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Parents whose baby girl was born with a tumour bigger than her body reveal how they turned down doctor's offer to terminate the pregnancy - and she's now a thriving one-year-old

***EXCLUSIVE*** DARWIN, AUSTRALIA: These parents were offered a termination after scans revealed their baby would be born with a tumour that had grown ONE-AND-A-HALF times bigger than their unborn child – but after being born three-months--early, she’s thriving. When Lenai Schier (32) and her husband, Matt (31), who live in Darwin, Australia, found out they were expecting their second child in early 2019, they were thrilled about becoming a family of four and having a sibling for their son, Wilder (2). Lenai suffered with severe morning sickness up until she was 18 weeks pregnant. Apart from that, nothing was amiss in the early stages of her second pregnancy, but at their 20-week scan in May 2019, Lenai and Matt were told that there was a mass growing from their baby’s tailbone. Doctors weren’t sure what the lump was, but they speculated that it might indicate spina bifida. Two days later, Lenai and Matt were told that their baby didn’t have spina bifida but sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) – a rare birth defect tumour that is located at the base of the coccyx. Lenai started to research the condition as information from the doctors was limited and she was referred to a high-risk pregnancy team to be closely monitored for the remainder of her pregnancy. Further ultrasound scans determined that Lenai’s baby had a type II tumour – mostly external but with a proportion inside the body – and it was already very large for 20 wweeks. Doctors warned Lenai and Matt that there was a large chance that their baby could be stillborn and they were offered a termination. A foetal MRI showed that the tumour wasn’t affecting their baby’s organs and they decided to proceed with the pregnancy. Lenai had to have one ultrasound a week which was increased to two scans a week by 23-weeks. By 26 weeks, their unborn baby had developed anaemia because the heart couldn’t handle the blood flow to the tumour. The pair were sent to specialists in Adelaide to be even more closely monitored with three scans a week. At 28 weeks, Lenai’s waters broke whilst she was in hospital and her daughter, Zalya, was born on July 8, 2019, weighing 2lb 3oz, via c-section under general anaesthetic. Zalya’s tumour weighed 3lb 4oz which she underwent a six hour surgery to remove just days later, in which she was revived several times and had five blood transfusions. Lenai had to wait 10 days to hold Zalya in her arms as she was in NICU. After 57 days in hospital, they were discharged and after another five months, they were allowed to go home to Darwin. Luckily, Zalya’s tumour was benign so she doesn’t seem to have any long term damage to her organs and she’s now thriving. Although she can’t walk or crawl yet, Zalya has no trouble wiggling her way around the house chasing her brother.


Can you spot the NAKED model hiding in each of these images? Artist uses incredible bodypaint skills to create cheeky camouflage

An artist has used incredible body painting skills to create an arty camouflage of naked models against a range of scenic backdrops. The models were carefully painted before being placed in a scene of nature where they expertly blended in with their surroundings in a process which takes several hours. The man behind the images is German artist Jörg Düsterwald, 54, who is proficient in artwork, advertising, and TV marketing campaigns, and has been using body paint in his work for over 20 years. His images, taken in various beauty spots across Germany, represent different months and seasons of the year and will feature in a 2021 calendar. So can you spot the model hiding in each of these pictures?

Start-up launches first ever at-home ultrasound for expectant mothers

Pregnant women can now perform at-home ultrasound scans with a smartphone device. The handheld tool, developed by start-up Israeli company PulseNmore, allows women to perform ultrasounds at home, then send the scans to their doctor or specialist medical staff to receive feedback. The PulseNmore device docks with a smartphone and utilises advanced navigation and AI tools as well as an app to guide users through the scanning process, displaying and sharing high quality images with their healthcare professional. Physicians or sonographers review the scans remotely off-line or in real-time using telemedicine platforms and can reassure parents that all is well, or instruct them on appropriate next steps, if necessary. The device provides quick and convenient peace of mind and can potentially reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room. In addition, the technology can be used by healthcare providers to reduce the number of prenatal office visits, which is especially useful during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Yoga teacher, 25, who suffers from such extreme acne that she struggles to sleep reveals how she was left in tears after online trolls said her skin was 'beyond help'

***EXCLUSIVE*** EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Since posting a candid makeup-free selfie, online trolls have told this woman her skin is 'beyond help' but she refuses to stop promoting her bare-faced skin positivity because Instagram 'lacks authenticity'. Yoga teacher, Jessica Mackenzie (25), from Edinburgh, Scotland, miraculously managed to spend her teenage years acne-free but over the past four years, her skin has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Reaching its worst stage in June of this year, Jessica’s acne is concentrated on her cheeks where it causes the skin to become hot, itchy, and inflamed. The cysts – which are both achy annd painful – mean that Jessica struggles to hold a phone to her face or sleep on her side. When Jessica first started to develop acne, she became very anxious about the sudden change in her appearance. Online trolls would remark, „that is unhealthy skin” and „your skin is beyond help” and Jessica would find herself crying most days. More recently, a security guard told Jessica that she didn’t need to wear a face mask – in accorrdance with COVID-19 guidelines – due to her „skin condition” causing hher to feel shameful after having her biggest insecurity pointed out. Jessica has tried various acne solutions including vitamins, spot patches, skin peels, facials, and several skincare products. Jessica is now on a course of Roaccutane – a retinoid meddication – which privately costs £1,600 for a six-month course. The biggest revelation in Jessica’s skincare journey though was the discovery of the skin positivity community. Through Instagram, Jessica was able to connect with others like her and whilst for years, women with acne have been pressured to hide behind thick layers of make-up, Jessica is now encouraging others to embrace their bare-skinned beauty – acne and all.

Former Royal marine going for a walk around the UK coastal paths of England, Wales & Scotland for charity

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former Royal marine wanted to change his life drastically, and by doing so, inspired hundreds of people around the UK. 36 year old former Marine, Paul Harris, from Bournemouth has decided to spend 9 months of his life walking the coastal paths of England, Wales and Scotland to raise money for a charity that offers stress support for the armed forces, veterans and their families. Paul, also known as the 'Walking Warrior', has embarked on this walk for his own mental health journey, but also to raise money for a charity called Rock2Recovery. Starting his journey on the 19 July, Paul has walked over 186 miles, which has so far seen him pass through Poole, Devon and Cornwall.

Silver Speeder - pensioner who is believed to be Britain's oldest hot rod racer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pensioner who is believed to be Britain's oldest hot rod racer is still going strong at the age of 76. Pete Morris, from Fernhurst in West Sussex, has been competing in motorsport for a whopping 50 years having built his first race car in 1970. The silver-haired assassin suffers from severe arthritis and walks with a stick but says he has no intention of stopping any time soon.

This heart-stopping footage shows a daredevil jumping from a speeding train into a river below

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yaro Panchenko, 18, is seen 'surfing' the subway car as it moves through his home town of Kiev in the Ukraine on August 1 this year. Not content with just surfing the train, Yaro then leaps from the carriage as it crosses a bridge into the water below. However, it didn't go entirely to plan as his Go Pro camera hit him in the face on impact and knocked out a tooth.

Parkour training for children in Gaza

Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory: Palestinian parkour trainer Ahmed Abu Hasira ''myuz'',35, trains children outside his home, in Gaza City. Parkour is an activity that can be practiced alone or with others and is usually carried out in urban spaces. Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement (crawling) and other movements.

That should cure my ass-thma! Donkey with chronic breathing problems gets specially-made 'inhaler' so she can live in comfort

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable pictures show a specially made breathing 'inhaler' being worn - by a DONKEY with breathing problems. Rescue donkey Marla is one of several at the Flicka Foundation who struggles with their health due to their poor past treatment. The charity, which rescues donkeys from abuse, neglect and abandonment, said a number go on to have ongoing breathing problems. Many of the 100 equine residents there are also elderly so staff said they were thrilled to be gifted two 'Flexineb' respiratory aids.

Tiny premature baby helps dad propose to mum in hospital with adorable note

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a tiny premature baby helped his dad propose to his mum on the hospital ward. Little Cobie Sellors was born ten weeks early weighing just 3lb 9oz and it was a tricky time for his parents Sian Stafford, 26, and John Sellors, 29. Unable to introduce him to family and friends due to Covid-19 restrictions, romantic John enlisted the help of his two-day-old son and the nurses to help him surprise Sian. They popped a note in Cobie's incubator alongside the engagement ring, asking if „Mummy would marry Daddy”.

A diabetic dog owner is fundraising for her Insta-famous pooch who helps her manage her illness - and asking each of his followers to donate £1 to cover a huge vet bill

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charley-Jane O’Malley, 23, is raising funds for her pup, Jango, who is learning to detect low blood sugar levels. The ten-month-old Jack Russell-pug cross has thousands of Instagram followers, but needed life saving surgery after suffering from pancreatitis - where the pancreas becomes inflamed. Jango was rushed to the vet after a bout of sickness and Charley-Jane, from Penicuik, Midlothian, hoped it would just be a stomach bug, but an X-ray revealed a more serious condition which needed an op - and pet insurers refused to cover it.

30ft wide plot of grass overlooking Dorset’s Sandbanks resort sells for whopping £3.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wealthy homeowner has just paid £3.5m for this empty plot of land - because it overlooks the exclusive resort of Sandbanks. The 30ft wide strip of overgrown grass and uneven concrete runs down to the edge of Poole Harbour in Dorset. It has one of the finest views of the Millionaire's Row where mansion homes sell for up to £10m.

Street fashion in Kibera slums, Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya: Young people in Kibera slums wear carefully selected, fitting, colour-coordinated outfits. To these young slum people, art is an individual, creative experience and at the heart of this art is fashion. From painting to photo shoots, one can tell from which era the subject lived. Bell-bottomed pants and afros in The ’80s, pumps, and thick-soled shoes in the ’70s, mini-skirts, and colorful tops in the ’60s there is alot to read out of one photo shoot.

Boy, 9, who had never had a haircut finally gets it chopped for charity

A boy of nine who had never had a haircut has finally got it chopped for charity. Reilly Stancombe was inspired to grow his locks long by footballer Gareth Bale. But he is now donating his cut hair so it can be made into wigs for kids with cancer. Reilly, of Little Clacton, Essex, also raised more than £3,000 for the Little Princess Trust cancer charity. He said he was “scared” before the barbers but “loves” it short.

Storm cleanup continues in Eastern Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA: Cedar Rapids was the state's hardest hit city by the derecho that roared across Iowa last week. City officials said the damage left by the derecho was more extensive than the 2008 flood that destroyed much of its downtown. City residents are reporting that almost every home was damaged in the storm, many businesses were closed, and up to half of the city's tree canopy was destroyed. A week after the storm, more than 40,000 homes were still without power. A spokesman for Alliant Energy said the utility has replaced as many power poles in one week that they normally replace in 8 months. On Monday, President Trump approved a $4 billion emergency declaration for Iowa to aid in derecho recovery.

Beautiful Elizabethan manor house that inspired Beatrix Potter to write The Tale of Pigling Bland and brings in £112,000 a year in holiday rents is for sale for £1m

***EXCLUSIVE*** CUMBRIA, UK: This beautiful house was once frequented by Beatrix Potter and even inspired a character in her novel The Tale of Pigling Bland - and it could now be yours for just Ł1M. Hardcragg Hall, located in Grange-over-Sands in Cumbria, UK, was built in 1563 and is believed to be the oldest house in Grange. The 400-year-old house was owned by the Townley family of whom Beatrix Potter was a family friend and often visited them in the house.  She took inspiration from the property for her illustrations in The Tale of Pigling Bland. It is believed that the character of Pigling Bland originated from a pig Beatrix met on her visits to the hall. Other famous visitors to the hall include Oliver Cromwell who used it as a place to rest during military excursions. The famous Ironmaster John Wilkinson once lived at Hardcragg Hall. John Wilkinson was known for sailing the first iron-built boat and fashioning the cannon that was used by Wellington to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. The property boasts seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a sitting room, reception hall, drawing room, library, dining room, kitchen, cellar and snooker room. The current library room in the house is thought to be the site of the piggery which inspired Beatrix Potter’s successful children’s book. The 16th century manor house is currently used as holiday accommodation and turns over Ł112,000 annually so it could be bought as a business venture. Hardcragg Hall was once a family home and could be restored to an expansive family home once again. The property is secluded from the town and lies in just under one acre of land. The 4,412 sq. ft. property is currently on the market with Ashdown Jones for Ł1M.

Mum gives the best cuddles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of young cubs cuddle their mother as she they lie down together. One brown bear cub latches onto its mother back while their sibling rests next to them. Amateur photographer Hao Jiang pictured the mother with her six-month-old cubs at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA. 

A trio of sleepy owls have a slow start to the day as they sleep huddled together on a branch

***EXCLUSIVE*** The three spotted owlets were huddled together to warm themselves in the morning sunlight at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India. Engineer Ameya Marathe, 28, who has a textiles manufacturing business with wildlife photography as a hobby and passion said "The are commonly found in India, however getting this particular pose where they all are sitting together in a group and sharing warmth is a rare sight." "As we were driving through the forest, our safari guide came across a tree branch on which they were sitting." "After a few minutes of taking their photo, one of the owls looked toward me for few seconds giving me an opportunity also capture this image."

Jute workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers look like they are wearing enormous blonde wigs as they carry jute to market.  The vast piles are taken from boats and moved by labourers - who carry up to 50kgs of the fibre piled on their heads to the vendors 200 metres away. Temperatures at the market in Ghior, Bangladesh, - where the images were captured - reach more than 30 degrees centigrade as the men make their repetitive journeys to and from the boats.

Fawn rescued from drainage pipe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashland, Massachusetts, United States: Firefighters in Massachusetts rescued a baby deer from a drainage pipe on Monday (17 Aug). Ashland Fire Department Firefighters assisted Ashland Animal Control in using a 6-foot hook to gently pull the fawn from the pipe. Ashland FD explained: „Engine 1 responded to assist Ashland Animal Control this morning in rescuing a deer from a drainage pipe on Main Street. The fawn had been seen in the area for the past few days. The deer was removed without injury and brought to the Animal Control kennel where ACO Walsh and Lt. Iarussi provided nourishment and assessed the fawn’s health condition.”