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World’s first COVID-19 memorial pays tribute to victims of the pandemic

An award-winning Uruguayan architecture firm has designed the world’s first memorial for the victims of the COVID-19 outbreak. Designed by Gomez Platero and entitled „World Memorial To The Pandemic”, the project is designed to be installed on water off the coast of Uruguay to remember those who have lost their life to Coronavirus. The vast, 40m-wide circular structure will provide not only a safe space for mourning, but also reflection and introspection. The concept has been designed to sit on an urban waterfront location, that looks out over an untouched natural environment. The design can only be accessed by a long pedestrian walkway, drawing visitors away from the sights and sounds of the urban landscape, creating a bridge to the natural world. Suspended over the water, at the centre of the platform there is an open void, which looks down onto the water below. Made from Corten steel and concrete, the memorial will be able to welcome 300 visitors at a time, while social distancing. ''It is, above all, a collective and historical reality, made of small fragments which survive over time and become culture. It is a way to show who we are on this planet” says director and lead architect Martin Gomez Platero. ''Monuments mark our shared cultural and emotional milestones. By creating a memorial capable of activating senses and memories in this way, we can remind our visitors, as the pandemic has, that we as human beings are subordinate to nature and not the other way around.'' Gomez Platero is currently in discussion with the Uruguayan government over a potential site for the memorial, one which will bring the most benefit to the local community and least affect the natural environment. It estimates that the World Memorial to the Pandemic memorial will take six months to build. At the time of writing, over 826,000 deaths around the world.

Woman, 38, says her breast implants made her so sick that she thought she was DYING - as she reveals she spent $30,000 on treatment for symptoms

***EXCLUSIVE*** WRIGHTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: This woman’s husband had to regularly check for a pulse after BREAST IMPLANTS caused her to collapse during a TEN-YEAR struggle - which left her feeling like she was going to die. Reiki practitioner and barre instructor, Kelley McConnell (38), from Wrightstown, Pennsylvania, USA, decided to get breast implants when she was 24 years old. Costing around £4,000 ($5,500), the implants provided Kelley with the confidence boost she was after bringing her breast size from a 34B to a 34D. Immediately following the surgery, which took place in 2006, Kelley began to feel unwell. She felt tired and bloated, and her blood sugar levels became unstable. At the time, Kelley wasn’t worried as these symptoms can accompany a variety of common, everyday issues. Unfortunately, Kelley’s symptoms continued to worsen and over the next 10 years, she would go on to spend £22,300 ($30,000) seeking medical advice to no avail. Kelley began to experience insomnia, food intolerances, limb numbness, tremors, light sensitivity, shortness of breath, vertigo, headaches, and heart palpitations. Alongside this, Kelley also began to develop anxiety accompanied by panic attacks. The bloating developed into fluctuations in Kelley’s weight. At her sickest, Kelley weighed 7st 7lb – just under 1st lower than her usual weight. At times, Kelley felt so ill that she was certain she must be dying but kept up a strong façade for the sake of her children. Kelley’s £22,300 went towards appointments with doctors and natural healers, acupuncture sessions, supplements, and massages but this only resulted in dead ends. In August 2015, Kelley was hospitalised after her tremors and muscle weakness caused her to collapse. Kelley was tested for MS – the test came back negative. Doctors decided it was a casee of Dystonia which consists of harmless involuntary muscle movements or spasms. Kelley began to collapse more often – usually twice per week - and spent three years in and out of hospital. Sometimes her husband (38) would have to check her for a pulse. During one episode, Kelley even wrote a note to her children fearing that those moments could have been her last. In 2018, Kelley was notified about a radio-show on which they were discussing breast implant illness. As a relatively new discovery, there is no legitimate way to diagnose the condition. However, after listening anxiously and carrying out an online search, Kelley found a community of over 60,000 women sharing similar symptoms. Immediately, Kelley knew that she wanted the implants removed and in December 2018, Kelley spent £8,200 ($11,000) undergoing explant surgery. Within a few months, almost all of Kelley’s symptoms had gone and now, she feels it is her mission to help other women.

LEGO releases huge Harry Potter Diagon Alley set

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adding to its Hogwarts Castle, 4 Privet Drive, and the Burrow, LEGO is back again with a full set featuring Harry Potter‘s Diagon Alley. The massive set sees 5,544 pieces and captures the likeness of the Wizarding World location in true LEGO block form. Shops featured are Ollivander's Wand Shop, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, Scribbulus Writing Implements, Flourish & Blotts, and Quality Quidditch Supplies. The set also sees four new minifigure characters in the form of Gilderoy Lockhart, Florean Fortescue, Lucius Malfoy, and the Daily Prophet photographer. Head over to LEGO to purchase it for 400 Dollars. Copenhagen.

Blue People

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: Joyful images have captured religious revellers adorned in vibrant blue face paints as they celebrate an annual festival. One photo featured a two-faced, pitchfork-holding partygoer who represented the androgynous deity, Ardhanarishwar. In another image, a bearded man honoured the harvest deity, Dharmathakur, by holding a mango on a stick. One mischievous snap captured a girl as she donned a humorous cardboard tongue and collected money to honour Kali, goddess of fighting evil. The pictures were taken by telecom engineer, Pranab Basak (48), from Barrackpore, Kolkata, India. He has visited West Bengal, India, with his Nikon cameras, for the Gajan Hindu festival, for the past five years. The gathering hails deities such as the creator, Shiva, and celebrates satisfaction through devotion, non-sexual pain, and sacrifice.

Harry Potter fans from 40 countries have today (Wed) broken the World Record for the most people to take part in a virtual Quidditch broomstick ride

***EXCLUSIVE*** Harry Potter fans from 40 countries have today (Wed) broken the World Record for the most people to take part in a virtual Quidditch broomstick ride. Hundreds took to computers, laptops, phones and tablets, to set the record for the Most People to Simultaneously Board a Broom Online. A staggering 300 people from 133 households all joined in at exactly the same time to set a new Guinness World Record. Fans from around the world logged onto a fan site at 12pm (BST) to take part in the mass Quidditch attempt.

This woman is trolled daily because of her acne that got so bad she'd cry every time she washed it - but she isn't letting it stop her sharing pictures online to support other sufferers

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA: Speaker, influencer, and entrepreneur, Mikayla Zazon (24), from Columbus, Ohio, USA, developed acne as a teenager which left her feeling self-conscious. Her parents took her to the dermatologist and she was prescribed various topical creams and oral medication in an attempt to soothe her skin – which worked. At 17, Mikayla developed disordered eating and exercise habits and over the course of six years struggled with binge eating disorder, orthorexia and bulimia. When she finished recovery in April last year, she noticed that her skin started breaking out in painful acne cysts which left her in agony. Mikayla’s acne affected her face, chest, back, and shoulders - and started to impact her daily life. She’d divert eye contact to stop people looking at her face. She’d wake up in the morning praying that her skin wouldn’t look as painful as it felt. She’d be paranoid when queuing in shops about what those around her would think and she’d wash her face so much in the hopes that if she scrubbed hard enough, she would be gifted with a new face and skin. Fed up with hiding her skin and living in fear of what others might think, Mikayla decided to share acne positive pictures on her social media to break the stigma surrounding skin conditions. Since doing so, she’s been overwhelmed by positive messages from people telling her she’s inspired them to embrace the natural skin they’re in, but despite the positive reaction, Mikayla has also been subjected to nasty messages from bullies online who have told her, „You are an acne infested f**k”. Thankfully for Mikayla, this just inspires her to keep spreading her skin positive message. Mikayla started Accutane, a medication used to treat acne, earlier this month which has helped ease her skin which she often had to soothe with ice multiple times a day before. Despite this, she’s still passionate about normalising acne.

Couple have spent 50 years running a milk round together and have delivered 10m pints

***EXCLUSIVE*** A loving couple has celebrated their 50th anniversary doing the milk round together - by delivering over 10 MILLION pints so far. Sprightly Maureen, 83, and Derek Clancy 84, have devoted the half a century to delivering milk each morning - and have yet to take a day off. She said one morning in 1970 a sales rep walked into the supermarket she ran, which was opposite Leeds United’s ground Elland Road and 'changed their lives'. She said they’d mentioned in passing about a milk round which could fetch them £100 a week, which at the time was „a little fortune”. Her husband Derek, an engineer, had always wanted to be a business owner and decided to ring Leeds Coop Dairy and was invited to follow a round that weekend.50 years on, the couple have yet to miss a morning delivery on their run in Sherburn in Elmet, and its surrounding areas, and don’t expect to be stopping anytime soon.

LGBT In Colour

***EXCLUSIVE*** WORLDWIDE: Vintage portraits celebrating the forbidden love of LGBTQ+ couples have been brought to life in stunning colour. Beautiful portraits colourised an interracial gay couple as they romantically kissed under trees in New York, along with the famous Irish writer and playwright, Oscar Wilde, in an extravagant purple suit with his lover Lord Alfred Douglas. Another fascinating photo revealed Spain’s first same-sex wedding in 1901, 104 years before it was legal, where one woman, Elisa Sánchez Loriga, had to pose as a man named Mario Sánchez to marry her girlfriend Marcela Gracia Ibeas. The black-and-white images were meticulously colourised by advertising art director, Andrea Erali (32), from New York, USA.

Hermes launches Mah-jong game for 41.100 dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you thought the Maison Margiela or Prada Mahjong sets were luxurious, you're about the be in awe from Hermès‘ Helios mahjong set. Crafted from solid rosewood combined with printed Swift calfskin, the set sees dice, score-keeping sticks, and 148 tiles. Each piece along with the ornate box has been meticulously handcrafted with fine details. it's probably best you don't actually play with this 41 100 Dollars set. Paris.

Gucci guitar case for 8.300 dollars

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last seen in Gucci's Cruise 2020 lookbook, the Gucci guitar case has been a highlight accessory from the house as of late. As ostentatious as the large piece is, it does paint a deeper meaning regarding Alessandro Michele's affinity for travel and music. Made in Italy, this case is not cheap, as it retails for a price of 8 300 Dollars.

Chameleon catches a dragonfly

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chameleon balances on a thin branch as it catches a dragonfly with its long and sticky tongue. The brightly patterned reptile leans forward to strike at the small orange insect. The images were captured by professional photographer Tanto Yensen, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Boats laid out like petals with life saving rings on them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of wooden boats resemble flowers as they fan out around their moorings. The boats, decorated with colourful patterned rugs, are ready to transport workers from the outskirts of the city to their jobs in the centre. The Buriganga river is used as a route into Dhaka city for millions of workers every day. The Bangladeshi capital is one of the most densely populated in the world and home to around 19 million people.