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The £15k plant pot fit for an emperor: Porcelain bowl that was used to hold foliage for years is expected to sell for a fortune after owner discovered its links to Chinese dynasty

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Chinese bowl which was used as a plant pot is tipped to sell for £15,000 after it emerged it was made for an early 19th century emperor. The vendor, unaware of the porcelain's significance, tried to offload it on eBay for £200. But they then withdrew it from the website after being inundated with offers for 'thousands of pounds'. They subsequently took the 8ins diameter bowl, which has been in the same British military family for 50 years, to auctioneers Sworders, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex.

Struck out - Modeller who built a fleet of 500 warships is having to scuttle his hobby

***EXCLUSIVE*** A master modeller who has spent over 70 years building a fleet of 500 warships is having to scuttle his hobby - as he has run out of matchboxes. Philip Warren's incredible matchstick navy consists of every class of Royal Navy ship since 1945. Mr Warren, who was aged 17 when he first started his hobby, uses nothing but matchsticks, matchboxes, a razor blade and glue to handcraft the vessels. The traditional boxes are made out of lightweight aspen wood which manufacturers ceased using in the 1980s in favour of cardboard.

How cool is that! WWII fridge still in use

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fridge that was left behind in a cafe by American GIs at the end of the war is still going strong 75 years later. The Blue Pool near Swanage in Dorset was taken over and used by US forces to train soldiers in bridge building in the Second World War. When the site was handed back to the owners the US army had left the Prestcold fridge in the cafe there. The property is owned by the same family today and they are still using the fridge.

Floating chapel on the Manatee River in Palmetto, Florida, has been transformed into a luxury houseboat is up for sale for $400,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A floating chapel that has been transformed into a luxury houseboat is up for sale for $400,000.  The unique two-bedroom property was formerly a wedding chapel and was known as "Chapel on the Bay".  The vessel, currently docked on the Manatee River in Palmetto, Florida, has been turned into an upmarket floating home.  More than $1,300,000 has been spent on the construction and conversion with original features including a 30-feet steeple and seven stained-glass windows.

Domino’s rolls out vegan pizza

Truckloads of fresh veggies and vegan dough balls have been delivered to 1,200 Domino's stores as thousands of pizza chefs to get to work as the nation’s best loved pizza rolls out It's much anticipated vegan pizzas across the UK...Following a highly successful trial at 46 stores earlier this year, two delicious pizzas have been added to menus nationwide: the Vegan Margherita is made using the signature vine-ripened tomato sauce, Domino’s very own vegan cheese alternative, and is topped with freshly diced tomatoes and a generous scattering of Domino’s unique herb blend, while the Vegan Vegi Supreme stays true to the much-loved original, adorned with a rainbow of delicious and fresh vegetables, including mushrooms, sweetcorn, onions, green and red peppers...During the trial, Domino's new vegan fans challenged the pizza company to create a version of the Garlic & Herb dip they'd heard so many rave reviews of. And now their prayers have been answered as the food innovation crew at Domino's have created a vegan friendly version of the iconic dip so vegans everywhere can enjoy the full dunking experience too.

''Calabash fan'' getting rich

Xuanhua, Xuanhua, China: Zhao Yonggang, 46, from Xuanhua, Hebei, is a farmer from Dahua Village, Yanghenan Town, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province. He started to try calabash branding, carving and splicing after coming into contact with calabash handicraft 10 years ago. With the in-depth understanding and research of calabash technology and market, he found infinite business opportunities. In 2014, he went to Dacheng, Liaocheng and other places for learning and opened up three plots for trial planting. Because of the long illumination time and large temperature difference between day and night in Xuanhua area, the gourd produced by the gourd is delicate and smooth, easy to depict and render details, especially suitable for soldering, and the tried gourd obtained recognition after it was listed. A few years down, Zhao Yonggang's plantation scale expanded year by year, has reached the present 80 mu, cultivated lotus head, oil hammer, santing, white gourd, gourd gourd gourd gourd, apple and more than ten gourd varieties. Zhao Yonggang took care of each gourd as a child and became a famous gourd fan. At present, the vegetable gourd produced by Zhao Yonggang's plantation is sold all over the country. Various gourd crafts made by him, such as pyrograph, ink carving, flower carrying, tea set and acupuncture, are also sold well online and offline, with an annual income of more than 1 million yuan. This year, Zhao Yonggang also registered ''gourd gourd attachment'' agricultural technology Co., LTD., in the form of ''company + farmers'', he led the villagers to develop calabash cultivation by providing seed seeds, technology, calabash recovery, labor absorption and other forms, and led more than 60 villagers to get rid of poverty by planting calabash.

Lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair, removed during his post-mortem, emerges for sale for £55,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 2ins long strand of his dark hair was presented to Dr Lyman Todd, a cousin of the first lady Marry Todd Lincoln, after her husband was gunned down on April 14, 1865. The US president's lock of hair was passed down to Todd's son, James Todd, who penned a letter explaining how his father acquired the macabre relic. He wrote: "The above telegram… arrived in Washington a few minutes after Abraham Lincoln was shot.

Fossil museum could face extinction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A prolific fossil hunter's own museum showcasing his remarkable discoveries is in danger of becoming extinct due to the coronavirus unless £50,000 is raised. The Etches Collection in Kimmeridge, Dorset, has a 2,500 strong assortment of 150 million year old late Jurassic fossils. The £5million museum was opened in 2016 by plumber-turned-paleontologist Steve Etches who spent the 30 previous years excavating specimens on the Jurassic Coast. But its future is in doubt due to a financial shortfall caused by having to stay shut for 17 weeks during their busiest time of the year. The museum has now reopened but is still set to make a big loss this year as it missed out on so much income from visitors over Easter and in the early summer months.

West Shaolin Temple in Chongqing: Inheriting the authentic Southern Kungfu of China

Chongqing, Chongqing, China: The Shaolin Temple in West Chongqing inherited the authentic Chinese southern boxing. Martial monks learned 18 kinds of martial arts in the temple, flying on the sides of mountains, feeling, climbing and rolling, and the martial arts were really outstanding. The West Shaolin Temple is the fourth largest Shaolin Zen temple in China after The Shaolin Temple in Songshan, Henan, Quanzhou, Fujian and Tianjin. In the temple, visitors can watch the five Ancestors boxing, Taizu Boxing, White Crane boxing, five Plum blossom boxing and other southern kungfu brought by the monks. They can also participate in buddhist rites and feel the profound cultural background of Shaolin Temple.

Stunning pink house goes on sale in Salcombe for £5.5M - that comes with its own BEACH

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautiful pink house near a posh seaside town has gone up for sale at £5.5M - that comes with its own BEACH. The villa style home near Salcombe - known as Chelsea-on-Sea - is situated right on the picturesque estuary. The property, known as Waterside in East Portlemouth, Devon, is being sold as the ultimate pad for a boating enthusiast. A spokesman for estate agents Luscombe Maye said: "This is genuinely the ultimate boat-lover’s house in Devon. "Everyone who gets out on the water in the gorgeous Salcombe Estuary will recognise this pink house, right on the water‚Äôs edge and with its own beach. "This area is a magnet for boating enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes, from motorboats to racing dinghies to luxury yachts."

Laughing Horse

Crofty, Gower Peninsular, Swanse, United Kingdom: Photographer Joann Randles captured a hilarious picture of a young male pony seemingly laughing on the Gower Peninsular in Wales. She explains: ''As the rest of the semi-feral conservation ponies take some downtime to sleep on the marshes of Crofty, a colt has other ideas, wanting to be heard and trying to draw the attention of others to play.''.