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A man has spent the last FIVE YEARS travelling the world on his motorcycle, sleeping beneath the stars and living off his savings

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paolo Cattaneo has biked through Australia, South America, North America and Europe often riding up to 12 hours a day.  But the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to his wanderlust in Greece and he has spent the last few months in Italy, his homeland. The 39-year-old intends to resume his life-on-the-road and explore Asia and Africa once borders reopen.

This extraordinary 12-year-old boy was born with an extra THUMB on each hand - but says they help him climb trees, catch balls, and play video games better than his pals

***EXCLUSIVE*** Faizan Ahmad Najar was born with congenital condition hexadactyly - meaning six digits - which affects just one in around 1500 births. The condition means the schoolboy has two extra thumbs, one on each hand. But Faizan does not let the extra digits hinder his daily activities - in fact, he is proud of them, saying they give him an advantage over his friends in certain activities.

The Bubble House: amazing property comes on market for first time

Karalee, Queensland, Australia: The home in Karalee, Queensland, Australia, offers a unique lifestyle in property boasting eleven domes across three levels, twenty rooms and 1050m2 floor space. Inventor Mr. Graham Birchall first began designing The Bubble House for his thesis in his final year of Architecture at QUT. Construction of this great architectural feat began on Father’s Day 1983, with the major structures being completed ten years later on Father’s Day 1993. Mr. Birchall and his father-in-law Ed Bohl worked most evenings and weekends to complete the project, inventing and developing building techniques to adapt to the spherical designs. It is the first time the property has come on the market. No price is being listed, rather, offers of interest are being accepted. The domes are constructed using Ferrocement, a material adapted by Mr. Birchall that uses steel wires covered in a thin layer of cement. Over 350,000 wire ties make up the dome structures, all of which were crafted and assembled by the pair with unique tools they invented specifically for the build. The dome design allows gracious high ceilings and benches and cupboards taking up less floor space with the wall curving underneath them. Sustainability at its best. Water cooling towers stretching from level one to level two provide the air-conditioning to the mutual living areas. The sound of running water provides tranquillity. With inspiration taken from the humble camera, the windows feature Iris shutters designed and created by Mr. Birchall.

An antiques expert who discovered a 300-year-old recipe for a Chinese spirit inside a cracked cup he bought at auction has set up the UK's first company to distill the ancient drink

***EXCLUSIVE*** Irving Graham, 49, found the forgotten hand-written note inside a small antique wine cup he purchased for just £300 back in 2014.  He discovering the goblet was from the Imperial Chinese collection once housed in the Forbidden City during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor between 1661-1722.  The dad-of-four went on to sell the ancient relic for £28,000 - but not before he discovered the note hidden in its wooden presentation box.  It was a recipe for an alcohol-based tonic known as baijiu and all nine ingredients had been specially chosen by the Emperor himself.  Mr Graham decided to travel to China with his son Dylan, 19, on a voyage of discovery learn more about the traditional drink, which is still extremely popular in Asia and worldwide.  The baijiu industry achieved total global sales of 10.8 billion litres in 2018 -  which is more than whisky, vodka, gin, rum and tequila combined. On his return to the UK, Mr Graham then set about recreating Kangxi Emperor's recipe and craft a blend of baijiu distilled in Britain. He spent more than a year conducting intensive trials to get the balance of the ingredients just right before launching V.I.P Jiu 8 last September.  Mr Graham has so far sold a few thousands pounds worth of the £188 bottles and hopes the UK will now take to the 58% ABV spirit.

Shop prints face masks with the snout of your beloved dog or cat on

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animal owners can now wear face masks adorned with their pets' mouths and the results are hilarious. Dogs And Dorks, an Etsy shop, will print a mask with the snout of your beloved dog or cat and has already sold 100 of the personalized items in just three weeks.  Danielle Schule, 44, who owns the shop with her friend Denise Smandych, 39, said she was inspired by her dog Ragley's crooked teeth. The operations manager, from Calgary, Canada, said: "I was staring at my computer and my Boston terrier smiled at me.

Japan Railways has created a special Pixar-themed bullet train

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 25th anniversary of Pixar’s cult-favorite Toy Story franchise is right around the corner, and to celebrate the milestone, JR (Japan Railways) has created a special Pixar-themed bullet train. The new train will be exclusive to southern Japan, and will run between station sin Hakata, Kumamoto and Kagoshima. The exterior of the train will feature large prints of Toy Story’s most notable characters including Buzz Lightyear and Woody, as well as Pixar's logo printed across the side. The front will see the label's iconic lamp near the nose, and the interior of the train will also be decorated with Pixar figures like Nemo, Wall-E and Up’s Russel. Each passenger riding the rain will be given a special certificate to commemorate the ride, as well as an original flag.

Surfers riding a rare river wave caused by a tidal phenomenon

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unusual event - known as a bore - is sparked when a large storm swell combines with a spring tide and channels seawater up a narrow stream. The scene was captured by photographer Jonny Weeks, in Perranporth, Cornwall. One of the waves carried experienced surfer Sophie Hellyer a remarkable 98m.

A Brit has revealed these horrific injuries he suffered after being bitten by a SPIDER in Cambodia - which has left him stranded there

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andrew Hodges, 56, was working in restaurants in the South East Asian country when he was nipped by the arachnid. He was just three weeks into the working holiday when he suffered a bite on his leg in the middle of the night. Andrew suffered horrible leg injuries which saw his limb swell to twice its size - and even caused him to hallucinate and collapse.

A gold coin dating back nearly 500 years to Tudor England is expected to sell for a five-figure sum at auction after being found by a metal detectorist

***EXCLUSIVE*** Set to go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers’ Historica Coins, Banknotes and Artefacts Auction on October 26-27 is a Queen Mary half-angel from 1553-1554 - which makes it 467 years old. Hansons’ coin valuer William Hayward said: „It’s an incredible find. It dates back to the time of the Tudor monarchs who ruled England during the 16th century. Consequently, it’s extremely rare and good quality for its age. It was discovered on farmland in Leicestershire by a metal detectorist. It has an estimate of £12,000 to £15,000. The last one that I know of sold for £14,000. The coin was minted during the reign of Queen Mary who came to the throne in 1553. She brought English coins back to the sterling standard and struck all her gold coins at the more traditional fineness of 0.995 rather than some of the debased coins made during the reign of her half-brother Edward VI and her father Henry VIII.  Mary I (1516-1558), also known as Mary Tudor, was Queen from July 1553 until her death. She was the only child of Henry VIII by his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, to survive to adulthood.  The coin is due to be sold in Hansons’ October 26-27 Historica, Coins, Banknotes and Artefacts Auction.

Life may be common throughout the universe - hopping from planet-to-planet, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Microbes can survive the harsh environment of space for years - seeding worlds across the cosmos, say scientists. Colonies at least 0.5mm thick - thinner than a piece of paper - are resistant to the extreme cold and high radiation levels. Only those at the surface die - forming a protective layer for other underneath, explained the team.

Polaroid launches Hi-Print pocket printer

***EXCLUSIVE*** For its latest innovative release, Polaroid has unveiled the Hi-Print, a pocket-sized, p ortable printer that turns photos and screenshots from your smartphone, into physical prints. Using dye-sublimation printing technology, the rainbow-colored Hi-Print creates high-resolution adhesive photographs with all-in-one cartridges, and uses heat to seal in the final image in under a minute for water-resistance. Polaroid's Hi-Print is available now from the brand's website costing 100 Dollars.

This Ferrari limo with two TVs, a minibar, and seating for 10 can be yours for $288,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** ExoticLimo has just listed a very interesting red version of the limousine for sale. Touted as the world's fastest stretch limo, the 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena Stretch Limo is the ultimate statement vehicle for parties and weddings. With 65,000 km the dash, the 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena stretch limo is being sold for a price of 288,000 USDollars.

This is the moment a family of paddle boarders had a close encounter with a stowaway seal

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daren Ford, 52 and Kerrie Rocket, 50 were paddling along the River Arun near Littlehampton in West Sussex. A curious seal - who is known locally as Gavin - swam up to the group and climbed up onto Kerrie’s board. Daren from Hayling Island in Hampshire was able to get the incredible encounter on film.

A prehistoric sloth unearthed in the Amazonian rainforest was killed by the biggest crocodile that ever lived, reveals new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dozens of gouges in its shin are the first direct evidence of the power of Purussaurus - which had a bite TWENTY times the strength of a Great White Shark, say scientists.  The terrifying battle happened 13 million years ago as the unsuspecting five foot mammal lumbered around the swamps of Peru.  The remarkable discovery sheds fresh light on its most lethal weapon -  its monstrous eight ton bite.  Corresponding author Dr Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi, of Cayetano Heredia University, Lima, said: "The bone bore 46 tooth marks.  "The 13 stone creature was meandering the swamps of primitive Amazonia.  Unexpectedly, the Purussaurus leapt out and captured it by the lower hindlimb.  "The bite was so powerful many teeth perforated the shinbone and collapsed extensive portions of the outer layer. The ground sloth did not survive."  Purussaurus was capable of performing the 'death roll' manouevre today's crocodiles use to subdue and dismember their kill. This was probably the sloth's fate.  The giant cayman was even more deadly than dinosaurs. It fed on large vertebrates snakes, turtles, mammals and birds. Its bite was twice as powerful as T Rex's.

A dog-sized dinosaur that lived 230 million years ago is a 'missing link' to the horned and armoured giants, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Named Sacisaurus agudoensis, it is the direct ancestor of Triceraptops and Ankylosaurus of Hollywood fame, say scientists.  Palaeontologist Dr Rodrigo Muller, of the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, told South West News Service: "It shakes the 'family tree' by its roots."  No bigger than a Labrador retriever, it has been placed at the base of one of the two main branches - the 'bird-hipped' ornithischians.  Dr Muller and undergraduate Mauricio Silva Garcia pieced together its anatomy from fossilised bones across the world.  They were unearthed at prehistoric animal graveyards in South America, Europe, Africa and the US.  Sacisaurus had small razor sharp teeth and a beak-like jaw. It ate insects lizards and turtles - as well as plants.  It was about five foot in length, four foot tall and weighed roughly five stone. It had a long neck and tail and a slender and athletic body. Unusually, it walked on four legs.  Sacisaurus was originally thought too primitive to be a true dinosaur. The new fossils show otherwise.