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See IKEA’s first genius collaboration with LEGO

***EXCLUSIVE*** Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture company IKEA and the Danish toy maker LEGO have combined for a surprising, but very well-matched, collaboration. The partnership introduces the BYGGLEK collection, which draws from IKEA's love for storage and LEGO's fascination with fun to develop playful storage solutions for children and their parents. BYGGLEK offers three white storage boxes that, essentially, look like huge LEGO bricks. As a result, the boxes transform from a storage solution to a playground. You can also build inside the box which gives you the chance to make microworlds.

SiiGii designs wearable inflatable latex float for people with sun allergy

***EXCLUSIVE*** When menswear designer Harikrishnan announced that his innovative inflatable trousers were available to pre-order, we thought we'd seen it all. But now, Spanish artist SiiGii has designed an inflatable lilo suit. Made from latex, this unique suit wraps around the head like a traditional swimming cap and features two inflatable areas behind the head and around the body, allowing its wearers to effortlessly float on water.

This is the moment a woman took her first deep breaths in more than a decade -- after she had a double lung transplant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paula Massie, 40, was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2009 which left her so breathless she could barely walk through her home.  Her heart grew to FOUR times the average size due to the strain her blocked lungs were putting on her body, and she was finally put on the waiting list for a new set of lungs.  And after a year, she got a call at 2am to say it was time to operate, and hours later she was given the organs from an anonymous donor.   A video taken in hospital six weeks after the transplant shows Paula getting to her feet and taking her first unassisted breaths, after being discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  And despite the major operation, she said it felt amazing.

This clever, six-year-old autistic boy can identify over 100 different world flags

***EXCLUSIVE*** „It's his autism that allows him to do that” said his father Rick, 37, of Riverton, Utah, [who declined to give his last name]. Rick’s son James became interested in flags in early spring after learning about them on educational YouTube channels and iPad apps. He started with U.S. state flags and after becoming bored with those moved onto country flags. Rick and his wife bought James a set of 100 country flags and in the space of five months he had learned them all by heart, and more. „It just blows me away that he knows them all. He knows the capital cities of lots of countries too” said the proud father.

A dad and his two sons stumbled upon a smoking WWII bomb during a morning stroll at the beach

***EXCLUSIVE*** Oliver Tanton Brown, 40, was telling his sons Sammy, eight, and Jacob, five, about the weird and wonderful things that can wash up on the shore when they discovered the unexploded bomb. The quick thinking trio were praised for alerting coastguards who sent a bomb squad to detonate the weapon at Warren Beach. The family, from Hythe, had been crabbing by the warren on Friday when they spotted the wartime relic in Folkestone, Kent.

Jeep’s powerful electric bike goes on sale today, but good luck paying for it

***EXCLUSIVE*** After more than 75 years honing their expertise in robust four-wheel drives that can easily tackle the most treacherous terrains out there, American automaker Jeep has now turned its sights to the first two-wheel creation from the brand, launching a QuietKat-powered off-road e-Bike for its adventurous fan base. Jeep has equipped its new electric bike with a 750W BAFANG M620 motor which can generate up to 160Nm of torque, equivalent to three times the amount offered by other commuter e-bikes on the market. A 1.5kWh battery provides an impressive range of up to 40 miles. The new Jeep e-Bike is now available for 5 900 Dollars.