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Alien film fan builds homemade museum in apartment block

Barcelona, Spain: A nondescript city neighbourhood has a secret in one of its apartment blocks - an alien-infested spaceship. Barcelona-based sci-fi fan Luis Nostromo loves the Aliens films so much - he has built his own museum. Nostromo - real surname Escribano but renamed after the film's spaceship - saw the original Ridley Scott film when he was young, and a life-long passion developed. The 43-year-old has now almost completed his painstakingly detailed homage to the series of films. Luis, a driver by occupation, says everything in the 55-square-metre space, located in his neighbourhood, is handmade and has been created using wood, metal grating, plastic, PVC, and other recycled materials. He explains: ''I saw Alien when I was 9 years old; I was so scared but fascinated by the creature. Then I saw Aliens and then became obsessed by the franchise, and started to collect some alien toys, books etc..


Scientists spot Star Wars 'Tie Fighter' in space

Astronomers have mapped a galaxy far, far away using radio waves and found it has a strikingly familiar shape - that of a Tie Fighter from sci-fi film Star Wars. In the process, they discovered the object, called TXS 0128+554, experienced two powerful bouts of activity in the last century. Around five years ago, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope reported that TXS 0128+554 (TXS 0128 for short) is a faint source of gamma rays, the highest-energy form of light. Scientists have since taken a closer look using the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. TXS 0128 lies 500 million light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia, anchored by a supermassive black hole around 1 billion times the Sun’s mass. It’s classified as an active galaxy, which means all its stars together can’t account for the amount of light it emits.

This is the moment a gran celebrated her 82nd birthday with a wing-walk - and her WIG blew off mid air

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beverly Jenkins clambered up on top of the Boeing Steadman bi-plane for the exhilarating flight. The gran-of-two had a blast but in the middle of Beverly's flight the wig she was wearing unexpectedly flew off and vanished n a field below. Beverly, of Warminster, Wilts., described the flight at Rendcombe Aerodrome near Cirencester, Glos., as "brilliant".

A woman who has eaten only cheese, chips and pasta for more than 20 years after developing a fear of fruit and veg has been cured by hypnotherapy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jenny Edgar, 32, would gag if she tried anything other than her bland diet of dry cereal, cheese and biscuits and her everyday dinner of pasta or chips.  Even her Christmas dinner was macaroni cheese washed down with a glass of water.  The health centre receptionist, from Coventry, avoided eating out as any fruit, vegetables or fish would leave her heaving.  As a result of her limited diet, the mum-of-one piled on the pounds and now tips the scales at 17st 9lbs.  But after getting engaged she decided to face her life-long fear of healthy grub to lose weight before getting married next March.  Incredibly, after six hypnotherapy sessions, Jenny can now tuck into some of her most feared foods. Self-help guru and author Russell Hemmings who specialises in treating anxiety disorders, depression and weight, said: “Eating anxiety is often deep seated in childhood and certain foods can trigger emotions and negative responses.”

Identical twin sisters celebrate their 100 birthday together where they were since the beging of lockdown

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's oldest identical twins celebrate their 100th birthday together after moving in together during lockdown earlier this year. Identical twins Dorothy Sivyer and Kathleen Whitehead have always been close, getting on well as children and staying firm friends throughout their long lives. The sisters, who call themselves 'the twinnies', both served in World War Two and have lived long and incredible lives surrounded by a huge family who love them dearly.

The UVC light has been proven to kill COVID-19, pictured at Three Towers Academy in Wigan, Greater Manchester

***EXCLUSIVE*** A school has hired self-cleaning robots to disinfect classrooms of coronavirus-- ahead of pupils' return next month. The autonomous robots - which has been used in the likes of hospitals and London Heathrow Airport - is the first time the pioneering technology has been used in a school. Each machine uses powerful UV rays to blast onto surfaces to shred and break down the virus' DNA-structure - and claims to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria.  Three Towers Alternative Provision Academy, in Hindley, Wigan, had the technology used in its classrooms and corridors over the course of two days.

Schoolchildren who sent a message in a bottle into the sea were thrilled when it washed up on a beach in Scotland - and they were tracked down and sent treats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anne Smillie, 68, discovered three notes inside a glass jar while picking up litter along the beach in Barassie, South Ayrshire on August 16. The letters were each written by Gary McKee, 13, sister Mya, 11, and their half-sister Lilly Hughes, eight, who were visiting Cushendun in Northern Ireland on their holidays. The jar had floated 63 miles eastwards across the sea.

A talented musician is shaking the world of classical music up - by beatboxing on her FLUTE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Holdich, 37, uses an unusual technique which enables her to combine the normal flute sound with drum noises from her mouth. Brilliant video clips show her doing covers of songs by modern artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Coldplay and Taylor Swift. Claire began playing the flute as a child 26 years ago and has been practising beatboxing at the same time for the last five years.