Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

An artist has created a series of photographs, inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, by using masks and tiny figurines to recreate summer scenes

***EXCLUSIVE*** In one, a tiny person can be seen paragliding with a blue surgical mask while a face covering is used as a mini pool in another, with people sunbathing around the water. It forms part of a series of Covid-19 images, with the artist David Gilliver having done a similar set of pictures before. Back in March, he started the Honey I Shrunk The Kids-style quirky scenarios to illustrate themes such as the stock market crash, hand hygiene and panic buying. The 40-year-old said he built the scenes with a hint of black humour to “lighten the mood a little during grim and serious times”.

SkyDrive tests a flying car with a man on board

***EXCLUSIVE*** SkyDrive, a Toyota-backed start-up with a mission for developing flying cars, has recently conducted a public, manned test flight of one its aerial vehicles after years of work. The SD-03, with its glossy white exteriors and sleek aerodynamic body, flew around Toyota Test Field, showing the world that such a thing as flying cars can exist beyond fantasy and fiction. Currently the smallest electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicle in the world, the SD-03 was flown by one snuggly seated pilot.

A Ferrari believed to have been owned by rocker Iggy Pop is up for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Punk-loving petrolheads have the unique opportunity to buy a Ferrari formerly owned by Iggy Pop - who "raced around" in the motor to "blow off steam". The 'Godfather of Punk' "drove the shit outta" the Ferrari 308 GTS QV before flogging it following a 100mph run-in with the cops, he said.  Pop purchased the speedy in 1998, shortly after moving to Florida. Speaking earlier this year in an interview with GQ about his car collections Pop described the motor, which was built in 1984, as "wonderful".

This footage shows a BASE jump with a twist as the pair of daredevils perform the jump whilst dressed in fancy clothes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Filmed atop a 1545 meter high peak in the Monte Brento hiking district, Italy the footage shows Italians Roberta Mancino and Giovanni Silvestri dressed to impress in a beautiful dress and sharp suit. Wanting to show how beautiful it is to fly whilst also being in fashion Giovanni scoops Roberta up in his arms before leaping from the cliff face.

Tame robin becomes 'good friend' to aspiring photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tony Putman, 38, first took a picture of the bird - he calls Bob - in a garden he works at as a gardener twice a week. Since the the pair have become friends with Bob regularly calling in for a hand feed every time he visits the garden. Tony, of Crowborough, East Sussex, said: ''Bob is a bold, confident little robin. ''We have a mutual respect for each other. I’m basically a walking bird feeder and he knows it. ''I work where he lives two days a week and our paths cross during the day, normally when he wants an easy meal, although, I can also call him.

This stunning crop circle has appeared in the British countryside - to raise awareness of the value of locally produced foods

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cereal maker Weetabix is the brains behind the creation, which was carefully produced by a team of just four people over a period of 36 hours. The images from Moat Farm wheat field in Stoke Mandeville feature a cereal bowl and spoon, along with the words, „committed to 50 miles”. The proclamation highlights the Northamptonshire-based company‚Äôs commitment to only using wheat produced within 50 miles of its factory.

Photographer captures stunning Norfolk birds pictures - including bird-shaped flock

Snettisham, Norfolk, United Kingdom: A photographer has captured jaw-dropping pictures of birds in Norfolk – including a flock shaped like a BIRD. At this time of year photographer and guide Paul Goldstein would normally be photographing big cats in Kenya. Unfortunately, due to what he terms as 'one-size-fits-all' travel advice he cannot. Therefore, Norfolk has been his patch and particularly the Snettisham bird spectacular on the North coast of the county. ''I would stop to photograph this anywhere in the world,'' the photographer says as he watches thousands of knots, dunlins, redshanks and oystercatchers perform their acrobatics forming mysterious patterns above the tidal flats. ''Sometimes they look like a whole weather front coming in and they get really lively if a raptor like a harrier or particularly a peregrine falcon joins them.”