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Glamorous hunter is bombarded with DEATH THREATS from trolls who say she should be hunted down like her animals

***EXCLUSIVE*** VINICA, SLOVAKIA: This huntress is bombarded with DEATH THREATS from trolls who say she should be hunted down like her animals. Forest engineer, Petra Krchňavá (31) from Vinica, Slovakia, has been hunting for over 13 years – this passionn traversing several generations of her family. Having first been introduced to the activity by her father, Peter (56), when she was six, hunting has become more than just a hobby for Petra. It’s become a lifestyle. Hunting has never been about the kill for Petra. Instead, she appreciates the sunrise, the dawn mist, the morning birdsong, and the time she gets to spend observing the animals. In fact, the welfare of the animals is Petra’s number one priority. Petra has spent several thousand pounds contributing to conservation efforts. This money has been spent on feeding wild animals – which costs roughly ÂŁ1800 (€2000) a fortnighight - providing medicine, building lakes to counteract habitat destruction, embarking on litter pick-ups, and running educational programmes for young children. Just last year, Petra and her father harvested a fallow deer that they’d been watching in their local hunting grounds for over nine years. It was only when this deer had passed on his genetic material that conservation efforts deemed him safe to hunt. Hunting has allowed Petra’s family to become self-sufficient in their meat consumption. Every element of the animal is used leaving next to no waste. Despite this, Petra has faced several death threats online with online trolls commenting „I hope you die like that animal” and „I wish you’d shoot each other”. This isn’t the only challenge Petra has faced. During a hunt in 2019, a fellow hunter standing just 87 yards away from Petra was accidentally shot and died almost immediately. The horrifying scene, which echoed the sentiments of Petra’s online trolls, tested her strength and resolve. For some time, Petra found it difficult to love hunting in the same way she had previously. However, her determination to protect animals for future generations prevailed and she continues to hunt to conserve and manage game numbers.

Cave Hotel

***EXCLUSIVE*** TURKEY: Sleep like a modern day caveman in these kitted out historic caves in Turkey for just Ł35 a night. Koza Cave Hotel is a 10-room, eco-friendly hotel located in Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey. The Turkish delight has 10 luxurious rooms, which can sleep up to two people each, that range from standard rooms to the largest room known as The King Suite Room. All rooms come with at least a king-sized bed and a shower and are fully air conditioned. They also come with complimentary slippers, Wi-Fi, water and tea and coffee-making facilities. Some of the suites at the eco-cave have sitting areas, fireplaces, spa baths and private terraces. Located in the heart of Cappadocia, there are panoramic views of Pigeon Valley and unique „fairy chimneys” of the city. The magical „fairy chimneys” were created by a geological process that happened millions of years ago. Koza Cave Hotel is currently advertised by Host Unusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start at Ł70 a night, with a minimum two-night stay, and one room can sleep two people meaning that the cost per person could be just Ł35.

Inquisitve squirrel investigates unattended camera

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inquisitive squirrel takes a peek through a camera and appears to be working out the best shot. The red squirrel, with its body outstretched, looks through the lens as it tries its hand at photography. The curious animal had just been eating hazelnuts and pine nuts from a miniature table before it noticed the unattended camera. Photographer Paul Masterton captured the red squirrel peering into his camera near Glenshee, Scotland.

A beach artist celebrated millions of children returning to school and meeting friends by creating this stunning silhouette picture of a girl playing on a swing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Eason, 55, spent four hours meticulously carving the giant 150ft image with a garden rake before it was washed away on the tide. She created the 150ft-long silhouette of a girl on a swing on Annstead Beach, in Northumberland, on Tuesday (1/9). The retired GP said: „The storms had thrown up tonnes and tonnes of seaweed onto the beach so there wasn’t much room to play with. I walked through the dunes and saw this little spot of sand with all the inlets creating a branch-like effect on the sand. After this year and with children going back to school and feeling free again, I wanted to create that image of a carefree childhood. Playing on a swing seemed to encapsulate that feeling.”

Britain's healthiest pensioner has not seen his doctor in 70 YEARS and puts his fitness down to eating a hot meal every day and climbing the stairs of his local church

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bernard Lawes, 87, never took a day off sick from work in 50 years and last went to the doctors in 1950 aged 18 to have a fitness test for national service. The sprightly OAP says he has kept in fine fettle by eating one hot meal each day of "plain English food" like chicken or beef. He also puts his good health down to climbing 110 steps to wind a clock at the local church where he volunteered three days a week for 44 years. It means during his time winding the clock of All Saints Church, in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs., Bernard has notched up an incredible 755,000 steps. Bernard would also walk the four mile journey to work each day and did so for almost 50 years - clocking up over 72,000 miles before retiring aged 60. He believes this, combined with meeting lots of people and watching his beloved Burton Albion has kept him going all these years.

This dramatic set of images capture a rabbit and stoat locked in combat

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the intense moment that a rabbit and stoat were captured on camera in a fight to the death. Amateur wildlife photographer James Wilson was visiting the Elmley Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey when he spotted a rabbit under attack by a stoat. The two mammals clashed and James managed to click a powerful shot of the tiny aggressor leaping right at the rabbits face. In the end it seemed victory was at hand for the stoat but by some miracle the rabbit managed to survive and made a quick get away leaving the hungry stoat in it's wake.

Global warming is killing trees, according to new research

***EXCLUSIVE*** Increasing levels of carbon dioxide is making them grow faster - and die younger, warn scientists. The phenomenon is reducing the amount of time they lock the greenhouse gas away. And it applies to almost all species - ranging from those in tropical rainforests to the British countryside.

Bara Docs, Ward 33

Soweto, South Africa: A mother waits with her child for a doctor to see her child Ward 33 at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is a paediatric ward, medical boot camp and a place where Soweto’s poor and whoever may bring their little ones in the hope of healing.