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Woman whose hormone condition made her grow a beard says ditching shaving is the best thing she’s ever done

***EXCLUSIVE*** Being a teen is hard enough – you’re going through puberty and dealing with all the self-esteem issues and judgement that comes with it, all with a load of hormones surging around your body. Now imagine doing that while a hormone condition causes you to grow a full beard. That’s what Alma Torres, now 27, was up against when she developed polycystic ovary syndrome at the age of 15. She tried everything to remove the excess hair that had sprouted along her jawline, from shaving, to bleaching, waxing and even laser hair removal, but nothing stopped the dark hairs from coming back. Advertisement Eight years later, she decided to ditch the hair removal methods and embrace her beard – and now, she says it’s the best thing she’s ever done. Now celebrating her four-year ‘beard-iversary’, Alma, who lives in The Bronx, New York, is sharing her story to encourage other people to embrace their physical differences.

Naked Men Tribe

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETHIOPIA: Meet the tribe where men paint each other's naked bodies and fight with sticks to display their virility to women. Striking photos showed men of the Suri tribe wearing nothing but homemade protective gear as they swung sticks at one another during the Donga stick fighting festival before washing body paint of each other's naked bodies in a river. Other images captured young members of the tribe adorned in plants and extravagant face paint as they posed for the camera. The Donga, which takes place annually during rainy season, was snapped by photographer Spencer Montero (50) from Gibraltar, Gibraltar. He used a Nikon D800 with Nikkor 24-70 and 85mm lenses to capture the event which is designed to celebrate a surplus of crops, and is exclusively fought by adult men who use the opportunity to impress women by showing off their painted naked bodies.

The Albino Project

***EXCLUSIVE*** BERGAMO, ITALY: This woman has spent the last two-years photographing ALBINOS in a bid to highlight their social exclusion from society. In one image, Namira (18), who serves as the inspiration behind the project, is captured as she studied her reflection in a mirror. In another, a young Kurdish boy named Arya posed amongst the pristine white décor of his family’s home. Photographer, Silvia Alessi (44), from Bergamo, Italy, spent two years creating the „Skin Project” - a photo project highlighting the beauty of those socially excluded because of their skin. In search of albino subjects, Silvia travelled to New Delhi and Mumbai in India, and Sulaymaniyah in Iraq. The project was inspired by a young girl named Namira who Silvia spotted on Instagram. Albinism is a genetic disorder characterised by the complete or partial absence of melanin in the skin, hair, and eyes. It is thought to affect around one in 20,000 births. As well as having a sensitivity to light, those with albino skin are also susceptible to sunburn and skin cancers.

Cactus leather is the newest eco-friendly fabric

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Desserto cactus leather is a highly sustainable and certified organic material that can be shaped into jackets, purses, car seats and any other item made from traditional cow leather. The innovative product is the brainchild of two Mexican friends Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cezarez, both 28, who had a vision to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly, while refusing to comprise on quality or cost effectiveness.

These amazing before and after photos show how a bodybuilder with acne which covered his face transformed his skin by simply giving up – cheese

***EXCLUSIVE*** From the age of 15, Brian Turner suffered with painful cystic acne and his face was covered in explosive spots. His inflamed skin left his confidence at rock bottom, and in his skin was so sensitive it even hurt to lie on his pillow. The young bodybuilder, now 27, was feasting on a GALLON on milk and four large servings of cottage cheese a day in order to increase his bulk and energy for exercise.

This is the inspirational story of how a brave three legged dog who beat Thyroid cancer spends her time helping others as a therapy dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jeanie, a 13-year old Pom-yorkie-poodle mix was found in 2007 in a rural part of Lake Charles Louisiana. Jeanie had a crippled foot that was later amputated when she was rescued and brought to a local vet who put her up for adoption. She is a three-legged therapy dog, and the star of her own children’s book, “Jeanie the 3-Legged Dog; I Don’t Need Four Feet”. It’s a heart-warming tale for dog lovers of all ages, reminding readers that anything is possible and it’s okay (and even cool!) to be different. Jeanie shares a powerful message of courage and acceptance, choosing to focus on the things she CAN do instead of her limitations. Jeanie is an adopted rescue. She was brought to a local vet’s office where they removed the leg, spay her and listed her for adoption with a local animal rescue organization. Jeanie enjoys hanging out with her colleagues on the Dr. Dog’s Pet Therapy team. She visits hospitals and nursing homes, where she brings joy and hope to those who need it most, especially fellow amputees.

Boy, six, becomes best mates with chickens as demand for birds soars in lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the little lad who spends his time with an unusual best friend - a CHICKEN. Frankie Burnett, six, begged mum Sammie Bryant, 26, for a hen in October 2019, when they were visiting their local farm shop to get fish food for their tank. The primary pupil was adamant he wanted „the chicken with the poo on its back” - and it soon became apparent she had taken a shine to him too.

Britain's wackiest taxidermist has created a solution for loved ones who want to embrace while social distancing - a 'high-five machine' made out of RATS LEGS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jack Devaney has created the 'Pawtable High Five Machines' using the rodent limbs from below the knee to the tip of the toe. His inspiration came from wanting to help people who like to celebrate with a 'high five' but are concerned about coming into contact with others during coronavirus.

Seaweed rum

***EXCLUSIVE*** The peculiar tipple is made using a sweet variety of kelp grown by farmers off the Yorkshire coast. Rum connoisseurs say the drink has a unique sweet and salty flavour caused by the special ingredient - algae. Makers claim the seaweed aspect is so pungent that the dark brown liquid actually smells of the British seaside It's said to combine flavours of vanilla, heather, honey, clove and ginger. The beverage is being sold by York-based artisan spirit producer Yorkshire Explorer for £35 a bottle. The seaweed is sourced by a farming company called SeaGrown, which cultivates algae off the Scarborough coast.  The variety of weed used in Explorers Rum is called sugar kelp, which is specially produced by SeaGrown.

A woman who lost her job in the pandemic now roller skates up to FOUR HOURS A DAY and wears just a bikini to show off her wheely skills

***EXCLUSIVE*** McKenzie Gravo took on the challenge of skating daily for an entire year after she lost her job as a bartender due to the COVID shutdown. McKenzie, 23, has skated for the last 100 days and said she can't imagine a day where she won't strap on her roller skates. The former bartender, from Seward, Nebraska, said: "I lost my job sadly and I had a lot of free time. "Roller skating blew up on Tik Tok and Instagram and I saw this one girl in LA called Coco whose Instagram is @gypsetcity. "She has long blue braids and rollerskates along the beach in a bikini.

This is the heartwarming moment two 16-year-olds with special needs were reunited after six months apart -- and one proposed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lillie Dodd and Steven Bagley have been smitten since they met at school last year and have been an item ever since. While shielding, they couldn't see each other for six months, but kept in touch via up to FIVE video calls a day. Their families formed a 'bubble' to enable the pair to meet up for a date - and Steven got down on one knee with a ring to ask if Lillie would marry him 'in the future'.

Photographer shoots amazing macro images of bugs

Are you ready for your close-up? Talented macro photography Pavan Kumar shoots amazing portraits of all creatures small... and small. The 31-year-old, from Bengaluru, India, has captured the small world of creepy crawlies, ranging from jumping spiders to a Common Rose caterpillar that people have commented looks like the coronavirus. Pavan explains: „I love how intelligent most of these tiny creatures are, and how often they are ignored or hated by humans. It is a very happy feeling when someone doesn't kill a tiny creature anymore because they know how beautiful they are, up close. A few friends of mine and I go out whenever we have time and search for these bugs in small parks or city outskirts and shoot them. All images are of creatures which are alive, unless found dead in the field. It takes some practice and a lot of patience to stay with them, observe, understand what alerts them and then approach and shoot - as most bugs are usually skittish.”

These mesmerising photo montages show the movement of murmurations of starlings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sean Hepburn, 55, has photographed starlings and other birds, including gannets and ravens, flocking on the Isle of Portland, Dorset for the past six years. The amateur landscape photographer, from Weymouth, Dorset, took an interest in starlings after being amazed by the birds flocking habits. Murmurations are the flocking of starlings, which can involve thousands of birds flying in complex aerial formations. Sean uses multiple exposures, taking around 200 pictures in just five seconds, to create his interesting pictures, which include the Portland Bill Lighthouse and the scenic the Jurassic Coast.