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It's an ice GREEN van! Farmer fits his fleet of vehicles with solar panels to power the freezers so children don't breathe in diesel fumes as they queue for lollies

***EXCLUSIVE*** These pictures show the world's first solar-powered - ICE CREAM VAN.  The sun-charged van is said to deliver cold treats to customers - without hurting the planet.  It has been built by luxury ice cream makers Styles Farm of Rodhuish, Minehead, Somerset.  Owner David Baker disliked how much smoke was billowing from the vans when stationary due to the engine needing to be on for the ice cream machines to work.  He came up with the idea of fitting solar panels to ice cream vans and after years of hard work and innovative thinking, David has now built three solar powered vans that operate throughout the South West.

Sex fetish fans party on ‘Torture Ship’ vessel in Germany to celebrate annual S&M river cruise

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of sex fetish fans boarded a “Torture Ship” in Germany for a raunchy party despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Leather-clad passengers at the annual boat trip, between Konstanz and Friedrichshafen in the south of the country, were told to maintain social distancing and wear face masks. Only 200 people turned up for this year's celebration which usually attracts around 600 party goers. The bondage fans paid €67 for the privilege of taking part in the 23rd edition of the event, Bild reports. Security guards on the boat, named the “Torture Ship”, were told to make sure passengers followed the strict hygiene and distancing rules.

Iconic Film & TV Props sold for a remarkable total $6.2 million in Hollywood

Prop Store - one of the world’s leading film and TV memorabilia companies has announced the results from their Los Angeles-based live auction of film and TV memorabilia, with items on offer fetching in excess of $6.2M (£4.75M). Prop Store’s unique Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction was held over two days (yesterday Thursday 27th August and Wednesday 26th August 2020) at Prop Store’s Los Angeles office and broadcast around the world via a live stream. Pete ''Maverick'' Mitchell's (Tom Cruise) Fighter Pilot Helmet from TOP GUN (1986) sold for $325,000 (√ā¬£250k) Darth Vader Promotional Costume With Poster-Matched Helmet from STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE (1977) sold for $287,500 (£221k).

Chilling declassified Russian footage of the biggest nuclear bomb blast of all time

The „Tsar Bomba” tested on 30 October 1961, exploded with the force of an estimated 50 million tons of TNT. Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, the Russian state corporation headquartered in Moscow that specialises in nuclear energy, released the video on August 20 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Russia’s nuclear industry. They state: „For a long time the industry was one of the most secretive, and talking about even the most peaceful achievements of atomic science was not a common place. Most people do not realise that many technologies and solutions available to us today - from diagnostic medical equipment to security systems - have been researched and made at the nuclear enterprises.” The Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb (code name Ivan or Vanya), also known as Tsar Bomba, was the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. Tested on 30 October 1961 as an experimental verification of calculation principles and multi-stage thermonuclear weapon designs, it also remains the most powerful human-made explosive ever detonated.

Celebrity party bus where Ed Sheeran chilled is up for auction

Want to own the bus where Ed Sheeran chilled or Jade from Little Mix partied? A 1962 AEC Regent V double decker bus used as an events venue and artist’s backstage chill-out area is going under the hammer. H&H Classics as part of their upcoming October 14th 2020 auction at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire and carries an estimate of £20,000 to £22,000. The vehicle had a varied history, ranging from public transport to team bus for a motorcycle display team, until it was bought by Arrowscore events and hospitality company in 2006. They fully restored it for use as an Artist Liaison Bus at many music festivals providing hosting to lots of world-famous artists. The bus featured DJ decks for the artists to entertain each other and guests on board. Among the many hundreds of music celebrities and VIPs who have been onboard are: Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Blondie, Duffy, and countless others. It originally had a hardworking career as public transport on the Isle of Man, then became a movable headquarters for a motorcycle display team, and finally a glamorous VIP party venue at music festivals. Among only five such all-steel buses produced, it was delivered new to Isle of Man Corporation and was in service until the late 1970s, when it was subsequently used as a training vehicle.

A pet owner has made dozens of miniature real-life sets including Hogwarts and Coronation Street - for her HAMSTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pet owner has made dozens of miniature real-life sets including Hogwarts and Coronation Street - for her HAMSTER. Lisa Murray-Lang, 44, used cardboard boxes and dolls furniture to recreate iconic scenes for her Syrian Hamster, Spud, to explore.  She hand-crafted every element - including tiny bar stools and hamster-themed artwork on the walls.  Lisa - who used to be a graphic designer - also used her computing skills to tweak the logos - turning the pub from Coronation Street The Rovers Return into the ‘Rodent’s Return’ and Hogwarts into ‘Hamwarts’.

The King’s rings – Glitzy diamond rings given as gifts by Elvis Presley come up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Treasures owned by Elvis Presley including a glitzy diamond ring he gave to his girlfriend have emerged for sale for £35,000. The king of rock 'n' roll presented Playboy playmate Sheila Ryan with a 14 carat gold and diamond ring while performing at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1975. They had a short-lived relationship before Ryan became involved with the actor James Caan who she married the following year. It is valued at £8,000. A diamond ring with a gold Indian Princess head which Elvis gave to his bodyguard Dave Hebler is expected to fetch £9,500. Also going under the hammer with US based auctioneers Nate D Sanders are Elvis' shirts, concert scarf and a police badge he was gifted by a local Illinois department.

Revealed: Secret letters from Russian duchess who escaped the royal family's mass execution in 1918 but spent her life hating the British for not saving them from 'cold blooded devils'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cache of letters penned by a surviving Romanov expressing her 'hatred' of the Allies for not protecting her family have emerged for sale for £70,000. The correspondence took place between Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna and her sister the Grand Duchess Xenia between 1916 and 1920. Olga's older brother Tsar Nicholas II - who was related to the British royal family - was executed along with his wife and children in 1918 following the Russian Revolution the year before. The collection of 52 letters were written mostly in English to get past the censors since the entire Romanov family lived in constant fear of assassination by Bolshevik forces. They are going under the hammer with auctioneers William George, of Peterborough, Cambs.

Pensioner spends his life savings to open a Cockney museum

***EXCLUSIVE*** Would you Adam and Eve it? A pensioner spent his life savings opening the world's very first dedicated Cockney Museum - in Surrey. Pearly King George Major has wanted to open a museum celebrating the old traditions of the East End of London since he was teenager. Now the 83-year old has finally achieved his dream but not in his birthplace of Peckham, but in the Home Counties, where he now lives. Great grandfather George - who spent £60,000 on the project - said that 'Cockney London' is now 'basically dead' and claimed there are more Cockneys living in Surrey these days than there are in the capital.

A single sheep has been sold for a staggering £367,500 - setting a new all time UK record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A single sheep has been sold for a staggering £367,500 - setting a new all time UK record. The six-month-old named Sportsmans Double Diamond was a Texel ram lamb born at a farm in Macclesfield, Cheshire. This breed is from the island of Texel in the Netherlands and is known for its lean meat and wool used for hosiery yarns. The male sheep went for such a high price because he is the most popular breed in the country and has been born at the highest end of breeding period.

The Maldives has recorded the highest levels of marine micro plastic pollution on the planet, a new study found

***EXCLUSIVE*** Plastic pollution in waters around the Indian Ocean tourist destination has now outstripped a previous high recorded in Tamil Nadu, India.  The scientists say the micro plastics are now widespread and risk severely blighting shallow reef marine life and threatening the communities on the island.  It also confirmed fears that the rapid pace of rubbish growth is outstripping waste collection capacity on small island nations like The Maldives, famed for their once-pristine coastlines.

A man has built a pub from scratch in his back garden during the Covid-19 lockdown, complete with a pool table, home cinema and sound system

***EXCLUSIVE*** Symon Spinks, 53, spent four months and £8,000 building the Lockdown Lock-In after always wanting a “pub shed” in his garden. He mapped out a “fagpacket” design of what he wanted the boozer to look like and ended up shovelling more than 20 tonnes of soil redesigning his garden. It has proved a huge hit with family and friends, who are always asking to come round for a beer and a game of pool.

A green-fingered dad has broken the UK record for biggest TOMATO - with a monster fruit that weighs over three KILOS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Douglas Smith, 42, spent over two months carefully growing the giant tomato, which comes from a variety called Big Zac - and is actually six regular beef steak tomatoes fused into one. The huge fruit, which had to be suspended using a pair of pantyhose so it did not fall off the stem, weighed in at a whopping 3.106kg, and measured 27.5 inches in circumference. This edged Douglas ahead of the previous UK record-holder, Peter Glazebrook, whose record-winning tomato last year weighed 2.9kg.

World's first Wimmelporsche unveiled

Bavaria, Egling: A Porsche 356 B Super 90 Coupé decorated with many hidden object pictures is standing in a workshop of car master Freinecker. Artist Gehrke painted the Porsche of the classic car expert in five weeks of work with hidden object pictures in acrylic paint and thus created the first hidden object Porsche.

Napoleonic ship's eagle, touched by the little general for good luck emerges for sells for £50K

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare Napoleonic ship's eagle which was touched by the little general for good luck has sold for £50,000. He handed out over 1,000 eagles to his infantry, cavalry regiments and every ship of the lane in his navy during a ceremony in Paris on December 3, 1804. The emperor told his men the eagles 'will always be your rallying point' and they must 'sacrifice their lives' to defend them.

Cleverly converted church, with pews at the dining table, on the market for £750,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Grade II listed church which has been cleverly converted into a family home has emerged on the market for £750,000. The three bedroom property is the former Old Parish Church which was built in the idyllic village of Long Load, South Somerset, in 1856. It was turned into a home in the past decade but retains many original features including arched windows, high ceilings and pews in the dining area. The accommodation is set over three levels, with an enclosed entrance porch, hallway, office/library, dining room, kitchen and study on the ground floor.

Sinking Sundarbans

West Bengal, India: Forest guards are patrolling in the Sundarban's mangrove forest. The Sundarbans is a mangrove area in the delta formed by the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers in the Bay of Bengal, in both India and Bangladesh. A combination of subsidence and sea level rise means these fragile islands are disappearing quickly.

This rare Alfred the Great silver penny discovered during building works next to the Bank of England is to go under the hammer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Experts say it was struck by the Saxon king to mark his historic claim to London. Alfred defended his kingdom against the Vikings and struck the penny to mark his territorial claim to London after the division of England into Wessex and "the Danelaw." It was made and lost more than 1,100 years ago, but was unearthed during construction works in 1872 just yards from the Bank of England

Cub takes a tumbles as they wrestle for mums affection

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young cub takes a tumble as he tries to crawl up his mother's back. The small African cheetah falls on its paws after being shoved to the ground by its jealous sibling. Wrestling each other on the uncut grass, the cubs try to grab their mother's attention. Amateur photographer Fabrizio Bignotti captured the cubs playing near their mother at Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

Admiral Nelson expected Navy to fund his life once Napoleonic wars ended, letter reveals

***EXCLUSIVE*** A letter written by an anxious Admiral Lord Nelson revealing he feared for his financial future after the Napoleonic wars has emerged for sale for £10,000. In the note penned a year before his death at Trafalgar, the naval hero contemplates life in peace time when his Royal Naval pay would have been half of what he was used to. At the time he had a three year old daughter by his mistress Emma Hamilton to care for and had just bought a large family home in Merton, south London, for them. His Bronte Estate in Sicily - his reward for defeating Napoleon's navy at the Battle of the Nile in 1798 - was also losing money. Nelson wrote the one page letter on October 8, 1804, while the British fleet were blockading the French at Toulon. It is going under the hammer with Reeman Dansie auctioneers in Colchester, Essex.

Staff, which may have been brandished at George IV’s coronation, discovered in house clearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare ceremonial relic which may have been brandished at George IV's coronation has been discovered 199 years later during a house clearance. The early 19th century gold mounted staff of office, an item carried by high status people to denote prestige, was unearthed in a property on the outskirts of London. The 8ins rock crystal and ivory object displays the emblem of a gold crown with a lion engraved below. Its discovery has sparked excitement from experts as the engraving resembles the style used on coinage during George IV's reign. Several paintings show dignitaries and courtiers carrying staves while entering Westminster Abbey on his coronation day on July 19, 1821. This staff is now being sold with London-based auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb who expect it to fetch £7,000.

Colourful hand fans being made

***EXCLUSIVE*** Women in a Bangladeshi village painstakingly hand make colourful fans. The brightly coloured pieces are made from bamboo, yarn and plastic sticks, and are sold during local festivals and summer months, with hundreds of them being made in the village of Sadullapur, Bangladesh.

Mischevious kingfisher breaks the rules

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mischievous kingfisher points passersby in the wrong direction as they try to reach a river. With its wing outstretched, the colourful bird appears to be misdirecting walkers as it preens itself on the top of a 'River Stour' sign. Another rebel kingfisher blatantly ignores the rules as it eats a bullhead fish whilst standing atop a 'No Fishing' sign. Photographer Dean Mason pictured the cheeky kingfishers by the River Stour near Wimborne Minster, Dorset.

Farmers sun drying tinted fibers of sedge

***EXCLUSIVE*** These richly coloured tinted fibres form beautiful shapes as they are laid to dry in the sun by workers in Vietnam in the traditional way of working. The beautifully coloured fibres, which are used to create sleeping mats, are unique to the village in the Mekong Delta and sell for around £6. The image was captured by Olivier Apicella.

Abstract aerial photos of Iceland

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aerial photographs of glacial streams show off their fascinating colours and patterns. The shots, taken in Icelandic valleys, look more like abstract artworks than landscapes. Amateur photographer John Fan, from Chicago, USA, used a drone to capture these shots of glacial streams.