing the best new designs for women in the areas of sexuality, activity and reproduction (including menstruation, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause).

Michael Jordan's 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser is up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Forget sneakers, Michael Jordan’s 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser is now up for auction. The massive bit of MJ memorabilia was last seen in The Last Dance documentary and is now being offered up by Beverly Hills Car Club with a starting bid of 23 Dollars but the bid reached 73 000 Dollars after one jour.

Whiskey tumblers from 'Blade Runner' are now on sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fans of Blade Runner can now own the same whiskey tumblers from the original 1982 film and the Blade Runner 2049 sequel. Designed by Cini Boeri for Arnolfo di Cambio in 1974, each glass in made from hand-blown crystal and is made in a 37cl. size &x2014; perfect for a double Old Fashioned. Crafted in Tuscany, Italy, Arnolfo di Cambio is one of Italy's largest glass manufacturers and has been making crystalware since 1963.

Iowa Strong: A Community Devastated

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S: Cedar Rapids and many of the surrounding counties were hit by a derecho on Aug. 10. Almost a week later, and many people are still without power, some sleeping in tents and places without air conditioning and hot water, hoping the nation will pay attention to what is happening there. The community has gathered together to help each other since they are receiving very little outside help. A Facebook group, Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page, created by Raymond Siddell, has been a huge source of communications for the people. Every square mile of the city (75 square miles) has damage of some sort. It will be months before the city and counties can repair much of the damage. However, the people of Iowa are resilient and keep saying, #IowaStrong.

Mum discovers the face of JESUS in a bag of Aldi spuds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum was left shocked after discovering JESUS' FACE in a supermarket potato. Nikki Halkerston, 44, was unloading her weekly shop onto the kitchen counter last month when she was greeted by the face of Christ in a pack of £1.15 Aldi spuds. She immediately called her husband over to take a look, who agreed the marking resembled the Lord's son.  Receptionist Nikki, from Dundee, Scotland, said: "As soon as I put the packet on the kitchen top I saw it.”

Impressions from Lisbon in times of the coronavirus pandemic

Despite the best location with a view over the old town, restaurants are empty. In Portugal, the tourism industry is suffering massively from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Europe was badly hit by COVID-19, and for some time became the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Following Italy, Spain and France, Portugal declared a state of emergency on 19 March, involving restrictions on movement. The lockdown was extended until 2 May. After that, Portugal began relaxing some restrictions while extending others, such as making face masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces such as public transport, supermarkets and stores. With declines in death and infection rates, many visitors are now wondering: what is the current situation and when will it be safe to travel to Lisbon and Portugal?