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84-year-old vintage bike enthusiast organises his own charity cycling event

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 84-year-old vintage back enthusiast will take on a charity cycle over five days, riding five different vintage bicycles - and wearing period costumes to match the bikes' eras.Colin Bedford has been a keen cyclist since he was a young boy, and has always had a love of old bicycles.But later this month, the pensioner will take his passion to a whole new level, cycling 25 miles over five days, on five different vintage bicycles - the oldest of which is 155 years old, and has solid wooden wheels.

World's smallest Uno game

***EXCLUSIVE*** Uno fans looking for a real challenge can now play the World's Smallest Uno game. Shrunken down to an unbelievably small size, the miniaturized version is fully-playable with 108 cards. If you're wondering how small is „smalles” each card incredibly measures just 1.75 x 1.25 (4.45 cm x 3.18 cm). The tiny card game comes complete with a fittingly sized box and a rule booklet which thankfully isn't written in small print. Priced at 6 Dollars, the World's Smallest Uno Game is available now at Urban Outfitters.

Designer clothes, shoes and handbags could be on the horizon... made from MUSHROOMS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The eco-friendly material looks and feels just like leather - and is much cheaper than animal and plastic versions. Fungi has "considerable potential" to be a perfect substitute, say British scientists. Unlike its traditional and synthetic counterparts, it uses fewer hazardous chemicals and also releases less extra carbon into the atmosphere. The resulting fabric looks and feels just like the real thing in terms of durability and flexibility. Co author Professor Alexander Bismarck, a materials chemist at Imperial College London, explained: "This is where leather-like materials from fungi come into play.

Pig was fed a vegan cupcake

***EXCLUSIVE*** Biscuit is a four-year old Pot-bellied pig that lives on Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary in North Carolina, USA. The video shows the sanctuaries co founder Jay Yontz and Anna Wagner from Raleigh North Carolina giving biscuit a treat of a vegan cupcake. Anna had been living at the sanctuary over the summer and picked up a maple buttercream vegan cake as a rare treat for Biscuit from a local vegan bakery After cautiously sniffing the tasty frosting Biscuit enthusiastically takes it from Anna’s hands and munches the whole thing down, even momentarily taking the paper wrapper before quick thinking Anna managed to take it out of Biscuits mouth.

A PTSD-suffering police officer found a new lease of life when she adopted a therapy dog, but now she's paying him back by teaching him how to SURF

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scooter, a rescue dog which started off life on the streets of Portugal, was trained to visit stroke patients and people receiving end of life care. But with no space for ihm at the pound, staff were preparing to put him down. Kirstie Coy-Martin, a Met Police officer, decided to adopt him and describes him as having a "really chilled" temperament. The 46-year-old, who has worked on the frontline in the police for 24 years, including in the child abuse investigation team, found out she was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. The keen surfer learned that, in America, pets are trained as surf therapy dogs to support war veterans, and she decided to train up Scooter. She said: "We could surf together. That's where I feel the safest and forget about everything, when I'm on the water." Kirstie, who lives near Bracklesham Bay in West Sussex, first trained him by getting him used to the board with treas and cuddles, and then progressing to dog paddling pools and then shallow water.

Half a car on a house wall causes excitement

Hessen, Brensbach: Matthias Hoffmann is standing in front of his house, on whose façade he has mounted the left side of an old Ford Granada, cut open lengthwise, on two supports. The car on the wall of the house is causing trouble in the village in the Odenwald district. The Monument Protection Agency ordered the car to be taken down because the house is a cultural monument and no permission from the authorities had been obtained.

A nurse feels like she is living in a „limbo of death” and can't walk or play with her children - nearly SIX MONTHS after 'recovering' from coronavirus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-two Jess Marchbank, 33, was fit and healthy when she was diagnosed with Covid-19 after suffering a "sore throat" at the start of the pandemic. But after being released from hospital after just three days in late March, she still can not work, walk, or play with her children. And she has spoken out about her ordeal to warn others of the sustained impact having the virus can have on your health.

A woman who caught a stomach bug on a girl's holiday to Turkey is still unable to eat and being fed by a tube - TEN YEARS later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ann-Marie Williams, 39, said her life changed dramatically overnight when she got ill from what she believes was a dodgy hotel buffet.  She has never fully recovered and a decade later, she revealed she has to spend 15 hours a day attached to a drip that uses her heart to pump nutrients around her body.  Her weight dropped from 10 stone to six and a half and she says she is not recognisable from the person she was when she was younger.

An orphaned hare who was hand-reared and then released into the wild keeps hopping home each day to visit the family who rescued her

***EXCLUSIVE*** Natasha Terry, 43, said she feels „a bit like Snow White” after she made an unusual addition to her family - an adorable hare named Clover. The family first spotted the wild animal whimpering in their garden in early April and felt compelled to nurse her back to health. They hand reared the two-foot-tall hare for eight weeks before she was healthy enough to be released back into the wild. Natasha, from Gosberton, Lincs., said: „We never expected anything like this – it’s like something out of a Disney cartoon.”

This shocking picture shows a 16-year-old girl fighting for her life in intensive care after she took the party drug 'ecstasy'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remy Turner was rushed to hospital after taking MDMA and her family were told on three occasions she would not survive. But after a miraculous recovery, her family want to use the horrific experience to warn other youngsters taking drugs they are not invincible. Remy was first taken ill after her body reacted badly to the 'ecstasy' drug and suffered a seizure.

Huel launches first nutritionally complete hot meal

London, United Kingdom: Huel founder, Julian Hearn, at the secret London launch of Huel Hot & Savoury - a world first in food innovation. Huel, world leaders in nutritionally complete food, has launched a new Hot & Savoury range of nutritionally complete warm instant-meals. Eager fans queued from 7am at a secret London launch to be the first to try Huel’s new food innovation, which builds on the brand’s successful sweet shake-based products. Each Hot & Savoury meal is ready in under 5 minutes and is made with delicious whole food and natural ingredients, including 24 grams of plant-based protein and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. The new concept is set to redefine quick and healthy lunches either at home or in the office. Launching in two delicious flavours, spicy Thai Green Curry and tasty Tomato & Herb, Huel Hot & Savoury provides a solution for those that want nutritious food that is easy to make and affordable. Each 100% vegan meal is bursting with flavour and costs around £2.36, which is great value considering it provides 100% complete nutrition - vital for good health during these testing times.

National Museum of China launched cultural relic-shaped ice cream

The shapes of the ice cream come from the Han Dynasty cultrual relics in the museumwhich are Rhinoceros-shaped bronze zun and pottery storyteller beating a drum. These ice creams come in two flavors, chocolate and matcha, are priced at 15 yuan and popular with tourists.  This is not the first time that National Museum of China has launched food in the shape of cultural relics.

1963 Porsche 356B Outlaw with double its stock horsepower

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vintage car fans will be delighted to learn that North Californian classic car dealership Canepa is now offering a 1963 Porsche 356B outlaw equipped with a full range of upgrades. The start of its outlaw journey began roughly 10 years ago, when the current owner introduced the car to a cosmetic restoration, stripping down everything to allow for metal finishing, bodywork, and a sleek black paint job. The next upgrade came in the form of a new 1,925cc engine from Air Power Racing, which doubled the vehicle's stock horsepower to 130 horses. Price on request.