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Nude international soccer match Germany – Netherlands

06 September 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Wuppertal: Naked footballers from Germany stand side by side with numbers painted on their backs in front of the game in the stadium at the zoo. In protest against what they see as the increasing commercialisation of professional football, two teams competed naked against each other. The organizer of the naked football is the artist Starczewski, who wants to appoint each participant as an official naked player by certificate.

German man who drinks SEVEN PINTS of his own urine every day as well as ingesting it through his eyes, nose and ears claims it stops him getting ill and has helped him cope with depression

***EXCLUSIVE*** HAMBURG, GERMANY: THIS MAN drinks up to SEVEN PINTS of his own urine every day and ingests it through his EYES, NOSE AND EARS. Sports coach and student, Jan SchĂĽnemann (26), from Hamburg, Germany, has always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing. Jan started kickboxing at the age of 14 - earning his black belt in 2018. Following this, he discovered the ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu, also known as Kalari, which encourages discipline, respect, mental and physical strength, patience, humility, and promotes a search for peace. Alongside his practice, Jan discovered the healing qualities of Shivambu Kalpa, or urine therapy, in 2017. Shivambu Kalpa acknowledges that the body is a self-sustaining vehicle which through urine consumption heals itself. Jan drinks between three and seven pints of his own urine every day as well as ingesting it through his eyes, nose, ears and skin. He applies the waste fluid to his ears using a syringe, and using an eye glass to the eyes, and rubs the liquid over his skin. According to Jan, urine is the best medicine available and because of this, he never gets poorly. He has more energy and is in the best physical shape of his life. Jan sleeps for just four to seven hours a night because his energy levels are so high thanks to his regime but when he is feeling super „clean” he only needs three hours. The preparation for consuming one’s urine is as simple as it sounds - just pee into a glass and drink it. Urine can also be aged for increased benefits.

This woman’s four-foot-long hair never fails to turn heads, but she is inundated with creepy messages from men online who say they want to EAT it

***EXCLUSIVE*** MOLDOVA: Logistics company co-founder, Xenia Lanenco (30), from Chisinau, Moldova, loves her spectacular hair, which is almost four-foot long, because it makes her feel extremely feminine. Having grown her silky knee-length locks since 2006, Xenia says that the secret to maintaining her Rapunzel-like head of hair is a dedicated hair care regime including using hair masks to strengthen hair follicles, letting her hair air-dry naturally and, of course, not cutting it. In fact, Xenia has only ever trimmed her hair a few centimetres at a time over the last 14 years. This has only been to ensure her hair remains in perfect condition. For Xenia, having long hair was never a specific goal. She only really wanted to learn how to properly nourish her hair to keep it silky-smooth. However, as her hair grew, she realised just how much she enjoyed its length and growing it to knee-length became a goal. She has inevitably gained a fair few male admirers online and whilst the vast majority comment respectfully about how beautiful she is or how much they love her hair, she has had some rather usual messages which she says are just better to ignore. Despite this, the 30-year-old is quick to say that there can be a few downsides to having such luscious locks as she occasionally has to endure the frustration of getting her hair stuck in car doors and clothes zippers. Whilst some people with such long hair can suffer from headaches, she says that she has been lucky enough to avoid this and only feels discomfort if her hair has been tied in a bun or ponytail for too long.

Longest full body contact with ice cubes-record

MELK (AUSTRIA), Sept. 5, 2020: -- Josef Koeberl stands in a glass box filled with ice cubes for a challenge of full body contact with ice cubes in Melk, Austria, on Sept. 5, 2020. Austrian man Josef Koeberl on Saturday managed to stay 2 hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds inside a glass box with ice cubes, breaking his own record for the longest full body contact with ice cubes.

Hyperyacht comes complete with supercar

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world's first £52 million hyper yacht concept has been created - and it comes with a free £4 million Bugatti Chiron supercar.  The Xenos will have 15,000 horsepower, and be able to hit a top speed of more than 100mph, according to its creators at Lazzarini Design Studio. The 130ft-long Xenos would be made of aluminium and carbon and is said to be 'designed for comfortable high speed cruises.'  The sleek, black and chrome yacht has auto tinting windows, as well as roof mounted solar panels, and will also be available as an electric powered model.

Discovering grandad: Man who never got to meet his grandfather finally gets to connect with his relative after discovering treasure trove of photos he took during travels on the Continent

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British man has unearthed his grandfather’s secret photo collection showing what life was like on the continent half a century ago. Striking pictures captured an elderly outdoor toilet attendant in a French slum, and posters in Switzerland opposing women’s voting rights. Another image featured a French fireman taking a cigarette break, whilst a separate snap captured a man climbing a gate to get a free peek at a bull-riding performance. Having owned the photographic film for six years, digital engagement executive, Dylan Jack Scalet (26), of Brighton, UK, has processed and digitised his grandad’s pictures taken across Switzerland and France - offering vignettes of 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s life. Engineer, Jack Sharp, was born in 1928 in Harrold, Bedfordshire, UK, and took up amateur photography in 1950. He moved to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1955 for work and to raise a family. He unfortunately passed away in 1992 - one year before his grandson’s birth. However, Dylan, who took his middle name from the photographer, has started a website in Jack’s honour where he hopes to raise funds for Alzheimer’s and cancer research.

Female bodybuilder hits back at men who say her muscles are a TURN OFF and 'sneer' at her in the gym - insisting they are just JEALOUS of her ripped body

***EXCLUSIVE*** OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA, USA: Men tell this woman that her muscles are a TURN OFF and stare at her in the gym - but she insists they are just insecure. Entrepreneur, Wendy Fortino (37), from Oceanside, California, USA, has always had an enviable physique. When Wendy was just 10 years old, boys at school would challenge her to races and arm wrestles - which they undoubtedly lost. Wendy was very much aware of her „abnormal” strength, yet she enjoyed the power and uniqueness it provided her with. Three years later, Wendy defeated the US national sit-up record completing 3,150 sit-ups in just over three hours. Wendy’s school days were only the start of her career. Since then, she’s competed in track events, gymnastics, and even worked as a fitness director. It wasn’t until 2008 that Wendy found her passion for bodybuilding. Wendy has gone on to win several championship titles with her enviable physique. Much as she was at school, she has become the one-to-beat at the gym but some guys „sneer” and „stare” at her inhuman strength. Despite being told that men aren’t „into women with too much muscle”, Wendy hasn’t been deterred from her passion. One male fan commented online, „That’s crazy. Your back has way more muscle detail than mine”, whilst multiple women have messaged Wendy to thank her for inspiring them to train. Wendy is passionate about inspiring others to begin their fitness journey - particularly women.

Man in twenties to build China's Victoria's Secret

Lei Congrui, a man in his twenties, started his career of selling sexy lingerie on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping website, in 2008. His company has been selling products to all over the world, including the Middle East and the North Korea, with an annual revenue of 50 million Yuan (7 million USD) and 3 million pieces of sexy lingerie. Lei says his dream is to shape his company a China's Victoria's Secret.

A shocked woman got the fright of her life when she turned on her outside light in the middle of the night - and came face-to-face with a huge T-Rex

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adrian Shaw got a 3.5 metre dinosaur delivered by crane into his back garden as a surprise for his wife, Deborah.  But the surprise did not turn out how he had hoped.  The great unveiling was delayed after Deborah went to her fitness class straight after work and it was too dark for her to see the huge T-Rex when she returned.  So Adrian hoped to surprise her in the morning by opening the bedroom blinds and revealing the new garden feature.  But their dog had other ideas.  Adrian said: "The dog woke her up at 4am to take him out into the garden for a wee.  "Whilst I slept soundly she lead the dog downstairs, opened the back door for him and then put the powerful garden security light on.  "She recounted the experience to me in what can only be described as 'colourful terms' this morning, it didn't sound very pleasant."

The world’s first bespoke full-motion Formula simulator

***EXCLUSIVE*** The ultimate Formula 1 simulator has just been unveiled by Britain's Cranfield Simulations. Made for the extreme F1 fan, the racing simulator features a composite single-seater chassis that's been molded from a real F1 racecar for the exact seating position. The realness doesn't stop there, however, as the entire system has been synched with an almost instantaneous g-cueing system which was provided by F1 teams. Without skimping on costs, the team at Cranfield has also built the system with real racing pedals, a steering wheel, VR headset, and 55” HD screen. Prices from Basic at 33,500 Dollars to Max Options at170,000 Dollars.

Headhunting Relics

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning portraits have captured the very last headhunters of India. One captivating picture featured an elderly man from the Konyak tribe holding a seven-foot spear with pig horns through his ears and a tiger tooth necklace around his neck. Another image captured an ex-decapitator smiling through the facial tattoos he had earnt as a trophy for killing his rivals. Photographer, Aghin Kamachi (20), from Kozhikode, Kerala, India took the images on a visit to the Konyak Naga tribe of Longwa, Nagaland, India.

Toyota shoots for the moon with lunar rover plans

***EXCLUSIVE*** Toyota’s four-seater moon rover has been given the name „Lunar Cruiser”. The company has been working with JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) on the vehicle's development since July of last year. The name of the moon rover was inspired by Toyota's leading SUV model Land Cruiser. It measures six meters long, five meters wide and approximately four meters high. There will be a steady circulation of air supply inside the vehicle, so passengers can ride in it without wearing any spacesuits. The Luna Cruiser's engineering and design are expected to be completed by 2024, with a projected release date of 2029 - the rover's manned exploration is set to take place in 2030.

Massive bluefin tuna washed up on the English coast

***EXCLUSIVE*** An enormous, rare fish which is one of the world's most expensive species has washed up on the English coast.  The 'remarkable' giant tuna is a delicacy in Japan and one once sold at a record £2.5 million at auction. The 180kg (28 stones 4lbs) tuna mysteriously made its way into Chichester Harbour, West Sussex, where it was found dead.

Supercell storms

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lightning from a huge supercell storm strikes the ocean and illuminates the sky as boats float on the calm water. In another image enormous clouds gather over a city as they crackle with forks of electric light. The supercells can last for up to ten hours and can cause devastating tornadoes and torrential hailstone-filled thunderstorms. The stunning images were taken in Padova and Trieste in Italy and in Ljubljana, Dloneja vas and Crni Kal in Slovenia by weather information supervisor and amateur photographer Marko Korosec.

Town Wall House

***EXCLUSIVE*** TENBY, WALES: This house in Wales hides behind the town wall and could be your very own seaside renovation project for just Ł350,000. Five Upper Frog Street is a terraced house located in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, in Wales. It consists of three bedrooms, a lounge, dining room, utility room, basement and a loft room. The property is in a poor state of repair but has potential and could be the perfect renovation project for one lucky person. The terraced house backs on to Tenby's historic town wall whilst its frontage lies on Upper Frog Street. The Tenby town walls are Grade I listed medieval defensive structures that surround the town. They were built in the 13th century by the Earl of Pembroke and the walls have been assessed to be one of the most important surviving medieval city walls in Britain. The three-bedroom property used to house a shop on the ground floor. The large shop display window and the shop door are still there. If used as a shop, the property’s basement could be a handy storage space. If the property is used as a family home, the room could be converted into a snug, cinema room or man cave. The property is up for sale via an online auction with Auction House South Wales. It has a guide price of Ł350,000.

Snake Vs Dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** ZAMBIA: Two adorable pooches get embroiled in a fight with a forty-inch-long snake. An exciting video featured the two male mutts cornering and trying to step on a twelve-ounce spotted bush snake. Later, the reptile leapt at the doggy duo, and even bit the camera lens before the brown dog patted his pal away from attacking the snake once again. Cruiser the Jack Russell and Mosi the mongrel squared off with the snake for two minutes. The battle was captured by safari camp manager, Peter Geraerdts (51), from South Holland, The Netherlands. The brawl occurred in the Track and Trail River Camp, which is located in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

The Curse Of Coal

Jharkhand, India: Coal is perhaps the most important energy resource that provides for the energy consumption in India as well as a larger share of the world. Jharia in Jharkhand is the most significant coal mine producing the largest share of coal in India and also in the whole of south Asia. Since the days it has come into operation, and from the discovery of underground fires (in 1916), this coal mine has seen a number of deaths. It has been rightly referred to as the death field. The poor lots who engage themselves in the mining activities to earn a living are affected the most. The major reasons of death here are underground fire, suspension of poisonous gases in the air, pollution, etc. Diseases with skin and lungs are thus widespread here. Moreover, extreme conditions of poverty, illnesses and higher illiteracy among the people force the villagers to sell their kids to the coal mining mafias. Nowadays, more are getting associated with this illegal mining activity for less than 2 USD, yet risking their lives a lot more.

Sinking Sundarbans

West Bengal, India: The southern part of Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta is a common ground between India and Bangladesh. The Indian delta region stretches around 4000 sq.km approximately. It is covered with the biggest mangrove forest in the world containing 102 swampy islands, out of which only 52 are inhabited by humans. The people here largely depend on the natural resources of the area for their means of livelihood. Global warming is the prime threat to this region. One of the major reasons for this environmental emergency is deforestation. The illiterate, poor and ignorant islanders have vividly cut down bigger trees to collect wood for fuel. They also consider the wood for selling as it is a rich forest product with ''Sundari'' trees providing the finest variety of wood. Thus, the forest which earlier served as a buffer ground between the wild side of nature and life now has made the soil susceptible to water attacks. As the terror of the environment continues to rage in the form of devastating floods, intense storms, and torrential rains, this land is getting more prone to disaster. The increase in the level of erosion has added to the situation. Sundarbans is seeing 3.14 mm rise in sea levels every year. As the rise in sea levels increases, the salinity in water degrades soil quality causing reduced crop yield and food crisis. Drinking water is also getting increasing obscure here. Additionally, water has already devoured parts of Mousuni and Ghoramara Island. Predictions are saying that a large portion of Sundarbans' island will get submerged in the coming years.