Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

This guy poses with furniture he's giving away – and it's brilliant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man causing a stir on social media - by pulling a series of funny poses next to furniture he is giving away. Sam Ray, 23, has become a star on Facebook because of his pictures in the group 'Free Stuff South East London'. The freelance designer is now famed for his snaps - but said the first one was a happy accident. A housemate was trying to flog a wardrobe to a friend who wanted to know how big it was - so asked Sam to act as a scale.

Student walks her pony from Germany to Scotland to save on transport

***EXCLUSIVE*** Student and her pet pony are on an epic 2,500 mile trek from Germany to Scotland -- so she can keep him by her side while she studies. Agriculture student Johanna Maria, 22, is heading to Dundee to research barley breeding for six months, as part of her dissertation. She couldn't afford the £2,000 flight costs for her 14-year-old Shetland pony Hechizo - and couldn't bear to be without him for such a long time. So she set out from her home in Halle, Germany, in February, with Hechizo dragging all her belongings on a cart.

A couple are selling £3 raffle tickets to flog their two luxury homes worth £700,000 - which comes with a sauna, hot tub and a GRAND PIANO

***EXCLUSIVE*** Martin and Sue Stephenson are hoping to sell more than 330,000 tickets to raise enough to buy another home and give £100,000 to charity.  They bought the 150-year-old former chapel in southern Snowdonia in 2004 and spent almost two decades lovingly converting it into their dream home.  They split the sprawling property into two luxury houses and lived in one while renting out the other as a holiday property.  But they have decided to sell up to be closer to their ageing parents in Yorkshire.  Martin’s father Ronald, 88, is also battling Alzheimer’s disease and his mum, Maureen, also 88, is struggling to look after him on her own.  Retired building surveyor Martin hopes to raise enough money to sell the houses and raise £100,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society.  Martin, 57, said: “My dad was diagnosed with dementia about two years ago and my mum is his main carer.  “They’re both 88 and while mum is coping well at the moment, she’s not indestructible.  “We can see the writing on the wall and that’s why we need to move closer to Sheffield, where they live, to give them the support they need.”

These incredible pictures show what is thought to be Britain's biggest burrito - which measures a whopping TWO FOOT long

***EXCLUSIVE*** The gargantuan challenge of eating the dish is being served up by cooks at the El Capo Mexican restaurant in Manchester.  It costs £30 and can be filled with chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or fish, and smothered with salsa, guacamole, black beans and cheese. The whole thing is encased in three giant tortillas. A burrito is a dish in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine consisting of a flour tortilla wrapped into a sealed cylindrical shape around various ingredients. It's sometimes grilled or steamed. The Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar El Capo is located in Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Compilation of universe images celebrate telescope discoveries

A compilation of stunning images of the Universe has been released Thursday (3 Sep). The pictures give examples of images from different NASA missions and telescopes being combined to better understand the science of the universe. Each of these images contains data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory as well as other telescopes. Various types of objects are shown (galaxies, supernova remnants, stars, planetary nebulas), but together they demonstrate the possibilities when data from across the electromagnetic spectrum are assembled. NASA explained: „Humanity has ''eyes'' that can detect all different types of light through telescopes around the globe and a fleet of observatories in space. From radio waves to gamma rays, this ''multiwavelength'' approach to astronomy is crucial to getting a complete understanding of objects in space.”

Elephant Kaavan in Pakistan

Pakistan, Islamabad: Amir Khalil, veterinarian of the animal welfare organisation Four Paws, in Islamabad Zoo in front of the enclosure of the elephant called Kaavan. Kaavan made the headlines years ago because of its poor housing conditions. Now the elephant is soon to be taken to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

Photographer captures the breath-taking moment an aeroplane crosses the dark side of the moon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Alex Lovell was enjoying a peaceful holiday on the Hampshire coast when he spotted an aeroplane heading towards the moon ‚Äď prompting him to grab his camera and capture the stunning moment. The picture was taken while Software Quality Manager Alex, 47, was spending a few days relaxing in a log cabin in a village called Hordle, near Lymington, Hampshire. Originally from Portishead, North Somerset, Alex was admiring the peaceful night sky on 10th August when he spotted the flashing lights of the aircraft.

A tree in a car park has gone viral after passersby noticed it bears a striking resemblance to the two aliens in The Simpsons

***EXCLUSIVE*** Support worker Hayley Louise snapped the bizarre looking tree when she walked to work in Hereford city centre.  She posted the image on Facebook and dozens of people suggested the eye-shaped knots in the wood resemble Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons.