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Amazing £2million superyacht modelled on an SUV and comes with its very own submarine

This new superyacht is inspired by an SUV and comes complete with a mini-submarine. The 2.5m Aquanaut catamaran is able to explore the deep seas all around the world thanks to its lightweight luxury private Nemo Submarine by U-Boat Worx. Officina Armare Design say those onboard will be able to travel in style thanks to a large jacuzzi, a bar, a sun-bathing area on deck, a dining area, and ability to accommodate twelve guests. Besides the luxury Nemo Submarine by U-Boat Worx, optional toys include seabobs, diving gear and surfboards. The Nemo sub, at five feet tall, is able to dive around 330 feet deep and has a top speed of 3 knots while underwater. The Aquanaut is equipped with dynamic inboard propulsion of two 800 hp Volvo Penta IPS 1050 engines to offer an impressive speed potential of up to 45 kts, and extreme stability at high speeds with the contribution of its Deep-V hydrodynamic design. It has a top speed of 45 knots or a cruising speed of roughly 30 knots. Listed at $2,590,500 by Worth Avenue Yachts, the aquanaut will be built to order by Licia Yachts.

Inside the Indonesian tribe that dig up their loved ones’ corpses & light up cigarettes for them in annual tradition

Nort Toraja, South sulawesi, Indonesia: Strange photographs show Indonesian families digging up their dead loved ones, dressing them up and lighting cigarettes for them before posing for family snaps. Shots of the Toraja Tribe, where family members clean the preserved body of their relative during a traditional ritual called ''Manene'', who live in South Sulawesi in Indonesia, and villagers sprucing up their relatives in a bid to obtain good fortune. Images show a family lighting a cigarette hanging inside a corpse’s mouth, dressing skulls in bandanas and taking selfies with the dead bodies. There are around one million Torajan people in Indonesia, most of whom live in the South Sulawesi region. They believe that after death the soul remains in the house so the dead are treated to food, clothing, water, cigarettes. Bodies are kept wrapped in blankets in the room of the house or a ‘tongkonan’ - a traditional Torajan 'ancestral' house with a distinctive boat-shaped roof so the rain water runs off.

300LB woman, 31, who began binge-eating to spite her own father when he FAT SHAMED her reveals how she lost half her body weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** GREELEY, COLORADO, USA: After being fat-shamed by her dad, this woman deliberately consumed countless calories a day as an act of rebellion - until a heart attack scare pushed her to lose over half of her bodyweight. Banker, Michaela Miller (31), from Greeley, Colorado, USA, did not lead an active lifestyle whilst growing up. Struggling with weight gain, Michaela flitted between diets, under the guidance of her parents, without ever taking the time to truly learn about good nutrition. As such, Michaela developed an unhealthy relationship with food. Wanting the best for their daughter, Michaela’s parents were particularly concerned with her weight. Her father, more so than anyone else, would bring this up telling Michaela to lose weight. As the relationship between the pair became strained, Michaela began to use eating as a form of rebellion. At the time, she wore a UK dress size 28 and weighed 21st 6lb. Michaela would regularly eat fast food for lunch and dinner and often emotionally binged. When Michaela was 25 years old, she mistook an allergic reaction for a heart attack. Fearing for her life, she knew that things needed to change. Everyday activities like walking became painful and Michaela developed anxiety and depression. Having already tried several diets in her youth, Michaela knew that she needed a more permanent change and decided to undergo a self-financed vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This is where a section of the stomach is removed meaning you become „full” quicker. The surgery was no quick fix. Michaela also had to completely change her lifestyle and eating habits. She now exercises daily – incorporating a mixture of cardio and weight-liftting workouts – and eats home-cooked high protein meals. Whilst Michaela still struggles with self-love from time to time, her active lifestyle has given her a new lease of life. Michaela is now a UK dress size 8 and weighs 10st 10lb – halvving her bodyweight.

Rapunzel fans can stay in the UK’s tallest tower for just £46 a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** KENT, UK: Let your hair down like Rapunzel in this magical fairytale themed folly, which happens to be the TALLEST in the UK - for just over Ł46 per person per night. The Grade I listed folly, The Hadlow Tower, located in Hadlow, Kent, UK, is 175-feet-tall. This makes the striking structure, complete with 360-degree panoramic views over the surrounding countryside, the tallest of its kind in the UK. The 19th century construction is set over five floors, connected by an enchanting spiral staircase, and boasts three opulent fairytale-themed bedrooms - Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rapunzel - complete with luxurious furnishings. The exquisite building sleeps six with two king size bedrooms and a twin bedroom. It also has three bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a TV, Wi-Fi, board games, books, a DVD player, and off-road parking. It was built by English industrialist Walter Barton May in the romantic gothic style to allegedly spy on his estranged wife after she left him. During WW2, it was used as an observation post for the Observer Corps and Home Guard, and in 1951, it was bought by renowned portrait painter, Bernard Hailstone RP, who painted Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Winston Churchill. It has since undergone a multi-million-pound restoration to convert it into this luxury holiday rental property. The Hadlow Tower is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world's most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start from Ł1,950 for a one week stay for six people during low season, which works out at just Ł46.42 per person per night. Standard rentals are for three-night-long weekends and four-night midweek breaks or full weeks. In low season, a two-night weekend is available from Ł1,350.

Zippo's Circus celebrates more than 250 years of circus entertainment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Zippos use an industry standard antibacterial deep fogger, similar to the ones used on the tubes and trains, before every performance and once in the morning. The entire auditorium, seats, fixtures and fittings including handrails are defogged plus all other associated areas, toilets, foyer, ticket office. Due to the increased demand for tickets amongst both ‘staycationers’ and locals, the circus had to extend its stay in Brighton for an extra week and will now move onto East London.

Dad cuts foot on dream Kos holiday and has leg amputation after it gets infected

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad who cut his foot on a dream holiday needed part of his leg amputated when he got home. Ian Robertson, 69, sliced around two inches of skin off his toe after stepping on uneven tiling in a hotel room in Kos, Greece, last August. It was only the second night of a stay in the Aegean View Aqua Resort with his wife, Margaret, 53, as well as their three daughters, and three granddaughters. Ian didn't even notice the cut until he saw a pool of blood, and Margret, a critical care support worker, contacted the resort’s 24/7 medical team for help.

Horrifying moment bloodthirsty seagull swoops down and steals helpless duckling from its unsuspecting mother's side

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gull steals a duckling from its mother after suddenly swooping on the family. The large-winged gull pounces on the unsuspecting birds and grabs the small duckling in its mouth. The mother tries to protect her brood and puts up a fight but the gull eventually flees the shoreline with her baby.

Vibrant images captured the intricate and colourful patterns on the Dallol volcano caused by an eruption

***EXCLUSIVE*** ETHIOPIA: The trippy psychedelic patterns formed by this active volcano are so colourful and bright that you might have to wear sunglasses before browsing. Vibrant images captured the intricate and colourful patterns on the Dallol volcano caused by an eruption in 2011. One image showed what resembled a sea of fluorescent green slime whilst another looked like the surface of Mars. The Dallol volcano of the Danakil Depression is located near Erta Ale Range, Ethiopia. Photographer, Laura Scaccabarozzi (41), of Vimercate, Italy, captured these stunning images of the cinder cone volcano. This is where a hill of loose pyroclastic material forms around a recently active volcanic vent.

Virtual Notting Hill Carnival 2020

London, United Kingdom: Samsung and Notting Hill Carnival 2020: Access All Areas have today released an official trailer giving a first look at this weekend’s virtual Carnival. The new trailer, created by official partner Samsung, showcases their 8K technology and features chef Levi Roots, award winning Brazilian band Batala, costumes from Beyonce’s designer Melissa Simon-Hartman, as well as performers from Carnival’s digital schedule. The trailer will play on the screen at Piccadilly Circus every hour from 7.40am on Friday 28th August followed by a live countdown to the Carnival on Saturday 29th before the full schedule starts at www.nhcarnival.org. Samsung have also created a series of mini-films, highlighting their 8K technology which enables you to „Shoot in 8K” with Galaxy S20 and „Watch in 8K” with QLED 8K, celebrating the vibrancy and colour of Carnival.

This photographer was chased by an angry four-thousand-pound hippo whilst trying to save a baby monkey from its wrath

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZIMBABWE: This photographer was chased by an angry four-thousand-pound hippo whilst trying to save a baby monkey from its wrath. Heart stopping images showed a helpless six-pound vervet monkey stuck in the mud just three feet away from a 15-foot-long hippopotamus before a photographer used a stick to save the mammal from its predicament. Another image captured the angry hippo as it charged towards the camera with full force. The close call was shot at Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe by photographer Jens Cullmann (51), from Nuremberg, Germany. He used a Canon EOS-1D X with a zoom lens to capture the sticky situation. Jens snapped the cross-species stand-off for ten minutes from 30 feet away, when he then decided to rescue the monkey.

Wild horses kick up dust as they charge across landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dust blows through the air as horses trot across the rugged landscape. The wild mustangs gallop along the dusty path as they head towards watering holes. Charging past the dry, rocky valley, the free-roaming horses seek out their next grazing area. Husband and wife duo Pattie and George Walsh, from Arizona, USA, spotted the horses in Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA.

These pictures of a British man bottle feeding a three-thousand-pound WILD hippo

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: These pictures of a British man bottle feeding a three-thousand-pound WILD hippo will melt your heart. Adorable photos captured a man bottle feeding a wild hippopotamus in South Africa. Another close-up shot showed the semi-aquatic herbivore looking content as she basked in the generosity of her new friend. Jessica, the 18-year-old hippopotamus, is 14-foot long and was fed by accountant, Gary Proctor (52), from Douglas, Isle of Man. A Nikon D610 camera and 24-85mm lens were used to capture this lovely moment in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Gary spent a calming hour feeding and stroking Jessica on the lakeside.

Kunming Dounan Flower Market

On the day of Qixi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, the Dounan Flower Market in Kunming ushered in a peak of transactions, Kunming City, southwest China's Yunnan Province, 25 August 2020. Dou Nan Flower Market is located near Chengong, southeast of Kunming. Dou Nan Flower Market is the "heart" of the nation's flowers’ markets as well as one of the biggest flowers’ trade markets all over the Asia. Its flowers planting base occupies the land of 4 square kilometers, and the flowers of more than 50 species and 200 varieties like Perfume Lily, Rose, Forget-me-not, Carnation, Butterfly Orchid, Gerbera and so on of different colors.

Brick factories flooded

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of brick factories appear to have nearly disappeared under water following severe flooding. The buildings were covered with water within three days of heavy rainfall after a nearby river breached its banks. Workers were able to save thousands of bricks - but many were lost to the 20 ft deep floodwater. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie pictured the flooded brick factories in Zazira near his home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.