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A man has spent lockdown creating characters out of scrap metal and placing them around a seaside town - to cheer up residents

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steven Heard, 52, has built 13 'heads' so far - and plans to make 100 more to be dotted about Minehead, Somerset. The retired carpenter taught himself to weld during the coronavirus pandemic and set about giving "back to the community". Mr Heard, who cannot work for health reasons, is now looking for a sponsor so he can make his project bigger and better. His models include a tractor-driving farmer, a cycling baker and a barbecuing butcher - and are all inspired by businesses in the town. He now plans to create an ambulance complete with flashing lights as a tribute to the NHS.

Woman discusses loving herself completely despite vitiligo

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who developed vitiligo while planning her wedding has told how the condition which spread across her face has made her more confident than ever. Kandice Benford had just turned 30 and was busy planning for her wedding in 2016 when she noticed large white spots appearing on her body. Since then, Kandice's body has been transformed by a condition called vitiligo where the skin cells lose their pigmentation, leaving her with white patches of skin. But hairstylist Kandice has embraced her condition and became a model, determined to encourage body positivity and raise awareness of vitiligo.

This is the moment a travelling slackliner wowed a crowd by walking a slack line whilst playing his GUITAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** David Palomo from Sevilla Spain was filmed on the 90m long highline in Cabril, Portugal on August 14th 2020. The Spanish slack liner had travelled there for a slackline meeting and was enjoying a Saturday afternoon with his group. One of his friends passed him his guitar and incredibly he begins jamming while on the 70m high line demonstrating two incredible talents. David, 23 said: „I was on the highline feeling very comfortable and a friend of mine shouted at me that I should be playing guitar. I said - If you bring it to me I will play it on the line - so he brought it to me and I started jamming. I played some of my favourite songs while bouncing and walking on the line. I was just enjoying the moment, I wanted to do this for a long time but I was always scared I would fall and break my Guitar. I think it’s the beginning of something big. I never thought I would actually do this and it was the first time I have done it so it feels like this opened many new possibilities for me and my career”.

At nearly 30-years-old and a bit scuffed up, Micheal Jordan’s game-worn sneakers are still worth over $5,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bidders can find the autographed kicks for sale at RR Auction’s sports memorabilia site until August 20 – coinciding with the revived “Jordanmania” from Netflix’s The Last Dance documentary.  The size 13 white/black with Cardinal red Nike Air Jordan VII basketball sneakers were worn by the Chicago Bulls shooting guard during a game in the 1992 regular season. Jordan gave the sneakers to an NBA trainer during the ‘92 season who then gifted them to the current owner, according to reps at the Boston-based auction house.

This historic home comes with its own private prison in the basement

***EXCLUSIVE*** The historic Howard County Sheriff's House and Jail in Missouri, USA, is on sale for $350,000 - and comes complete with a legitimate, 2500 square foot jail that can incarcerate nine people. A home with a fully functioning, nine cell JAIL attached is on sale for $350,000 in Missouri.  The kitchen of the historic Howard County Sheriff's House and Jail opens into a legitimate, 2500 square foot jail that can incarcerate nine people.  The creepy extension also includes a booking room and toilet area for the prisoners.  According to the real estate listing the “possibilities are amazing with this property” which opens onto a quiet, leafy street in the city of Fayette.

Fascinating pictures show a polar bear eating its greens

Svalbard, Norway: These fascinating - and rare - pictures showing a polar bear eating its greens. Wildlife photographer Roy Mangersnes captured the amazing scenes this month (August) as it snacked on vegetation in Svalbard, Norway. Usually sighted eating seals, seabirds and fish, this bear was spotted eating mountain sorrel directly below bird cliffs. There are several theories why the bears may do this. These include that they need the nutrients from greenery enriched with bird droppings, or they are just filling their hungry stomachs. Roy explains: „There is reports of Polar bears eating greens, but it is debated what the purpose of this behaviour might be. There would not be snow cover here at this time of the year. The ice edge, where the preferred seals are found, are roughly 150 kilometres further north. The vegetation gives the bears few options at this time of the year.” Vegetation is generally scarce in Svalbard, but where there is some coverage you should be able to find mountain sorrel. However, the densest growth is definitely below bird cliffs where the droppings give nutrition to the plants. This dense growth might be the reason they go to bird cliffs to graze. One theory is that the one-sided diet of a Polar bear might give rise to a need for supplements. The Mountain sorrel contain a high level of vitamin C and might be a way for the seal eating predator to avoid scurvy, known by sailors as a horrible condition that can cause death. Another theory, is that the bears are just filling their stomachs to reduce the feeling of hunger.