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Meet the fifty-one-year-old woman who says she is often mistaken for someone DECADES younger and has even been confused for her own daughter's sister

***EXCLUSIVE*** ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA: Regional sales director, Rebecca Daubler (51), from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has always enjoyed taking care of herself, but like so many women, she felt intimidated by the notion that beauty is intrinsically linked to youth. After going through a divorce at the age of 40, Rebecca decided to take the time to focus on „personal growth”, and has since been inspiring women to embrace their beauty and sex appeal, regardless of their age. Feeling much more confident in her body now than she did in her twenties, Rebecca is no longer self-critical and chooses to focus on the positives. She maintains a healthy diet and exercises five times a week - with weightlifting being a key tip in creating a killer „rear view”. Rebecca can hip-thrust 385lb. Rebecca also indulges in quarterly Botox sessions and underwent a breast lift procedure in 2018 - although it’s the fitness and diet changes that have provided her with a new sense of invigoration. The glamourous mum is often mistaken for being at least a decade younger than she is. Rebecca has two daughters, Callie (21) and Mckenna (23), and has even been mistaken for their sister. After ridding herself of the confining concept of youth, Rebecca has flourished in her fifties with dating now a „fortunate” occasion. Since embracing her age, Rebecca has noticed she receives more advances from younger men with online fans deeming Rebecca a „true goddess”, and „hotter than the sun”. She’s now happily settled with her new partner, Len (54), and continues to speak out on social media encouraging other women to embrace their age. Rebecca largely receives positive responses from other women her age, yet she has noticed that there still seems to be a pressure within society for women to tear one another down.

Mum is slamming the 'creepy' men who keep asking if she can FEED THEM TOO after posting her breastfeeding pictures online

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: THIS MUM is slamming the 'creepy' men who keep asking if she can FEED THEM TOO after posting her breastfeeding pictures online - and says her breasts are not 'sexual toys.' Fantasy milliner, Michelle Palmer (40) who lives in New York City, New York, USA, knew she wanted to try breastfeeding when she fell pregnant with her daughter, Alexandria, who is now 28 months old. After Michelle gave birth to Alexandria on April 5, 2018, she initially struggled for the first few weeks to get her daughter to latch on properly which meant she couldn’t always be sure of how much milk Alexandria was consuming. Once Alexandria was able to latch easily and successfully, it took Michelle a month to get comfortable with nursing Alexandria in public and in front of friends and family but she soon adjusted. Now, she doesn’t hesitate to feed Alexandria whenever she is hungry and hopes that by feeding her in public, she can encourage other mothers to do the same without feeling shame or embarrassment about the act. Michelle posts pictures on Instagram using the „lactivist” hashtag and considers herself a lactation activist - an advocate for breastfeeding. Whilst the content she shares online of her breastfeeding Alexandria is largely met with a positive response, Michelle has been subjected to creepy comments from men who seek to sexualise the natural act of breastfeeding by sending her messages which say „my turn next” - which she believes contributes to society’s discomfort with breastfeeding, especially when it comes to feeding an older child. Some of Michelle’s friends don’t understand why she continues to breastfeed, and she is sometimes asked why she is still breastfeeding when out in public, when in reality weaning a baby at between two and four years is natural and normal.

Inside the $90m world’s first luxury ultra-fast superyacht Nemesis One that designers call ‘stealth fighter of the sea’

A jaw-dropping yacht has been unveiled this week that the makers compare to a stealth fighter jet - and would cost $90 million. The „Nemesis One” is described as the World’s First Luxury Foiling Multihull, able to break the 50 knots speed barrier, while flying on computer-controlled hydrofoils. Hydrogen-powered and autonomous, the luxury catamaran will be able to out of the water on hydrofoils to achieve fast speeds of over 50 knots. Nemesis say their vessel will combine „ultra-fast and zero emission cruising, luxurious and modern interiors, with fighter jet style „fly-by-wire” autonomous controls”. „The high-tech superyacht resembles more of a stealth fighter jet, than a conventional sailing yacht” the company explain. The design sees the yacht at 101 m (332 ft) long, 39 m (128 ft) wide, and with a 89-m-high (292-ft) sail. The modified 'OCEANWINGS' wing sail automatically adjusts its angle of attack, camber and twist, eliminating any need for manual sail trimming. Additionally, the reef and furlable wing sail is a staggering 2.6 times more efficient than a conventional sail plan of equal size. Even without wind, the Nemesis One will remain a zero-emission vessel. Powered by a retractable hydrogen-electric propulsion, the yacht has no need for any fossil fuel. In addition to the hydrogen fuel, up to 750 sqm 8073 sqft of solar panels, will generate up to 150kW of power, to recharge the yacht’s batteries. Contrary to being a stripped-out racing vessel, the all carbon fibre Nemesis One boasts stunning futuristic, yet comfortable interiors. The Nemesis One offers the unique option to exchange the port and starboard facing living modules, for ones with different interior configurations. To further minimize crew requirements, Nemesis have implemented state of the art hydraulic and electric controls throughout the design.

Crazy Doll House in Toronto

TORONTO: Leslieville is a quiet neighborhood along Lake Ontario, east of Old Toronto. It used to be more industrial, the streets lined with single-family homes that once housed the local labor force. Most of them have small, well-tended gardens in front, but there is one particular garden that’s tended a little differently than the others. Instead of boxwood, hydrangeas and day lilies, the gardener responsible for 37 Bertmount Avenue prefers to plant Superheros, Hello Kitties, mermaids, and troll dolls. It’s known as the Doll House, and owner Shirley Sumaiser has been collecting her stuffed and plastic critters for over twenty years, using them to fill up her little plot of Leslieville. The Doll House is not just dolls—there are toys, stuffed animals, plaques, and signs, some hung from the fence, some mounted on wooden stakes, and some lining the porch and eaves. Together they create a landscape cacophony, the collection often is redone to suit a holiday or a set of new or seasonal additions. The result is an ever-changing garden of tchotchkes that attracts Toronto tourists and shutterbugs alike. What’s become Shirley’s passion over the years began as a harmless little collecting hobby, after her husband had sadly passed away. Two decades later, and her Doll House is a beacon for the neighborhood, attracting lots of visitors.

Woman was devastated when what she thought was a simple stomach bug turned out to be a condition that caused her hair to fall out in clumps – PERMANENTLY

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boutique owner, Candy Cohen (36), from Great Brickhill, UK, woke up one morning in September 2012, feeling nauseous and under the weather. Thinking that she might’ve developed a stomach bug, Candy wasn’t too concerned. A couple of days later, after developing no further symptoms, Candy took a pregnancy test – it came back neggative. Perplexed as to what was causing the stomach ache, Candy went to see a doctor for a series of blood tests. Candy received the results confirming that she had an inflamed liver causing her bilirubin levels – a commpound that helps the body clear waste product – to rise. She had become very jjaundiced and recalled looking like „Marge from The Simpsons”. For a further six weeks, Candy was bed ridden with little energy to process her thoughts on the whole ordeal. Her skin became itchy, she began losing sleep, and rapidly lost one-stone – dropping her weight from 9st 9lb to 8st 8lb. As her energy levels slowly returned, Candy resumed certain everyday activities and it was whilst taking a shower that she faced the biggest shock. Clumps of hair littered the shower floor and after returning to the doctors, Candy was diagnosed with alopecia areata. Alopecia areata causes hair to fall out in small patches. For Candy, this happened predominantly around the sides of her head and so she was able to cover it up but around six-months later, Candy developed alopecia universalis which entails full hair loss – incluuding eyebrows and eyelashes.

Boatel – eco-friendly glamping bed in a boat for two

***EXCLUSIVE*** POWYS, WALES: ESCAPE to the British countryside and stay in these unique award-winning boat-shaped sheds for just Ł25 a night. The award-winning accommodation Boatel and the Boat Roofed Shed, located in Powys, Wales, was created by owners Sarah and Alex using recycled materials. Alex, a DJ, uses the shed to prepare running orders for his music and has been known to practice his Glastonbury sets, where he performs as DJ Badly, in the quirky shed too. Adjacent to the Boat Roofed Shed, which guests have shared access to, is the bed-in-a-boat accommodation. The Boat Roofed Shed won the 2013 award for Shed Of The Year - beating thousands of entrants - which was judged by a host of property moguls including Sarah Beeny and Kevin McCloud, presenter of the Channel 4 series Grand Designs. Sarah Beeny is well-known for presenting UK property shows such as Help! My House is Falling Down and Property Ladder. Boatel’s facilities include a double bed, compost toilet, shared boat shed, kitchen equipment, a hob and grill, fridge, field kitchen, and tea and coffee are provided by the owners.The boat is located on a farm on a mountain in Powys’s incredible Dyfi Valley Biosphere with views of Cader Idris. The off-grid location is close to Snowdonia National Park so it is the perfect location for laid-back couples who want to explore the beauty of Wales. Boatel is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world's most extraordinary accommodation. One night in the boat starts at Ł50 and can sleep up to two people meaning that the cost per person is just Ł25.

Indigenous people dawn occupying highway in protest, Brazil

Novo Progresso, Pari, BRAZIL: Kayaps indigenous people dawn occupying the BR-163 highway in protest that blocks the passage of vehicles, in the municipality of Novo Progresso, in the state of Pari, on Tuesday, August 18th. The indigenous people protest against the lack of health resources to face Covid-19 in the indigenous lands ''Bau'' and ''Menkragnoti'' in the midst of the corona virus pandemic, against the lack of renewal of the Basic Environmental Plan, a compensation for the environmental impacts of the paving of the highway and against the lack of dialogue of the federal government in the concession processes of the private initiative of the BR-163 highway and in the planning of Ferrogra’o, a project to build a longitudinal railway to connect the states of Mato Grosso and Para, for the grain transport, which will pass less than 50 km from Kayapo.

Beautiful optical illusion looks like 'God's taken too many drugs,' says hiker

***EXCLUSIVE***A hiker snapped a stunning optical illusion at the peak of one of Scotland's toughest mountains - and described the Brocken bow as 'like God was on drugs'. Iain Weir, 32, travelled to the Isle of Skye for a few days break and hiked up one of the hardest mountains in the country, Cuillin. He was astonished to see a rainbow halo form on the summit, where his shadow was projected onto clouds opposite the sun's direction - known as a Brocken bow. Iain, who works as a transport planner, said it was so beautiful 'it was like God was on drugs'.

Cartoon drawing of a junior high school student goes viral online

Shengze Qiyun, a graduate from Daguan Primary School and a fresh junior high school student of Wenhui Experimental Junior High School shared online her Chinese reading homework of "Journey to the West" and went viral online. Her recreation of the novel in a cartoon hand-drawing and game upgrading style wowed Chinese netizens. "Journey to the West" is Chinese novel published in the 16th century which tells the story of the legendary pilgrimage of the Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang who, after 81 different trials, obtains Buddhist sacred texts. It is a novel of a household fame.

Video grab from the breathtaking footage of daredevil skydiver jumping from a plane while riding a snowboard in the skies above Lake Elsinore, California

***EXCLUSIVE*** This vertigo inducing video shows a daredevil skydiver jumping from a plane while riding a sboard. On August 7th 2020 Hollywood stuntman Sean MacCormac travelled to his home drop zone at Skydive Elsinore, California to perform a heart stopping stunt. The stunt known as a tracking Flyby shows Sean hurling himself from a plane while atop a surfboard. Looking like a real life superhero Sean gracefully glides through the air at 70 mph hurtling towards the ground below.

Blue origin team delivers Lunar Lander Mock-up to NASA

Houston, Texas, United States: The Blue Origin-led Human Landing System (HLS) National Team - comprised of Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper - delivered an engineering-mockup of a crew lander vehicle that could take American astronauts to the Moon. The lander is set up in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF), NASA Johnson Space Center’s (JSC) iconic Building. The full-scale engineering mockup showcases two elements of the National Team’s multi-element architecture - the Ascent Element (AE) and Descent Element (DE). Standing at more than 40 feet, it is the Blue Origin National Team’s update to Apollo’s Lunar Module (LM) and will be used to validate the National Team’s approaches for getting crew, equipment, supplies, and samples off and on the vehicle. The team will collaborate with NASA organizations including JSC’s Astronaut Office to „perform” engineering and crew operations tests with astronauts aiming to fly the final system within several years. Blue Origin Federation, LLC is an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company headquartered in Kent, Washington. Founded in 2000 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Boy suffers third-degree burns after leg brushed 'Britain's most dangerous plant'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum has issued a warning after her son received these horrific third degree burns from HOGWEED - dubbed Britain's most dangerous plant. Jayden Bird, nine, rubbed his leg against the toxic weed which is thriving thanks to lockdown. He was playing with his siblings while on a camping holiday with his family when he ran past a patch of hogweed near some trees on the campsite. Within minutes his right leg was covered in red marks - and sixteen hours later they erupted into puss-filled blisters leaving him in agony.

A young aspiring dancer who suffers with scoliosis is facing a race against time to get a £60k operation in Turkey - to keep her dreams of performing on the West End alive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nimble Mia Wright, 14, has been dancing since before she could even go to school and said it was her 'one and only dream' to dance on stage. Despite being diagnosed with scoliosis at seven, the determined dancer has spent most of her life dedicated to her craft. But she was given just four weeks to raise £60k for a specialist „life-changing operation” in Turkey, she was told last month that she had „no other choice” but to undergo surgery after x-rays revealed her spine had curved dangerously over 50 degrees.

Saint Laurent has unveiled an expansive collection of summer lifestyle and fashion items

***EXCLUSIVE*** Capitalizing on the final weeks of August, the range includes a series of elevated poolside accessories including heart-shaped inflatable floats, logo beach balls and leopard-print towels. Also suited for the pool are Havaianas flip flops in zebra and leopard print, sleek speakers and a matte black reusable water bottle. Ice cube molds, Baccarat tumblers and metal straws are a few of the collection's homeware items while sporting goods span yoga mats, dumbbell weights, Wilson tennis balls and a metal-outfitted Everlast punching bag. Additional collaborations include Lomography disposable cameras, a 6KU bicycle and vintage-style Sharp boombox.

Capetonians turn to rock art for mindfulness during coronavirus lockdown

Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa: Capetonians have turned to rock art for mindfulness and entertainment for themselves and others during lockdown due to COVID-19. While much of the art is created and left in nature without a signature, we met some of the artists: Sipho Njengezi balances rocks near the Dalebrook Tidal pool in Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Njengezi was in the news last month when he was credited with having made many of the stone towers that grew into a beautiful rock garden near the edge of the ocean. That’s when the City of Cape Town dismantled the artworks due to safety concerns. Many residents were upset that the art was „destroyed”. But Njengezi says he was unfaced. „It is what it is” he says. „I just do this for fun”. And he’ll continue building his rock towers „even if they take them down after 12 hours”, he adds: „I do it for the love of it”. He says he loves coming here to balance rocks at sunset, taking in the sights and sounds of the sea.

A small metal box which was destined for the tip following a lockdown clear-out is now set to fetch thousands at auction after it turned out to be a rare antique Indian treasure

***EXCLUSIVE*** A small metal box which was destined for the tip following a lockdown clear-out is now set to fetch thousands at auction after it turned out to be a rare antique Indian treasure. A homeowner was on the verge of scrapping the 15cm (5.9ins) casket after sorting through items which had been gathering dust at their property in Lichfield, Staffs They had invited an auctioneer to come and value some of the objects which had been set aside - but believed the tiny box to be worthless. Expert Adrian Rathbone went along to study the items when the box caught his eye and he was stunned to discover it was a North Indian antique dating back to the 1850’s.

The first direct evidence of ancient megapredation -- one large animal eating another

***EXCLUSIVE*** A prehistoric sea monster that roamed the oceans 240 million years ago has been dug up - with a giant lizard in its belly. The 15 foot ichthyosaur's powerful jaws enabled it to rip the beast to bits - despite being only slightly smaller. It died immediately afterwards - leading to the biggest fossil ever found in a creature's stomach. Both were primitive marine reptiles. Co-author Professor Ryosuke Motani, of the University of California, Davis, said: "We have never found articulated remains of a large reptile in the stomach of gigantic predators from the age of dinosaurs - such as marine reptiles and dinosaurs.

San Antonio Zoo’s new exhibition includes life-sized sculptures of various animals -- created with over three million Lego pieces

***EXCLUSIVE*** The exhibition called „Nature Connects” features incredible sculptures created by world-renowned Lego expert, Sean Kenney, who first acquired fame for his replicas of U.S. monuments. The sculptures include a lion, polar bears, a giant Monarch Butterfly, and a bald eagle. „He hasn’t told us how he keeps the pieces together” said Hope Roth, Vice President of Marketing at the San Antonio Zoo. „But they’re 100% lego. They came in huge crates, 100% put together. We have over 30 in the zoo”. Without giving away a specific price point, Roth confessed that the exhibition was very expensive, claiming it cost „well over six figures.”

„Send opera into ten thousand villages” culture to benefit the people in China

Huaibei, Huaibei, China: Anhui Huaibei Chunyu Yu Opera Troupe performed in Shuangdui Town of Huaixi County's Suiwan Village in front of the 2020 People's Livelihood Project. The people's Livelihood Project of Huaibei city, Anhui Province in 2020 ''Send Opera To 10,000 Villages'' performance activity, through the way of government procurement services, 276 performances were performed in the whole city's villages. The performances featured local operas, songs and dances, sketches, crosstalk, musical melodrama, selected new social customs such as advocating virtue and kindness, filial piety and loving relatives, helping others, diligence and frugality, and actively promoted positive energy plays, which were well received by the grassroots.

A man who was gifted a rare photo of Michael Jackson with his mother and grandparents is trying to return the image to the pop icon’s family

***EXCLUSIVE*** Drakes Morris, 61, of East Chicago, Indiana, was given the image in 1999, but feels it is time to return it to the Jackson family. „I’ve had it for over twenty years, it was given to me so long ago that I can’t even remember the name of the person who gave it to me” said Morris, a retired teacher. "I think the person who gave it to me was friends with the eldest of the Jackson 5. He gave it to me in the frame. I’ve had hanging on the wall in my living room this whole time, but recently I started thinking that the family should have it now.” The undated photo shows the now-deceased King of Pop in a red military top with his mother Katherine Jackson, now 90, and her parents Prince and Martha.

Mummified animals that lived and died in Ancient Egypt over 2000 years ago have been unwrapped... digitally

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mummified animals that lived and died in Ancient Egypt over 2000 years ago have been unwrapped...digitally. Egyptologists analysed the animals - a snake, a bird of prey and a cat - using 3D X-rays revealing extraordinary detail, right down to their smallest bones and teeth. Previous investigations had identified which animals they were, but very little else was known about what lay inside the mummies. The team, which included experts from Swansea, Cardiff and Leicester universities, discovered that the cat was a five-month old kitten, after scans showed evidence of young teeth hidden within the jaw bone.

Chinese aerobics

BEIJING: Senior people practice Taiji sword at the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing, capital of China. For 68-year-old Zhang Liangui, the Temple of Heaven means more than a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since he often does morning exercise in the park around the historic site. Zhang came early to warm up in a clearing surrounded by red walls and green trees amid echoes of birds and insects. Kicking, squatting, playing Taiji sword, a set of warm-up movements showed his flexible and sturdy physique. While warming up, he was waiting for master Yang Shuqin and other elderly friends. For more than six consecutive years, Zhang has followed master Yang Shuqin to work out on traditional Chinese aerobics like Taijiquan, Taiji fan and Baduanjin. Benefiting from constant practice of the sports, Zhang's hypertension and hyperlipidaemia have been cured, and even his bad temper has changed. Like Zhang, among the exercise group led by coach Yang Shuqin, most of the senior members have the similar experiences. Practicing traditional aerobics together not only has improved their physical condition significantly, but also enable them to make friends with others who have the same hobbies. According to coach Yang, under the support of local authorities, she began to teach traditional aerobics in the Temple of Heaven park in 2000. As a mass sport instructor, Yang Shuqin hopes to introduce them to more people, and "bring a happy and healthy later life to the elderly people, so that we won't be a burden to our young."

Seals 'chilling' on heart shaped iceberg

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of seals 'chill' as they lie on a small heart-shaped iceberg.  The animals, lying closely together to fit onto the floating sheet of ice, are resting after hunting for prey, some bearing scars from their pursuits. Photographer Alex Bred pictured the relaxing seals in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Dazzling Golden Turtle discovered in Nepal has spiritual significance

Nepal: A turtle born with a rare genetic mutation that caused it to have a golden shell has been hailed as an incarnation of a god. The creature was found in a village in Nepal and has been identified as an Indian flapshell turtle by the Mithila Wildlife Trust. Kamal Devkota, a reptile expert who documented the find, said the reptile had a deep spiritual significance. He said: ''Not only golden animals, but turtles overall have significant religious and cultural value in Nepal. It is believed that Lord Vishnu [one of the most prominent of the Hindu gods] took the form of a turtle to save the universe from destruction in his incarnation. In Hindu mythology the upper shell of the turtle denotes the sky and lower shell denotes earth''. Vishnu's embodiment as a turtle is known as Kurma and is worshipped in temples throughout India. The golden turtle owes its remarkable colour to chromatic leucism - a condition characterised by a loss of colour pigmentation.

Goats on Hampshire Police cars

***EXCLUSIVE*** You've goat to be kidding me... Police officers had a surprise when they returned to their parked car in the countryside and found an unlikely pair on top of it - two goats. A photograph snapped by an officer captures the hilarious moment the animals clambered on top of the marked car after climbing up. Officers from Isle of Wight Police had visited a remote field on the outskirts of Newport to assist the Royal Navy Explosives team in exploding a newly-discovered World War Two bomb.