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Shameless woman who hunts bears to make stew says killing animals 'is addictive'

***EXCLUSIVE*** NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA: This huntress who hunts BEARS to make BEAR STEW says killing animals is addictive, but it doesn't mean she doesn't love them. TV host for Country Outdoors and Outdoor Channel, Mary Spooner O'Neill Phillips (32), who is originally from Sydney, Australia, but now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, has always had a keen interest in the great outdoors. Her family were gardeners and had their own farm when she was growing up. This sparked Mary’s passion for sustainable living and knowing where her food has come from - spurring her on to avoid toxin-filled supermarket produce. However, Mary didn’t get involved in hunting until after she moved to the USA in March, 2016. Her first hunt was for wild turkeys which she shot down from five yards away. She initially had mixed feelings towards the killing but at the same time felt deep respect for the animal that had been sacrificed and said a prayer for the birds. After taking the turkeys home, butchering the birds, and eating them, Mary felt instantly connected with nature and had a strong sense of pride for having made the kill and stayed with the animal on its journey from field to plate – she was hooked. Mary loves everything about hunting and living a sustainable life. A lot of preparation and planning goes into a day’s hunting which makes the end result even more rewarding. For Mary, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has only made her more certain that her way of life is the way forward. Her freezer was fully stocked with game whilst others were scrambling for food at the supermarkets. Mary hunts deer, wild birds, fish, and has even hunted black bears. Apart from using the animal flesh for meat which can be used as steaks, sausages and in delicious stews, Mary uses the hides and horns for taxidermy and rugs to honour the animal and ensure that nothing goes to waste. The reaction to her kills on social media is largely positive with people wanting to get involved in sustainable living themselves, but Mary did receive some negativity on an image she posted of a black bear she had hunted. Messages she received called her a murderer and asked how she could do such a thing. Mary responds to any hate on her platform by explaining the difference between poachers and people who hunt. She explains that the hunting of animals is needed for conservation and to maintain longevity of the species.

4 chairs sold for a £1million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A set of four antique chairs have sold for over £1million - despite missing their seats and backs. They were made in 1778 for French Emperor Louis XVI's younger brother the Comte d'Artois, later Charles X. The frames sparked a bidding war when they went under the hammer with auctioneer Artcurial. They were expected to fetch £450,000 but achieved over double the estimate, selling for £1.06m (1.17m euros) including fees. The two armchairs and two chairs initially resided in the Comte's bedroom at his opulent Château de Bagatelle in Paris before being confiscated during the 1789 French Revolution and auctioned off.

Primary school teacher’s face burned off when wind blew deckchair she was snoozing in into campfire

***EXCLUSIVE*** VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: This woman says she lost her identity when her face was BURNED OFF whilst camping and admits a cruel stranger compared her to a ZOMBIE.On May 30, 2020, primary school teacher, Halie Tennant (29) from Hotspur, Victoria, Australia, went on a spontaneous camping trip with her friend. After dozing off by the fire in her camping chair, her friend, who had fallen asleep in her swag, was awoken to a strange murmuring noise and the shocking sight of Halie lying head first in the campfire making no effort to move. Halie has little recollection of how this happened but believes the chair must have tipped with her falling onto the blaze. Springing into action, her friend pulled Halie from the fire, quite possibly saving her life, and poured ice cold water over Halie’s terribly burnt face in order to cool it down. With Halie being unaware of what had happened, the pair drove the short one mile ride home where Halie’s husband Mathew kept her calm and her face as cool as possible by running it under a cold tap as an ambulance, an intensive care ambulance and medevac helicopter made their way to the scene. With the response staff quickly realising the severity of her injuries, Halie was rushed to the ICU at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne where she was immediately placed in a coma for eight days, before being moved to the burns ward to start her recovery. As for the future, there is a long way for Halie to go in her recovery, already spending over two and a half months in hospital and having six surgeries including the removal of damaged skin and skin grafts to the face, neck, eyelids and mouth. And despite making good progress, the healing process has not been without its problems. Yet, Halie is thankful for the outpouring of support she has received from well-wishers online, her family and her husband Mathew, and is certainly trying to find every positive in the incredibly tough situation she finds herself in.

Live like James Bond in this luxury floating home inspired by the pod featured in The Spy Who Loved Me - for just over £400,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRANCE: Anthénea is a 540-square-foot luxury eco-retreat that can be moved from destination to destination. It is currently based in Brittany in France. The off-grid pod has three living spaces consisting of a living room area, bedroom and an outdoor relaxation area. The watercraft was designed and manufactured in France by architects and designers who wanted to create eco-responsible vessels for tourists. The architect, Jean-Michel Ducancelle was inspired by the floating pod in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me and spent 25 years making his dream become a reality. The designers of the project want to further human inhabitation of the waters by creating floating spas, restaurants and nightclubs. Anthénea is the world’s first floating hotel suite and allows tourists to travel the seas luxuriously. It is solar-powered and releases clean water back into the ocean. The pods can either be bought or rented. The pod has 360-degree views of the ocean from the almost-10-foot underwater window in the day space area as well as a solarium on the pod’s rooftop that can accommodate up to 12 people. The pod has a circular bath, bed and furniture which have all been made entirely from sustainable materials. Anthénea is currently on the market for a cool £404,000 ($535,000). Alternatively, the pod can be rented for just £254 pound per person a night.

A woman who spent 17 years in agony after bungling doctors misdiagnosed endometriosis as irritable bowel syndrome has won a £500,000 payout

***EXCLUSIVE*** Frances Bell first attended a gynaecology appointment in 1997 after suffering pain when she was 14 years old. She was told she had irritable bowel syndrome despite having the tell-tale symptoms of endometriosis including cramping and pain when she went to the toilet. Over the years Frances, now 37, made repeated visits to doctors and even researched her own symptoms and suspected she had endometriosis. During a gynaecology assessment in 2001 an 18-year-old Frances told medics of her concerns but they dismissed her fears and refused to refer her for more tests.

Identical twin sisters left guests seeing double - as they held a joint wedding ceremony

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brides Jenna and Morwenna Treleven, 29, both got hitched in a double ceremony with grooms Sebastian McNeilly and Andrew Laws. The foursome exchanged vows at the St Helier Methodist Centre in Jersey then posed for pictures on rocks near Corbière. As the older of the twins by 19 minutes, Morwenna was first to tie the knot with Mr Laws, 31 on Saturday.  But Jenna and Mr McNeilly, 35, did not have long to wait before they also exchanged vows and were pronounced husband and wife. The big day marked the culmination of a long period of planning for the two couples, who for several months were unsure of what they would be able to do as a result of restrictions relating to Covid-19.

Chilling 'James Bond style' gadgets used by British secret agents in World War Two emerge for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chilling concealed weapons that were used by British secret agents behind enemy lines in World War Two have emerged for sale. The deadly items include normal-looking smoking pipes, pens and pencils which have daggers inside for close-quarter combat. MI9 also issued Special Operations Executive agents with various items containing hidden compasses, including a showering brush, matchbox, ointment tin and coat toggle. The sale features a message bolt with a secret compartment, and several miniature cameras which were used to gather intelligence. Less subtle but equally effective items going under the hammer are a miniature hacksaw, gorsed garotte and an unused reel of trip wire. The James Bond-style items are being sold with East Bristol Auctions with an estimate of £3,000.

Top of the mops - Extremely rare Beatles 'hair cover' programme signed by the Fab Four up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare Beatles 'hair cover' programme which was signed by the Fab Four has emerged for sale for £14,000. It solely features their signature mop-tops which became almost as famous as their chart-dominating music. The distinctive cover, which has no other writing or images, was produced for two concerts in Scotland at the height of Beatlemania in April 1964.

Village scarecrow festival seems to take Covid-19 theme

***EXCLUSIVE*** Entries for this years Hordle village scarecrow competition seem to have taken a Covid-19 theme, with entries showing Dominic Cummings holding a steering wheel next to an eye chart, key workers stood 2 metres apart and politicians stood at lecterns. The pandemic appears to have also played a part in the number of entries this year which is down from twenty last year to eight, but families and businesses have still produced a range of scarecrows for the competition. The competition this year is raising money for PATCH - Parents and Teachers in the Community of Hordle, and is organised by the Hordle and District Twinning Association.

Clouds form the shape of mother and baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** An image of a woman with her baby is formed in clouds in the sky over Caernarfon, North Wales last night, Monday. Paul Lunn who snapped this photo of the clouds said, "It looks like a mother holding her child" Paul from Rochford, Essex was on holiday in Wales visiting family and was sat on a veranda along the river Seiont when he spotted the cloud formation. "It was my first time having had proper contact with her (mum) since February as she has been shielding. It was a very poignant cloud for the moment".

Rare 152 year old poster for a historic stage production of Oliver Twist

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare poster for a historic stage production of Oliver Twist 152 years ago has emerged for sale. The 20ins by 20ins playbill was produced for The New Queen's Theatre in London for an opening three day run of Charles Dickens' classic tale. It is believed to be the only surviving example of this poster and is going under the hammer with East Bristol Auctions. Posters were normally ripped down after the show run so its survival is described by the auctioneer as 'remarkable'.

Adult Topi knocks over it's calf in confusion caused by a cheetah with her cubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** An antelope accidentally crashes into its young calf as flee from five cheetahs. The female topi had been grazing peacefully with the youngster before the predators attacked. Fortunately the pair were eventually able to escape by sprinting away from the hungry cheetahs. The dramatic images were captured in the Naobosho Conservancy, on the Mara Reserve in Kenya by photographer Marc Mol.

Catch of the day! Fishmonger buys a 'monster' 21-stone halibut for £2000 as a 'treat' for his customers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Barrett, owner of Marple Fishmongers and the The Fisherman's Table seafood restaurant in Marple, Stockport, took delivery of the huge fish on Tuesday morning (18 Aug). Tipping the scales at more than 134kg and measuring more than 9ft, Jamie says it's the biggest fish he has ever seen in 22 years in the trade. The 34-year-old said: "It's a monster, a proper specimen. It's just over 21 stone gutted and probably just over 23 with guts in.

U.S. Army recognises World Photography Day with picture highlights

In honour of World Photography Day (19 Aug), the U.S. Army had highlighted some of its best recent images. They comment: „It's World Photography Day so join us in recognizing the Army photographers that bring us images of America's Army from all around the world.”

Photographer captures stunning Arctic wildlife

***EXCLUSIVE*** Trophy Hunter - SVALBARD: A photographer has captured a one-thousand-pound polar bear carrying a six-month-old cub’s severed head in its mouth. Shocking pictures revealed a nine-foot-long adult male polar bear as it walked around carrying a beheaded baby like a trophy, dripping in blood. Another heart-breaking photo showed the baby polar bear's distressed mum as she tried to look for her missing child. The hard-to-watch scenes were snapped by expedition leader and CEO, Audun Lie Dahl (34) from Smøla, Norway. He used a full frame DSLR with a 400mm lens to photograph the gruesome images in Svalbard, Norway, where just 2,500 people live.

Lovestruck ‘Romeo’ writes over 100 letters to find mystery woman named ‘Amy’ who ‘gave him wrong number by mistake’

***EXCLUSIVE*** After Nottingham student Serban Raia realised he had received an incorrect number from Amy, a girl that he had formed an instant connection with in the park, he decided to send over 100 handwritten letters to track her down. Serban, third year Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience, happened upon Amy one day in Rashford Park and they immediately hit it off. They got on so well in fact that Amy invited him on a date to the Peak District. However, when Serban got home he realised the number Amy had given him wasn’t working.

Water lily harvest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Five women stand in shallow water collecting bright pink and white water lilies as their boats drift nearby. They spread the long plants out in a circle around themselves and let them float on the surface as they harvested them. The white water lilies, locally known as 'ghost flowers', only bloom after the sun sets - meaning the workers have to rush to pick the flowers in time. Amateur photographer Diem Ngoc pictured the harvest in Long An Province, Vietnam.

Tiny asteroid buzzes by Earth - the closest flyby on record

An SUV vehicle-size space rock flew past our planet over the weekend and was detected by a NASA-funded asteroid survey as it departed. Near Earth Asteroids, or NEAs, pass by our home planet all the time. But an SUV-size asteroid set the record this past weekend for coming closer to Earth than any other known NEA: It passed 1,830 miles (2,950 kilometers) above the southern Indian Ocean on Sunday, Aug. 16 at 12:08 a.m. EDT (Saturday, Aug. 15 at 9:08 p.m. PDT). At roughly 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters) across, asteroid 2020 QG is very small by asteroid standards: If it had actually been on an impact trajectory, it would likely have become a fireball as it broke up in Earth's atmosphere, which happens several times a year. By some estimates, there are hundreds of millions of small asteroids the size of 2020 QG, but they are extremely hard to discover until they get very close to Earth. The vast majority of NEAs pass by safely at much greater distances - usually much farther away than the Moon.

Artistic photographs show work carried out by parachute riggers

These artistic new photographs from the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division show the work carried out by parachute riggers. The 82nd ADSB Sustainment Brigade commented: „Sgt. Benjamin Vilchez, 11th Quartermaster Company, gives us an artistic look of the life of a Parachute Rigger. In to start the packing process, riggers have to dance with this low-porosity ripstop nylon monster to take all twist and entanglements out. Riggers are meticulously trained and pack every parachute as if they were going to jump it themselves.”

Here's what happens when you drive a 20-ton-plus truck onto a 5-ton bridge

Westphalia, Missouri, United States: Here’s what happens when you attempt to drive a truck with over 20 tons of cargo over a bridge with a five-ton weight limit. The steel Pentecostal Bridge in Westphalia, Missouri, was destroyed when the semi attempted a crossing on Monday (17 Aug). The driver was unhurt, despite his cab dropping down onto the bank of the Maries River. A crane was employed on Tuesday to lift the wrecked vehicle. Missouri State Highway Patrol say: „Unit was carrying feed. Preliminary info indicates it had at least 40,000 lbs. in cargo, not including the weight of truck & trailer. Bridge is posted at 5 tons. No reported injuries. Crane is currently being set up for clean-up on County Road 611 near Westphalia.”

160 year old photos showing Lucknow before and after it was destroyed in a siege have come to light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fascinating over 160 year old photos showing Lucknow before and after it was destroyed in a siege have come to light. An impressive panorama of Lucknow taken in 1855 from the Kaiser Bagh Palace displays the Indian city at its most resplendent. However, the scene is markedly different in 1858 as large sections had been reduced to rubble following the Indian Mutiny. Now, the photo album has emerged for sale with London-based auctioneers Bonhams with an estimate of £13,000.