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Santa school starts at Southwark Cathedral

Members of the socially distant santa school travel to Southwark Cathedral, London. The Ministry of Fun's summer school aims to create COVID-safe Christmas grottos by teaching Father Christmases how to appear safely in person whilst maintaining the Christmas magic.

These pictures show elderly residents at a care home taking part in the latest craze - and recreating famous VOGUE magazine covers

***EXCLUSIVE*** The OAPs at Robinson House Care Home decided to 'strike a pose' -just like the iconic mag front pages. The care home in Bristol decided to get involved with the social media craze which originated on TikTok. The trend sees people recreate celebrity Vogue magazine covers. Three of Robinson House’s top models were Susan Crew, Norma Hounson and Terry Chard.

That's yappy news! Meet the first dog in Britain to be treated for cancer with a tumour therapy meant for HUMANS

***EXCLUSIVE*** A much-loved pet has been successfully treated for aggressive cancer thanks to a high-tech therapy used for the first time in the UK. Ralph, a five-year-old Gordon Setter, is responding well to state-of-the-art radiotherapy, known as IMRT, for a tumour in his nose. Ralph was treated at the University of Edinburgh’s Hospital for Small Animals using a sculpted radiation beam and is now back home enjoying life.

On a wing and a prayer: Daredevil ex-Royal Marine leaps off 4,00ft peak of Scotland's An Teallach to become first person to fly a wingsuit from top of UK mountain

***EXCLUSIVE*** The video and images were taken at Lord Berkley’s Seat on the Ann Teallach mountain range in Scotland on August 18th. Tim Howell, 31 from Somerset made the perilous climb to the nearly 4,000 ft peak accompanied by professional photographer Hamish Frost, 32 from Glasgow. After reaching the peak and suiting up in his wing suit Tim jumped from the prow of Lord Berkeley’s Seat into the precipice of Lord’s Gully below.  NB - This image was captured with a helmet mounted camera which uses software to automatically remove the camera from the image.

Mum devastated after son, 12, dies from tumour and twin diagnosed with cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grieving mum has spoken of her pain after her son was diagnosed with leukaemia just weeks after his identical twin brother died of a brain tumour. Ben Parton was just 11 when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive type of brain tumour. He endured surgery and treatment but died just eight months later. His identical twin Jack started experiencing back pain and sickness soon after. Doctors initially put his symptoms down to post traumatic stress disorder but, barely a fortnight after Ben was laid to rest, Jack was diagnosed with leukaemia and the family began another cancer battle.

A new fossil species has been named after a heavy metal singer

***EXCLUSIVE*** The species of Cretaceous brittle star was named in honour of Floor Jansen, the 39-year-old Dutch singer with Finnish heavy rock band Nightwish.  Palaeontologists from the Natural History Museums in Luxembourg and Maastricht discovered the previously unknown species of brittle star that lived in the shallow, warm sea which covered parts of the present-day Netherlands at the end of the Dinosaur Era. The starfish-like creature was unearthed more than 20 years ago, but has only now been identified as new to science. The name of the new fossil pays tribute to metal vocalist Floor, in recognition of the "mutual inspiration" between science and music.

A group of mountain goats have been airlifted by helicopter to a new home in Washington, where they can get the salt they need to survive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mountain goats aren‚Äôt native to the Olympic Peninsula and because the area contains no natural salt licks the goats have to rely on human sweat or urine for salt - which leads to conflicts.  A hiker was fatally gored by a goat in 2010. ‚ÄúThey will follow you on the trail until you stop and urinate,‚ÄĚ Dr. Patti Happe, Wildlife Branch Chief of Olympic National Park told the local station king5.com.

Investigating 'The Mess' system fails rape victims

OVERLOOKED FORGOTTEN DISCARDED by award winning ZUMA Press photojournalist Karen Pulfer Focht. Karen worked together with The Institute for Public Service Reporting on this investigative project on neglected rape cold cases. When the Memphis Police Department confirmed in 2013 the discovery of an estimated 12,000 older rape kits, many never tested for DNA, Susanna Parkinson refused to refer to the long ignored evidence as a 'backlog.' Instead, Parkinson, who worked closely with MPD as a longtime sexual assault intervention specialist and victim advocate at the Rape Crisis Center, called it 'The Mess' a collection of haphazardly stored and discarded evidence, poor decisions, missed chances and law enforcement's pattern of disregard for survivors of rape. Police destroyed evidence in hundreds, possibly thousands, of sex crimes cases, an unknown number involving the most-serious cases of aggravated rape that could still be prosecuted today. The city of Memphis has spent $1.5 million, so far, to defend against two rape kit lawsuits filed by women seeking the release of records that could answer haunting questions and prove police neglected their cases. Many victims are still seeking justice, answers and closure from cases dating back 30 years or more.

360 degree circular bookstore amazes visitors in Inner Mongolia

China's brick-and-mortar bookstores have recovered from a wave of closures and are mounting a comeback. Chinese bookstores, especially private ones, are opening new branches more frequently and have made eye-catching achievements in recent years. Bookstores have become an essential part of shopping malls. Apart from bringing in massive human traffic... they also symbolize the elegant cultural taste to be found in malls. A circular wall stacked with books at a new bookstore in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The innovative wraparound shelving units have attracted the interest of many visitors.

A gigantic plant has spontaneously sprouted in South London growing up to 14 feet in less than a year

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Williams, 45, from Brixton first noticed the plant stem randomly appear in her front garden back in October 2019, and within a few weeks it had already grown over three feet. Initially Claire, who works as a carer, decided to chop it down after presuming that it had appeared as a result of disintegrated pumpkin seeds left over from Halloween.