Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Tattoo addict chops off his own EARS and spends £6,000 to make his head look like SKULL

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: This unemployed man has spent over six-thousand-pounds on body modifications including having his EARS REMOVED - and insists that even though people call him SICK it's made him more confident. Sandro (39), who is known as „Mr Skull Face” on social media, from Finsterwalde, Germany, has undergone a series of the most extreme body modifications imaginable including forehead implants, forearm implants, back of the hand implants, an under the skin payment implant, tongue splitting and more recently the removal of both of his ears in 2019, which he keeps in a jar. But he says that his decision to change his body in such drastic ways comes from the heart as opposed to any desire to look cool. The extreme look certainly doesn’t sit well with everyone, with Sandro admitting that he does receive plenty of unwarranted comments when he is out and about, with some people calling him „sick”, „disturbed” and „crazy”. But that hasn’t stopped him from planning his next extreme body mod - having the tip of his nose removed and his eyeballs tattooed. According to the 39-year-old, his interest in extreme body modifications was ignited in 2007 after he saw someone on TV who had spikes implanted in their head. Until this point, Sandro admits he never wanted anything embedded under his skin, but this moment changed everything. Over the course of 13 years he has had 17 extreme body modifications as well as the more regular face tattoos and nose piercings with his favourite being his decision to go earless. Currently unemployed and not in a relationship, Sandro understands that making such extreme changes to his appearance has changed his life, with his family and friends even jesting that he is a sick freak, but he doesn’t let it bother him and says that people should accept him for who he is and not just the way he looks.


Ospreys swoop to catch fish

***EXCLUSIVE*** An osprey swoops down and plucks a large fish from a pond. The bird of prey hovered above the water before locating a rainbow trout just below the surface. It then folds up its wings and dives down with enough momentum to capture the fish. The images were captured by amateur photographer Paul Masterton in the wilds of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland.

The Thinker - hare mimics Auguste Rodin's The Thinker

***EXCLUSIVE*** The brown hare was spotted on the edges of a freshly cut silage field in Tysoe, Warwickshire by Events Manager Richard Ellis. Richard said, "The hare was itching his face after eating thistles in the field. I managed to capture this split second moment perfectly. When I saw it I thought it resembled that of The Thinker."