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This woman has been left with twenty-four-inch scars down both her arms after losing over HALF her body weight and undergoing excess skin removal surgery - but she is showing them off with pride as a reminder of how far she's come

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA, USA: Physical therapist, Katy Gaston (30) from Virginia, USA lost just shy of half of her body weight in just two and a half years. Her love of sweets, bread and cheese meant that at her heaviest, she tipped the scales at almost 18st and a size 20 and despised being „the fat one” in her friendship group. Katy hated herself and never felt comfortable in any clothes she wore. Even going to restaurants was an embarrassing ordeal for her as she would become self-conscious about what she ordered from the menu. The turning point came for Katy when she realised that as a physical therapist who is responsible for getting people in shape, she needed to be a better example to her patients. With a particularly hurtful comment coming from a patient directly, saying that Katy would be pretty if she lost weight, she knew it was time for a drastic change. Since early 2018, she has lost well over 8st and now weighs a tiny 9st 7lb and is now size eight. Her incredible weight loss left Katy with excess loose skin which she had surgically removed from her stomach and underarms in March 2020. For Katy her loose skin is a reminder of all the hard work she has put into transforming her life and she plans to have further surgery on her legs to show off her growing quads. Katy’s key to success is an incredibly strict exercise regime with her consistently running most days, totalling 40 miles per week and swapping the chocolate and chips for lean meat, brown rice and lots of vegetables. She says that the comments she has received from friends, family and followers online have been overwhelmingly positive, with many calling her an inspiration and asking how she managed to lose the weight so successfully.

Meet the adorable Insta-famous corgi duo who have scaled over SIXTY mountains together

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORWAY: Meet the adorable Insta-famous corgi duo who have scaled over SIXTY mountains together. Heart-melting pictures showed the outdoor loving brothers as they nuzzled together by the source of a river, and traversed peaks in the Scandinavian snow. Other images captured the adventurous dogs, as they went kayaking and camped in a doggy sized tent. These fit pooches have over 38,000 followers online and are owned by business school graduate, Marianne Myrstad (23), from Ålesund, Norway. Louie (4) with darker fur, and Figo (2) with lighter fur, both share the same mum, and a love for all things outdoors. Collectively they have scaled over 60 mountains, with the highest in Slogen, Norway, being 5,131 feet high.

Woman, 20, who had 'never had a single pimple' until she went on the Pill claims it caused her face to break out in 'painful' cystic acne so severe that it affected her sight

***EXCLUSIVE*** FRANKFURT, GERMANY: Office management assistant, Mina Stein (20), from Frankfurt, Germany, has struggled with acne for the past two years after birth control pills triggered a change in her skin. After an initial knock to her confidence, Mina now champions the #acnepositivity trend - encouraging people to embrace their skin. For most of her teenage years, Mina had clear skin and so the sudden change came as quite a shock. She began taking birth control pills in 2018 and acne was not listed as a side effect - this has since changed. Mina developed acne as soon as she started taking the pills. It started out with a few faint pimples but a few months later, Mina was suffering from painful cysts, swelling of the face, and rosacea – a condition causing redness in the skin. Dermatologists were dismissive and Mina would often consider cancelling plans with friends for fear of appearing in photos or being judged for her acne. The cysts began to bleed and bruise causing blue patches to appear, and the pain was so bad that Mina struggled to sleep comfortably. Her skin became extremely dry – particularly aroound Mina’s eyes where the tightening of the skin blurred her eyesight which made her think she needed glasses but her symptoms were thankfully relieved with eye drops. Whilst Mina has tried various skincare brands, she’s yet to find an effective solution. The skincare brand, Paula’s Choice, alleviates her symptoms the best by reducing dryness and soreness. Despite changing birth control pills four times, Mina’s acne problem has only worsened. During a trip to the supermarket, a young girl standing by Mina turned to her mum and asked „what does that girl have on her face?” Initially shocked by the comment, Mina explained acne to the young girl and it soon became a turning point in Mina’s outlook. She joined the acne positivity community on Instagram in August 2019 and felt infinitely more confident after posting her first bare-faced selfie. Now, Mina encourages her 13,000 followers to embrace their skin and hopes to continue promoting self-love.

Perfect for dodging the jams! Engineer converts £30 fairground bumper car into 8mph road vehicle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Motorists might want to avoid bumping into this quirky vehicle - a dodgem car a couple have converted for road use. Engineer Chris Acock bought an old fairground bumper car on eBay for Ł30 and merged it with a mobility scooter to create the whacky vehicle. The 53-year-old and partner Zarra Lea are now bringing amusement to locals on Portland, Dorset, whenever they take the 8mph dodgem out for a spin.

An army veteran has raised over half a million pounds for his sick daughter - by walking 700 miles BAREFOOT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Major Chris Brannigan, 40, arrived at Edinburgh Castle on Thursday, August 13 after setting off from Land's End in July with hopes of raising thousands for genetic testing for his eight-year-old daughter. The father-of-three walked with a 25kg pack on his back and took 38 days to complete the incredible feat.

Frog diving into water

***EXCLUSIVE*** A frog appears to float through the air in these close up shots of it diving into water. Only the bubbles give away the fact that the white-lipped tree frog leapt into a pool of water moments before. The black background in the tank makes it look like the animal is suspended in the air. Photographer Kurit Afsheen captured these close up shots in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Transparent toilets in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan: A general view of a public toilet with transparent walls at Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park in Shibuya Ward. Three transparent glass toilets are set for public use and turn opaque when people enter and lock the door. The Nippon Foundation in collaboration with Tokyo's Shibuya district government have started the Tokyo Toilet project, which aims to redesign public restrooms to allay fears about safety and hygiene.

World’s biggest button

***EXCLUSIVE*** Six Women's Institute members are today celebrating being record breakers after making the world's biggest button. The Wool WI branch co-hort spent eight weeks creating a giant 7ft 2ins Dorset Button, a traditional style of fastener dating back to the 17th century which involves binding yarn over a disc. It was measured by an independent surveyor before being approved by Guinness World Records. The pensioners, with an average age of 71, are Tess Burt, Kath Burt, Sandra Housego, Virginia McDermid, Sarah Gardiner and organiser Isabell van Millingen. Isabell said the members are thrilled to set a world record and show that the WI is about more than 'drinking coffee and making cakes'.

Youngest photographer of Rajasthan

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India: 6 years old Khorvi Joshi clicked pictures with DSLR camera on the occasion of World Photography Day in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Reportedly, she clicked 1000 photos in 132 minutes. Her Father Akhilesh Joshi claimed for India Book of Records.

Colgate introduces smart electric toothbrush

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colgate recently revealed a new smart toothbrush called hum, developed specifically to help consumers brush their teeth better. The pastel-colored toothbrush utilizes tech like smart sensors that are able to track the duration, frequency, and coverage of its user's brushing style. In a press release, Colgate's Vice President of Marketing in North America Bill van de Graaf stated: hum by Colgate was designed with the consumer in mind to create a more accessible smart electric toothbrush to help more people brush better. hum also meets the consumer demand for a lightweight and sleek toothbrush that delivers a powerful clean. hum by Colgate's rechargeable toothbrush retails for 70 Dollars.

Race the Aston Martin DB5 and Jaguar XF in Scalextric's 'No Time to Die' slot car set

***EXCLUSIVE*** A new James Bond No Time to Die collectible has just released in the form of a Scalextric 007 themed slot car race set. Celebrating the 25th film of the franchise, the Scalextric set features the two iconic British race cars, the Aston Martin DB5 and the Jaguar X, and a 4.08-meter track that can be configured to 9 track layouts. The 1:64-scale models are powered by six AA batteries and are controlled by speed limiter hand controllers. The highlights of the set are a full stunt loop and halfpipe. Priced at approximately 66 Dollars.

Doctors successfully remove world's largest ovarian tumour which weighed EIGHT STONE from 52-year-old woman in India

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, with cases soaring in India ‚Äď doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ‚Äď a private hospital in Delhi, has successfully removed a world‚Äôs largest ovarian tumour from a 52-year-old woman name withheld on Saturday. Much to the surprise, the tumour has weighed more than 110 pounds (50 kgs). Pertinently, the New Delhi-based patient Nirmala (name changed) weighed 106 kg before the operation. For over a couple of months, the quinquagenarian who gained weight rapidly had faced multiple problems before her family consulted a senior consultant.

Mini apartment house in former transformer station

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hessen, Oberursel: Simone Stiefel (l, 59) and her partner Achim Schollenberger (r, 58) stand together in front of their small house in the Stierstadt district. In years of work, the two have converted the former transformer house from the early 20th century into a residential building. With around 14 square metres of living space, it is considered to be the most unique detached house in Germany.

Weather Photo Awards

***EXCLUSIVE*** The shortlist for Weather Photographer of the Year 2020 has been announced. In „Just Walking in the Rain”, Adrian Campfield captured a classic British scene featuring a lone commuter in the pouring rain at Waterloo Station in London, UK. In „Frosty Bison”, Laura Hedien photographed a lone bison as it embarked on a sunrise walk in sub-zero temperatures at Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA. The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) has announced the 26 shortlisted finalists of the Weather Photographer of the Year awards for 2020. Run in association with AccuWeather, the competition is now in its fifth year. RMetS celebrates its 170th anniversary this year. A leading independent expert in weather and climate, the membership charity aims to engage, enthuse, and educate - raising awareness on the importance of weather and climate. This year, the competition received 7,700 entries from over 2,600 photographers worldwide, and the public vote is now open to determine the winners.

Couples 20 year old agave plant suddenly sprouts a 25 foot spike with flowers

***EXCLUSIVE*** An exotic 'tequila plant' has suddenly rocketed to 25ft in height after mysteriously sprouting in a couple's front garden after two decades lying dormant. The giant agave's stalk unexpectedly began shooting up 12 weeks ago and now towers over owners Rob and Julie Crook's two-storey home in a little cul-de-sac. The grandparents-of-two have been left stunned by the plant's 'Jack and the Beanstalk' type growth after planting it in 2005. Mrs Crook was gifted a six-inch pup - an offspring of the parent plant - by a friend 20 years ago after her fascination with the asparagus-like shrub. But the 59-year-old said she never expected the agave to grow to such heights at the front of the couple's home in the small Hampshire village of Charlton.

Officials find 'most sophisticated tunnel in U.S. history' between Mexico and Arizona

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unfinished 1,300-foot cross-border tunnel was discovered on August 4, 2020, after several days excavating the sandy Sonoran desert terrain near San Luis, Arizona. The tunnel measured 3 feet by 4 feet (91 cm by 1.22 meters) and included a ventilation system, water lines, electrical wiring, rail system, and extensive reinforcement. The tunnel was located after discovering a sinkhole near cross-border fencing in mid-July.

Saint Laurent Rive Droite drops $43k USD marble vinyl table

***EXCLUSIVE*** Saint Laurent Rive Droite is known for its extravagant goods, dropping everything from Baccarat crystal tumblers to $24,000 USD art books, and now the luxury fashion house has teamed up with Pierre Riffaud for a limited-edition marble vinyl table. The price to pay for all of this luxury is approximately 43 650 Dollars.

Three sea forts built off the British coast to repel an invasion by France are on the market - for a combined price of £9 MILLION

***EXCLUSIVE*** The sea based defences were built in the 1860s when the fear of an invasion by Napoleon III and his army was at an all time high. The forts named after former Prime Minister Lord Henry Palmerston, are located off Portsmouth and are being sold by estate agent Strutt and Parker.

Stunning sunrise pictures appear to show Scots woman naked

***EXCLUSIVE*** This astonishing optical illusion appears to show a naked woman on top of a mountain after hiking in the middle of the night to watch the sunrise. But in reality Keri Gurie, 34, was wearing a peach coloured gym suit. The trick of the eye led to her being inundated with messages from friends asking 'are you naked'. Mum-of-one Keri made the journey up Buachaille Etive Mòr in the Highlands with her elderly Bichon Frise, Blue, aged 11.

Vision Automobiles' 1789 Hypercar runs on biomethane

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 200 years after the French Revolution, Parisian hypercar design firm Vision Automobiles has debuted a new hypercar, aptly named the 1789 supercar. Much like the historic event which started in the year 1789, the 1789 Hypercar is Vision's own attempt at revolutionizing the automotive industry. Founded by former Peugeot designer Thomas Castex and his childhood friend and Renault veteran Florian Gravouil, the company has managed to create a hypercar that runs solely on biomethane. No info on sales and price yet.

Three-bedroom London flat that resembles a mini stately home with its drawing room and gallery goes on sale for £1.3million - but there's a 15-year lease to renew and ground rent of £58,000 a YEAR

***EXCLUSIVE*** A first-floor flat which resembles a miniature Downton Abbey has gone on sale for £1.3million. The property in London's posh Belgravia has 2,124 sq ft of space but manages to incorporate a dining room, a stately drawing room, a mini-gallery filled with oil paintings and a library. The flat is in the same building which used to be the St George’s Hospital school and is believed to be a former home of Florence Nightingale.

Sea lion playing with bright red starfish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Playful sea lions dive into the water as they frolic around with a brightly-coloured starfish. The young mammals glide through the shallow water as they play with the marine animal. They take turns catching the red starfish in their mouths as they swim just a few metres from the water's surface in the Gulf of California, Mexico.

The ultimate working from home property: Grade II listed Cotswolds estate with boardroom, separate office buildings and meeting rooms goes on the market for £6.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning Georgian house that comes with its own separate office buildings including an impressive boardroom is on the market for £6.5m. The grand-looking Tormarton Court is a classic country house with plenty of period features, set in 10 acres of grounds, perfect for those looking to escape city life. But it also comes with an array of outbuildings ideal for setting up your business from the comfort of your back garden, making the daily commute much easier. Nestled in the Cotswold countryside, the new owner will be in good company with billionaire entrepeneur James Dyson and the Duke of Beaufort as neighbours.

Letter written by mother of JFK and Robert Kennedy to Wallis Simpson in which she vows 'not to be vanquished' after the assassination of both her sons emerges for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A poignant letter from JFK's mother to Wallis Simpson reflecting on the assassination of him and his brother has come to light 52 years later. Rose Kennedy penned the touching correspondence to the Duchess of Windsor in October 1968, five years after he was shot dead in Dallas, Texas. Four months earlier, she experienced further heartbreak as senator Robert Kennedy was murdered in a hotel. In the three-page handwritten letter, she tells of having faced 'unexpected trials' but vows 'not to be vanquished'. She then reveals her new motto: "I know not age, or weariness or defeat."

Workers drying fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of trays packed with fish are laid out to dry under the burning sun. Fish arrive in bulk by sea before they are steamed and loaded into wooden trays. Hundreds of workers then pile the trays onto rooftops to start the one-day drying process. Photographer Khanh Phan said he was 'overwhelmed' by the size of the Long Hai fish market in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Brick factories flooded out

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of brick factories appear to have nearly disappeared under water following severe flooding. The buildings were covered with water within three days of heavy rainfall after a nearby river breached its banks. Workers were able to save thousands of bricks - but many were lost to the 20 ft deep floodwater. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie pictured the flooded brick factories in Amin Bazar near his home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.