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Robot begins work at convenience store; hopes to replace humans by 2022

Tokyo, Japan: A robot has begun work at a Japanese convenience store. The Telexistence Model-T is seen stacking shelves in a FamilyMart shop in the Toshima area of Tokyo. It is hoped the units will replace human workers fulfilling the same role by 2022. In the trial operation on 26 August, the pilot logged into the robot using a VR terminal from the Telexistence (TX) office in Toranomon, Tokyo to remotely operate the Model-T. The testing of the Model-T and Augmented Workforce Platform (AWP) seeks to build a new store operation model using remote control robot technology. TX and FamilyMart explain: „With Model-T and AWP, FamilyMart and TX aim to realise a completely new store operation by remoteizing and automating the merchandise restocking work, which requires a large number of labour-hours. As a result, stores can operate with less number of workers and enable them to recruit employees regardless of the store’s physical location.” The company say the first step will see TX start remotely operating the restocking of PET plastic beverage bottles from the backyard storage area of the store, which makes up a relatively large portion of the workload in the store, and also verify the restocking speed and accuracy of the robot.

Delicious Mr Darcy: 6ft Mr Darcy cake unveiled to launch Jane Austen TV season

September 3, 2020, Cheshire, United Kingdom: A life-sized cake of the much-loved Mr Darcy character played by Colin Firth in the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice, has been unveiled today in the 25 th anniversary year of the iconic drama to celebrate the launch Jane Austen Season on UKTV’s Drama channel. The 6ft cake was unveiled to the public today at National Trust property Lyme Park in Cheshire - which was used as Mr Darcy’s home Pemberley in the mini-series and where the famous lake scene was filmed. Colin Firth sparked „Darcymania” in 1995 when he hit TV screens as Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Darcy; and new research reveals that his character is still as much of heartthrob today - with 79% of Brits confirming that he is the „tastiest” male lead to appear in a British TV period drama in the last 30 years. The research and life-sized cake were specially commissioned to celebrate the launch of Jane Austen Season, which airs on Drama on Sundays from 6 th September and is also available on free streaming service UKTV Play.

This pint-sized Aston Martin DB5 will turn your kid into a junior James Bond

***EXCLUSIVE*** After crafting a meticulous $67,000 USD Bugatti Type 35 “Baby” Remake, The Little Car Company is back again, this time working a piece of British racing history. Building on the excitement for the upcoming James Bond 007 No Time to Die film, The Little Car Company pays tribute to Aston Martin's DB5 Vantage. The 2:3-scale car is precise in every detail, from its authentic Aston Martin badges, mahogany & aluminum steering wheel, four-wheel disc brakes, and hydraulic handbrake, down to its double-wishbone suspension, rear live axle, full leather interior, and outrageous limited-slip differential. This electric 2:3 reproduction is also able to travel at speeds up to 30 mph (10kW / 13.4 bhp), and up to 20 miles in distance when fully charged. Limited to 1,059 examples and priced starting at 60 200 Dollars.

Special exhibition "Busy girl - Barbie makes career"

***EXCLUSIVE*** 03 September 2020, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bruchsal: Various Barbie dolls are on display at the special exhibition "Busy girl - Barbie makes a career" at Schloss Bruchsal. More than 1000 objects from the world's largest Barbie collection are presented. The exhibition can be seen from 5 September to 21 February 2021.

A woman with 15 KIDS has revealed she is pregnant with her 16th child and won't rule out having even more children

***EXCLUSIVE*** Patty Hernandez, 38, and her husband Carlos, 37, live with their gigantic brood in a five-bedroom house in Charlotte, North Carolina, which includes a nursery with five cribs. The couple spend a whopping $500 a week on groceries and diapers and are shopping for a new vehicle as they have outgrown their 16-seater bus. Of the 15 kids, there are five boys and ten girls, and six of the children are sets of twins, which run in Carlos's family.  All the children have names beginning with the letter 'C', in honour of their father, who works as a floor cleaner to support his large household.

I can’t bear it! Little cub looks troubled

***EXCLUSIVE*** This cub appears to be having a bad day as it covers its face with its paw. The three-month-old brown bear hides his face and growls moodily. The stroppy looking cub was photographed in the Finnish spruce and pine covered taiga, or boreal forest, in Martinselkonen.

Sheep herding in golden dusty light

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shepherds lead a large flock of sheep along a dusty path as the sun sets. The sheep remain close to each other as a golden light beams down at them. Amateur photographer and father-of-one Feyzullah Tunc captured the sheep as they were led through rugged land in Karaman, Central Anatolia, Turkey.

Harvesting waterlillies for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of aquatic water liles are collected by hand from a river in Bangladesh. The beautiful plants are the country's national flower, which blooms annualy in almost every body of water. The images were captured by Azim Khan Ronnie. Azim said, "once harvested, the water lilies are transported to local markets to be sold as vegetables. One set of consists of about two dozen sticks, which sells for just 20 pence. On average, 1200 sticks can be collected in a single day. The workers in the boats collect the lilies from 4am to 9am, bunching them up to carry back in their boats."

Video grab from footage of surgery to remove a 7kg hairball from the stomach of a 17-year-old girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doctors operating on a teenager to remove a suspected tumour discovered it was a giant - HAIRBALL. The 17-year-old girl underwent the operation as medics feared it was a cancerous mass. But instead of a hairball they found a hairball weighing seven kilograms (15 lbs) in her abdomen after a six-hour-long operation. The video shows a team of doctors in Jharkhand's Bokaro district in India operating on the girl on August 31.

A Wigan couple with no idea they were having a baby where stunned by sudden birth of son

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tasha Davies and Martin Hern who blamed weight gain on snacking during the coronavirus pandemic were shocked to discover they were having a baby. Tasha Davies, 28, had no idea that she was expecting, even telling staff at Wigan Infirmary that she was not pregnant after being rushed there with stomach pains. But just one hour after discovering she was indeed having a baby, her son Alexander Isaac Gohan Hern was born, weighing 9lb 70z. It was a massive surprise for Tasha and her partner Martin Hern, who have been together for more than three years but did not plan to have children for another decade.

Not such a slow morning: ZSL London Zoo shares first footage of adorable baby two-toed sloth

September 3, 2020, London, United Kingdom: ZSL London Zoo has shared the first footage taken by keepers of its newest arrival - a baby two-toed sloth named Truffle, born to parents Marilyn and Leander at the iconic zoo last month. The cute clip was taken as Marilyn took her young cub to explore its lush new surroundings for the first time earlier this week - after spending their initial days together snuggled high in the leafy treetops of the Zoo’s Rainforest Life exhibit. Eagle-eyed keepers first spotted the newborn on Thursday 13 August on their early morning rounds, when they were overjoyed to find the tiny baby clinging to slow-moving mum Marilyn, who had delivered the healthy youngster the night before - a few weeks earlier than expected.