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Australia's first underwater hotel lets you sleep next to fish in the Great Barrier Reef

Australia: Australia’s first underwater hotel allows its guests to sleep next to fish in the Great Barrier Reef. Offered by marine tourism agency Cruise Whitsundays, Reefsuites opened in December 2019 and has since been offering guests jaw-dropping views of beneath the ocean in stunning glass-walled rooms. Submerged below the water on the Reefworld Pontoon, the slick suites look out on the coral bays of Hardy Reef. From the comfort of their suite, guests can look out on the 1,500 types of fish that live in the world's largest reef system, watching as giant shoals flicker through the water and giant Groupers float by. With rooms starting at £443pp (AUD $799) per night for a double room, a stay at Reefsuites doesn't come cheap - but it's one impressive tick off your bucket list. By day, guests can snorkel, relax and enjoy delicious lunches on the Reefworld Pontoon, or even splash out on a scenic helicopter flight for breathtaking birdseye view of the reef. There's also the option to explore the reef with resident dive masters to see reef sharks and rays. By night, guests return to their comfy suites to watch the mesmerising underwater world float by their windows in shades of blue-green, lulling them to sleep. The hotel's underwater windows are cleaned daily by a scuba diving team ensuring your view is never obstructed..

U.S. Army try out robot patrol dogs

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, United States: A Ghost Robotics Vision 60 prototype provides security to a LC-130 Hercules at a simulated austere base during the Advanced Battle Management System exercise on Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., Sept. 3, 2020. The ABMS is an interconnected battle network - the digital architecture or foundation - which collects, processes and shares data relevant to warfighters in order to make better decisions faster in the kill chain. In order to achieve all-domain superiority, it requires that individual military activities not simply be de-conflicted, but rather integrated - activities in one domain must enhance the effectiveness of those in another domain. (). Ghost Robotics say they are ''revolutionizing legged robotics and the market for highly-agile and fast tele-operated and autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) for military, homeland security, public safety, and enterprise applications. Our Q-UGVs are unstoppable.''

Chicken dinner-loving Great Dane ‘oldest in the world’ after smashing previous record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British Great Dane who loves chicken dinners is thought to be the oldest in the world -- after smashing the previous record by years. Pirate the pooch is 11-and-a-half years old and has been adored by the Valentino family since they rescued him from the RSPCA more than a decade ago. One of the biggest breeds in the world, Great Danes often don't live for longer than six or seven years. But the 5ft 10in giant will be celebrating his 12th birthday in a few months time, and is thought to the the oldest of his breed in the world. The title was previously held by 7ft Freddy, currently the largest dog in the world, who celebrated his eighth birthday this year. But Pirate is nearly four years older - and still in great health. His proud owner Sarah Valentino, 36, put his long life down to his healthy diet - include custom made food and chicken dinners - and lots of love and cuddles. Sarah, a painter and wedding cake maker, from Doncaster, said: "Pirate is incredibly spoiled.

New see-through public toilets in Tokyo let people see how clean they are before entering

Tokyo, Japan: A Japanese architect has designed two transparent public toilets that people can asses for cleanliness before entering. Designed by Shigeru Ban, the stalls are part of a project organised by the nonprofit Nippon Foundation, titled The Tokyo Toilet. The project asked 16 different artists to redesign 17 public bathrooms throughout the district of Shibuya, in the hopes of making them more accessible and appealing. Located inside the city’s Yo Yogi Fukamachi Mini Park and the Haruno Ogawa Community Park, the public conveniences have been designed with two key points in mind - cleanliness and security - two aspects we all take into consideration when entering a public restroom. Although the thought of the toilet's being see-through sounds off-putting, these particular restrooms are made from „smart glass” that turns opaque when the bathroom is locked and occupied. The clever design fights the assumption that public toilets are „dark, dirty, smelly, and scary” and they’re even available to anyone, regardless of disability. These colourful lavatories are not only practical, but they look great, too.

Dior introduces first baby stroller with luxe oblique print

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dior has introduced its first-ever pushchair featuring the iconic Oblique print. Created in partnership with Inglesina, an Italian brand known for its premium baby strollers and highchairs, the trolley boasts photo-ready details throughout. The Oblique pattern is splashed across the adjustable canopy that provides protection from the sun and rain. With more Dior branding seen on the handles and wheels, the trolley exudes luxury with a matching diaper bag following the same design theme. The baby carriage, which arrives with added support and comfort for babies, can be taken out or set into the frame, while an innovative ventilation system and mattress made of natural bamboo fibers makes the piece extra summer-friendly. Price on request.

A wingsuit pilot accidentally breaking up a rodeo stunt 13,000 ft above skies of Ritzville, Washington, USA

***EXCLUSIVE*** This amazing video shows the moment a wing suit pilot accidentally breaks up a rodeo stunt. Branden Roseborough is filming himself of his 360 camera soaring through the skies of Ritzville, Washington 13,000 ft in the air. He comes across Anande Clark and Doug Williams performing a wing suit rodeo where a passenger rides on top of a Wingsuit pilot during a skydive. Whilst trying to transfer Anande from Doug to himself Braden flies above the rodeo duo.

The Van Der Kelen school in Brussels. A school of excellence.

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium: The Van Der Kelen school, founded at the end of the 19th century, is the only school in the world to teach decorative painting techniques. Its reputation far exceeds the kingdom, yet it is little known to the general public, especially in Belgium. Author Maylis de Kerengal will make it a central place in her novel ''Un monde a reach de main'', which appeared in 2018. Each year, for several months, she welcomes between 20 and 60 students from all over the world. will train with Ms. Denise Van Der Kelen, called ''Madame'', in the different techniques that will allow them to professionalize in decorative painting. The outlets are multiple, from the decoration of private apartments, to the dressing of stores such as Maison Degand (famous tailor) or even parts of the Metropole hotel, a real institution in the capital.

Unique two-headed calf born in the city of Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, India

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cow has given birth to a unique two-headed calf in central India‚Äôs Chhattisgarh. The calf was born on September 5 in Rajnandgaon‚Äôs Panega. Visuals from Somanlal Yadav‚Äôs cowshed show the rare calf with four eyes and three ears. People can be seen gathered in large groups to witness the spectacle.  Several people also bestowed money on the calf considering its miraculous significance. They also began worshipping the extraordinary animal. According to reports, the health of the newborn deteriorated and after a few days the calf passed away.