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Youthful 51-year-old who says she is regularly mistaken for her daughters' SISTER reveals how she maintains her ageless appearance

***EXCLUSIVE*** ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA: Meet the fifty-one-year-old woman who says she is often mistaken for someone DECADES younger and has even been confused for her own daughter's sister. Regional sales director, Rebecca Daubler (51), from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has always enjoyed taking care of herself, but like so many women, she felt intimidated by the notion that beauty is intrinsically linked to youth. After going through a divorce at the age of 40, Rebecca decided to take the time to focus on „personal growth”, and has since been inspiring women to embrace their beauty and sex appeal, regardless of their age. Feeling much more confident in her body now than she did in her twenties, Rebecca is no longer self-critical and chooses to focus on the positives. She maintains a healthy diet and exercises five times a week – with weightlifting bbeing a key tip in creating a killer „rear view”. Rebecca can hip-thrust 385lb. Rebecca also indulges in quarterly Botox sessions and underwent a breast lift procedure in 2018 - although it’s the fitness and diet changes that have provided her with a new sense of invigoration. The glamourous mum is often mistaken for being at least a decade younger than she is. Rebecca has two daughters, Callie (21) and Mckenna (23), and has even been mistaken for their sister. After ridding herself of the confining concept of youth, Rebecca has flourished in her fifties with dating now a „fortunate” occasion. Since embracing her age, Rebecca has noticed she receives more advances from younger men with online fans deeming Rebecca a „true goddess”, and „hotter than the sun”. She’s now happily settled with her new partner, Len (54), and continues to speak out on social media encouraging other women to embrace their age.

Ex boyfriends forced this woman to keep their relationship a secret because they were worried what their families would think about them dating a 'FAT' girl

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW JERSEY, USA: Plus size model and influencer, Dandy LXIX (23), from New Jersey, USA, has not always been the body confidence queen she is now. Growing up, she was bullied at school for being the „fat kid” and she longed to fit in and look like everyone else. At school, Dandy loved exercise but after injuring her ankle during cross country she discovered weightlifting thanks to a supportive teacher. Dandy was instantly in awe of how strong she could become and through this and repeating positive affirmations to herself every day, she was able to ignore the weight jibes. Her confidence exploded which carried into her adult life. Dandy, who has over 123K followers on Instagram, is a UK size 24 to 26 and 23st 3lb at 5ft 10ins. She has made it her mission to empower women of all sizes to stand out and embrace what makes them different by sharing pictures of herself in dresses and swimwear online. As a result of this, Dandy is inundated with messages from women who have said she’s inspired them to be more confident in their own bodies - yet some trolls have targeted her telling her she will „die of diabetes”. The unsolicited comments don’t just come from online. Dandy, who is currently single, has been told by men she’s dated in the past that they have to keep their relationship a secret because they were worried what their friends and family would think of them dating a curvy woman – Dandy’s response was to end the relationships and cut all contact. Despite this, Dandy refuses to live in fear of other people’s opinions and is at her most confident when working out which she does three to four times a week.

Trolls told this mum she should KILL her baby who was born with severe facial deformities after she shared pictures of him on social media

***EXCLUSIVE*** ILLINOIS, USA: Amy Ward (24), from Illinois, USA, gave birth to her son Elijah on January 31, 2020. He was born with a rare condition called amniotic band syndrome which occurs when there is a rupture in the sac of fluid that surrounds the baby during pregnancy, causing amniotic bands to wrap around the child. This can cause limb differences, clefts, and even infant loss. In Elijah’s case, this caused damage to his left foot, right hand, and his face resulting in him having a cleft lip and palate and having severe microphthalmia which caused his right eye to be a lot smaller and unable to react to light. When she first found out she was pregnant in April 2019, Amy was terrified because she had suffered miscarriages previously. When she decided to have a scan at nine weeks, she was relieved to find out that everything appeared to be normal and she was excited to learn the sex of her child. Amy and her boyfriend, Dyllan (26), booked a 3D ultrasound at 16 weeks and this was when they learnt that something was very wrong. The ultrasound technician said that they were having trouble identifying her baby’s sex and left the ultrasound room. When she returned, she confirmed that Elijah was a boy, but also said that she was concerned her baby might have a cleft lip and palate. After four long weeks of waiting for a follow-up appointment, Elijah was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome, a condition that neither Amy nor Dyllan had ever heard of.

BBA Photography Prize

***EXCLUSIVE*** BERLIN, GERMANY: The longlist for the BBA Photography Prize 2020 has been announced. In one image titled „Ice Fishing”, Korean photographer, Seunggu Kim, explored the packed-out leisure regions of his country during the short working holidays. In another image titled „Lockdown Day 111”, Brit photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten, captured two mask-clad children staring fixedly out of the window of their home. The BBA Gallery was launched in 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Working with „emerging” and „mid-career” photography talent, the gallery nurtures artists by breaking down doors and barriers, introducing their work to collectors, and by sharing their vision with the world. The BBA Photography Prize is one way through which they do this. Open to all backgrounds and nationalities, the competition seeks to find innovative and unique previously-unsung photographers. Norwegian photographer, Eianr Sira, earnt a place on the longlist for her image, „The Gannet No 1.” After struggling with depression, Eianr felt a sense of kinship when she stumbled across the dying bird one day. Brit photographer, Ken Kamara, created his image „#BLM - Black Lives Matter The Privileged”, to encourage viewers to engage with the dialogue seen before them. The subject’s sign reads „it’s so bad even the privileged are here”. Choosing to capture a striking landscape, Portuguese photographer, Henri Prestes, created his image, „Warm Light in Cold Places”, which features a restless soul illuminated by the moon. Other stand-out entries include US photographer Mathias Wasik’s „Sidewalk Theatre” which captured everyday embodiments of American culture, and Czech photographer Milos Nejezchleb's „Stronger” which explored domestic violence.

Nurse, 26, reveals strangers call her a 'zombie' because of a rare condition caused by her period that makes the skin blister all over her body before turning black and peeling off

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALASKA, USA: This woman has been compared to a ZOMBIE by strangers because of a rare skin condition caused by her PERIOD that makes her skin peel off. Regional nurse, Q’Londa Harden (26) from Alaska, USA, suffers from a rare disorder called Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a condition in which the body’s immune system overreacts to a mild infection, taking a new medication or in Q’Londa’s case, simply being on her period. Q'Londa's natural hormone surge at the start of her period, leads to blisters forming from head to toe all over her body. These then eventually burst causing her skin to turn black and peel off. For Q’Londa, the pain is unbearable and something she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy. The 26-year-old was diagnosed with the disorder when she was just 16 by an allergist and specialist. Since then, her body’s reaction to flare-ups has only got worse and although Q’Londa is on the birth control pill to manage her hormone levels, this hasn’t always prevented her from developing symptoms. A flare up in June 2020 caused by a sharp increase in hormone levels during her period left her with no skin on her vaginal and anal regions and it was the first time that her breasts, neck, thighs and legs were affected. Q'Londa was hospitalised for four days, where she received pain medication, IV fluids and care from nurses who tended to her blistered raw skin. The condition has not only affected Q’Londa physically, but also mentally and she frequently questions why she has been chosen to go through this. Whilst currently in a happy relationship with boyfriend Ashton (28), Q’Londa admits that her condition has freaked out previous boyfriends. People stare at Q’Londa whenever she’s out in public after a flare up and comment, „what is wrong with her skin?” – with one stranger telling her nobody would eveer love her because of how she looks.

Shared kitchen benefit cancer patient

Zhengzhou, Henan, China: The shared kitchen near Henan Cancer Hospital was established to benefit families who have cancer patient and are difficult in affording the cost of buying food in restaurant. Every time they cook in the shared kitchen, only 5 Yuan (0.7 USD) should be paid to the owner. The Shared kitchen was started by Wei Xingjiang and Zhang Guangbing. According to Wei Xingjiang, one of the shop owners, most of the people who come here to cook are relatives of cancer patients, because of the high cost of treatment and the heavy burden on the family. If you come here, you can eat delicious food and save some money. The reason for setting up such a Shared kitchen to serve patients is that Wei Xingjiang's lover once suffered from lymphoma and had difficulty in eating. Wei Xingjiang is jiangsu people, and his wife is xinyang, henan in 2016 and 2017, his wife for lymphoma cancer hospital treatment, due to chemotherapy, patients will appear vomiting, diet is very important, should not only nutrition is delicious, easy to improve patients with physical fitness, resume health as soon as possible, but the hotel food not suitable for patients, but also not too health, its price is on the high side. Face the shortage of medical expenses, can save some money, this is everyone's wish, at that time, Wei Xingjiang germination of the idea, can there be a Shared kitchen patients or patients families to just want to in their own home, want to eat whatever I like, he got a good friend thoughts guang-bing zhang and others response, also got support from her family.

Couple who invited an old school friend to form a throuple claim it's EASIER than a normal relationship because you're not putting pressure on just one person to fulfil your needs

***EXCLUSIVE*** MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN, USA: This couple is slamming people who accuse them of cheating after one of them invited an old school friend to join their relationship. Music teacher, Amber Parker (24) and boyfriend Brandon Meadows (23), from Muskegon, Michigan, USA, first met on dating app Tinder in January 2017 and their initial attraction soon blossomed into an official relationship. Amber and Brandon were strictly monogamous but discussed the possibility of opening their relationship up to a third person. It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve 2018 when they met one of Brandon’s old school friends, Eli Schalk (21) at a party, that they realised that Eli, who is non-binary, could be the perfect person to add to their relationship. The three continued to hang out together and over things they had in common like art. Eli had to go back to university a few days later and on a visit to see him soon after, Amber asked Eli and Brandon if they could date as a triad. Their relationship was made official on January 7, 2019. For Amber, Eli, and Brandon, polyamory puts less pressure on an individual to fulfil another’s needs and as a result there is more love, communication, and perspective in their relationship. When they first formed a triad, Amber admits that there was some jealousy but with honest and open communication all issues were resolved. Judgement from other people outside of their relationship was one of the hardest things for Amber, Eli and Brandon to deal with. People wrongly assume that having multiple partners is only ever a result of cheating or sexual promiscuity and so detractors remark that they could „never do that” - implying that being in a polyamorous relationship is an inferior option.

A unique piece of English football history – the oldest surviving FA Cup

***EXCLUSIVE*** A unique piece of English football history – the oldest surviving FA Cup presented to the winning teams between 1896 and 1910, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur. The cup leads a special Sporting Trophies Sale at Bonhams New Bond Street saleroom. It has an estimate of £700,000 - 900,000.  The trophy was in use from 1896 until 1910 when, realising that no patent had been taken out on the design, the Football Association withdrew it and commissioned a new cup – a forerunner of the one in use today.

Broken home

Pulitzer prize winning photographer Renée C. Byer, who worked together with reporters Michael Finch II and Molly Sullivan on this special investigation which deals with: runaways, prostitution and a girl's death, and how Sacramento's largest group home failed its kids. In more ways than one, the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento has fallen down on the job of caring for the region's most vulnerable young people. A recent investigation found numerous cases where the group home's staff failed to adequately supervise children. Investigators have responded to at least 125 complaints and visited nearly 300 times since 2015, more than any other group home in the state. As a result of the near-constant reporting of AWOL residents, more children were listed missing in Sacramento County last year than any other place outside of Los Angeles. And strikingly, children housed at the Children's Receiving Home have been recruited into sex trafficking, a problem that has festered for years, records show. The Children's Receiving Home is one of Sacramento's most important institutions. How the facility manages the children under its care reverberates throughout the community during their stay there, and well after they leave.

Cannibal hippo

***EXCLUSIVE*** This savage four-thousand-pound hippo looks like he is about to swallow a one-hundred-pound baby whole as he thrashes it between his teeth. Shocking video showed the moment a male hippo used its mouth to grab a young hippo and swing it around violently. Footage also captured the bloodied calf taking its final breath before sinking beneath the water. The murderous 14-foot-long bull, which was at least six years old, killed the one-week old hippopotamus in just two minutes. The infanticide was recorded by safari guide and camp manager, Peter Geraerdts (51), who lives in Mfuwe, Zambia, but is originally from South Holland, The Netherlands. The kill took place at the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Catch of the day

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCOTLAND, UK: A photographer captured the amazing moment a three-pound osprey dived at speeds of sixty-miles-per-hour to grab a fish dinner. Stunning photos revealed the adult male osprey with a 59-inch wingspan as it darted through the sky to nab a three-pound rainbow trout for its newborn hatchlings. Another picture showed the bird of prey emerging from the water with its prized catch. The shots were taken by photographer Gary Jones (51) from Buckley, Wales, UK. The English-born snapper took the sequence at Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland, UK.