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Real-life Ken Doll

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRAZIL: Meet the boy who spends over FOUR hours a day applying makeup to look like a real-life Ken doll. Street vendor cook, Felipe Adam (17) from Minas Gerais, Brazil was inspired to become a real-life Ken doll after watching his two sisters, Amanda (21) and Carla (19) sketch pictures of Barbie dolls as a young child. Since the age of 14 when he began earning his own money, Felipe has been able to buy the clothes, shoes and makeup required to get as close as he can to the doll’s unique look. He spends ÂŁ20-ÂŁ30 pounds per month on makeup in order to look like Barbie’s boyfriend, but admits that he is also gifted shoes, clothes and makeup by his mother Edna (49) and two sisters who wholeheartedly support his daily transformation. Using foundation, eyeliner and most importantly a strong liquid contour, Felipe is able to draw the stereotypical features of the famous doll, such as the narrow cheeks and square jawbone onto his own face. However the process of getting the look is a labour intensive one, with Felipe spending four hours in the bathroom every morning to ensure everything about his look is just right. As a result of his look, the Brazilian has become quite the local celebrity in his hometown, drawing the attention of everyone he passes, even having strangers stop him and ask him for photos. Something he enjoys and is very happy to do. Whilst Felipe finds it fun to go out onto the streets and get such a public reaction, the unique nature of his Ken-inspired appearance has also led to some disparaging remarks, with trolls commenting that he looks like a monster and a demon. At school he has also suffered at the hand of bullies who have created hurtful memes at his expense and have called him a ghost and a chucky doll. But such remarks haven’t deterred Felipe, who one day hopes to have surgery, starting with rhinoplasty on his nose to enhance his Ken look further.

A paralysed adrenaline junkie has broken a world record for the fastest ride in an electric wheelchair after hitting 59mph

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brave Jason Liversidge, 44, who is now 95 per cent paralysed after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, smashed the current record of 55mph during a test lap. The father-of-two did a number of laps and improved his time until he hit 59.064mph. Jason, who is paralysed from the neck down, has the slightest bit of movement in the left hand which enables him to drive the machine. His wife Liz said he was only meant to be trying the wheelchair out at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire on Tuesday. Officials were checking to see if the results could be submitted to Guinness World Records as they happened during a test session rather than a record attempt.

Swan-shaped luxury superyacht concept with a detachable ‘head’ that acts as both the cockpit and a secondary boat is unveiled by an Italian designer for $500 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** This first-of-its-kind superyacht has been designed to look like a swan - and it's yours if you can stump up half a billion dollars. Designers today revealed plans for the extraordinary swan-shaped 'megayacht' which is the length of nearly two football pitches. The would-be owner of the elegant 'Avanguardia' can steer their vessel from the 'head' of the swan, which acts as its control tower.

Rare 250-year-old Chinese wine jug is set to fetch a fortune at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An imperial Chinese wine ewer (pictured) - boxed up in a Midlands garage and destined for a charity shop - has been described as the „ultimate lockdown find” and is worth tens of thousands of pounds. The rare Beijing-enamelled object, which resembles a teapot and dates back to the Qianlong period (1735-99), stunned experts at Hansons Auctioneers when it was taken for free valuation at its Etwall Auction Centre, near Derby.  The tiny 15cm object is due to be sold on September 24 with an estimate of £20,000-£40,000 but such is the demand for imperial works of art from wealthy Chinese buyers, it could make £100,000, according to Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons Auctioneers.

The final headhunters

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: Fascinating portraits have captured the few remaining headhunters of a remote Indian tribe. Striking images showed elderly Konyak Naga men posing with spears and machetes that they once used to hunt the heads of their enemies. Another picture featured two men in traditional attire posing with a young girl. The photos are courtesy of photographer, Carlo Marrazza (62), from Brindisi, Italy, who used Leica cameras for the shoot. The snaps were taken across the villages Longwa and Hongphoi, in Nagaland, India. The Konyak Naga used to collect their enemies? skulls to show loyalty to their village, but the last trophy hunt was conducted in the 1960s.

An artist who lost the use of his hand in the Cypriot War has created an installation piece inspired by coronavirus - with 6kg of nails symbolising global destruction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gültekin Bilge, 74, worked on the vivid 3D artwork every day in the lockdown and completed it at the end of July. The artist, who has painted full time since 2006, nearly had his right hand amputated aged 28 when he suffered devastating injuries while serving as a commando in the Cypriot War in 1974. A dumdum bullet - banned by international conventions due to their barbarity - was shot into his right hand and expanded, causing devastating injuries.

MILF money maker

***EXCLUSIVE*** SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA: WOMEN have been known to scream at their husbands for staring at this sexy mum of one - and she is now profiting off the attention by selling cam videos that cost SEVEN POUNDS PER MINUTE. Housewife and cam model, Ainslee Divine (46), from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, has always been business-savvy. Several years after leaving college, Ainslee built up her own million-dollar real estate company, but it wasn’t until she passed the milestone of turning 40 that she found her true calling. In 2016, several producers approached the glamourous mum of one and asked if she’d ever considered camming work. It’s not something that Ainslee had ever considered but intrigued by the opportunity, she acquired some equipment and went live with her first cam session in October of that year. It’s no surprise that Ainslee attracts plenty of male attention. Three quarters of her demographic are aged between 18 and 44 – some the same age as Ainslee’s son (23). Whilst out with her family, Ainslee certainly turns heads and she’s often caught wives shouting at their husbands for looking in her direction. On Instagram, fans have branded Ainslee a „sensual goddess”, and „the hottest girl I’ve ever seen”. Ainslee’s cam clients share the same devotion. One regular client pays Ainslee ÂŁ6.90 ($9) a minute to do the whole cam session with the webcam in or next to her mouth as he likes to watch her teeth. Despite the undeniable attention, both Ainslee’s son and Jeff (52), are proud of the mum’s achievements. Earning almost three times as much as she did as a realtor, Ainslee is free to set her own hours and indulge in the odd splurge – including a Porssche 911 Turbo S Convertible worth at least ÂŁ165,000.

Abandoned factory where Blade Runner 2049 was filmed near Budapest, Hungary

***EXCLUSIVE*** HUNGARY: DYSTOPIAN like pictures of the abandoned factory where Blade Runner 2049 was filmed have been revealed. A futuristic photo showed the boiler room where Ryan Gosling filmed a scene in the 2017 movie. Other images captured a seemingly endless conveyor belt that was once used to transport coal and a labyrinth of staircases. The derelict 13-storey industrial unit that closed 20 years ago was photographed by urban explorer simply known as Tobi Urbex (24) from Bolzano, Italy. The Italian used a Sony Alpha 7 II with a 16-35mm lens to explore the factory located near Budapest, Hungary. The creepy abandoned building was used in the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Prototype of the 'Flying-V' plane that burns 20% less fuel than traditional aircraft takes to the skies for the first time

A scaled model of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines' 'Flying V' aircraft has completed a flight for the first time. Engineers performed the successful maiden flight of the 120 scale model, which is 10 foot wide and weighs 50 pounds, at the secret air base. The V-shaped plane has been developed at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands and backed by Dutch airline KLM. Once scaled up for commercial flights, Flying V will carry up to 314 passengers, including some housed within its wings, and use 20 per cent less fuel. The craft's wings, which stretch diagonally from the nose to form the distinctive V, will hold the passenger cabin, cargo hold and fuel tanks. Its bizarre design will mean passengers looking out the window will be able to see the other half of the plane. During the test flight, the remote pilot succeeded in taking off, flying various test manoeuvres and approaches and landed when the batteries were nearly empty. ''One of our worries was that the aircraft might have some difficulty lifting-off, since previous calculations had shown that rotation could be an issue,' said project leader Dr Roelof Vos.

Friends freefall backwards from a cliff hand-in-hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** Video grab from the extraordinary footage of Josephine Eve and Niclas Strohmeier BASE jumping hand-in-hand backwards off Monte Brento, Italy. A pair of flying friends filmed themselves free falling from a cliff face hand in hand. Josephine Eve, 28 and Niclas Strohmeier, 23 filmed themselves at BASE jumping hotspot Monte Brento, Italy. The adorable video shows the pair leaping backwards from the cliff face face holding hands completely disappearing into the thick mist below The pair are filmed free falling while holding each other before separating in the air.

Twin brothers going for pumpkin world record

***EXCLUSIVE*** Twin brothers who spend six hours each day tending to their pumpkins believe they are about to smash a world record by growing one weighing more than 188 stones (1,194kg). Stuart and Ian Paton, 59, use over 150 gallons of water every day to help their gigantic squashes flourish - increasing the weight by over 55lbs every 24 hours at their peak. The British growers said their favourite for this year already weighs more than a tonne at an extraordinary 2,270lbs (162 stone) and has a circumference of 19ft 10 inches after just 87 days of growth. The brothers are the current UK record holders, with a pumpkin they grew last year weighing an impressive 174 stone (2436 lbs).

Woman reveals she was left unable to open her EYES after an allergic reaction to drugstore hair dye caused her face to swell - and says it took four weeks to improve

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA: DIY hair dye caused this woman’s face to balloon so much that she couldn't open her EYES and had to SHAVE her head - and it took FOUR WEEKS to improve. Hair stylist, Sherrie Virtue (41) from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is an advocate for natural silver hair and has only coloured her hair a six times in her life - largely without any problems. When previously dying her hair, Sherrie noticed some mild itchiness, which she thought was normal because it would subside after a couple of weeks. On August 12, 2020, Sherrie decided to dye her hair at home using a packet colour. This caused her scalp and neck to itch, burn, and feel swollen. Two days later, her glasses were tight on her face and by the time Sherrie woke up the following day, her head had swollen up so much she could not open her eyes and she struggled to see. By this point, Sherrie was scared and knew that she was having a severe allergic reaction - she called her local medical clinic for help. After sending her doctor the shocking pictures of her reaction which was causing her face to swell more by the hour, she was prescribed an antihistamine to calm the reaction. Sherrie estimates that it took a good four weeks for the itchiness and burning to stop and in the meantime she even shaved her head on two occasions in a bid to banish the toxins on her scalp and head. This was the sixth and final time Sherrie will ever colour her hair as she was warned that next time a reaction like this could be fatal. She now can’t wait to have silver hair but she’s sharing her story to raise awareness of the importance of doing a patch test. Many permanent and some semi-permanent hair dyes contain chemical PPD, which is known as an irritant and allergen. Dyes containing PPD are usually perfectly safe to use.

A pub is now offering Britain's biggest takeaway - these whopping 3,300 calorie burger challenges

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Farmer’s Boy Inn is famous for its food challenges, where contestants battle against the clock to consume masses of food. Its biggest calorie-buster to date is the Big Ugly Burger challenge - consisting of the equivalent of eight quarter pounders. Contestants have to pay £30 for their food but they get £20 back if they finish the meal in less than half-an-hour.

This is the moment a friendly dolphin leaps clear out of the water to greet a jet-ski rider

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a friendly dolphin leaps clear out of the water to greet a jet-ski rider off the south coast. Darren Wakley got the shock of his life when the common dolphin, nicknamed Danny, jumped 5ft through the air right next to his water craft. A fellow jet-skier was on hand to capture the perfect shot of the large mammal leaping higher than Darren off Weymouth, Dorset. Mr Wakley was on a tour with Jurassic Jetski Tours for his 40th birthday when the incredible moment happened.

Nice Little Urner...selection of rare antique urns are expected to sell for thousands of pounds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A selection of rare antique urns are expected to sell for thousands of pounds at auction. The sale, which will be held by Dreweatts, of Donnington, Berks, includes a pair of George III Blue John 8ins ornamental urns. They date from the late 18th or early 19th century and have egg-shaped bodies with domed covers on slate bases. Blue John, a precious colour mineral, is mined in Castleton, Derbyshire, with its unusual name said to derive from the French 'bleu jaune', which translates to 'blue yellow'.

Christmas classic house

***EXCLUSIVE*** STOURBRIDGE, UK: THE HOUSE where Wizzard's Roy Wood wrote „I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” could now be yours for Ł1.5M. Gothersley Hall, located in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, boasts six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen, reception hall, cloakroom, library, sitting room, drawing room, games room, snug, conservatory, garage and cellar. It was once the home of Roy Wood, a singer from Birmingham who found fame as a member of the bands The Move, Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard. He is credited as being „responsible for some of the most memorable sounds of the Seventies” by the BBC. Gothersley Hall was the birthplace of Wizzard’s renowned Christmas song „I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” which has been played during every Christmas season in the UK since its release in 1973. The stately pile, which was built in 1932, sits in six acres of land and has its own private drive. The property has retained many ornate and character features including a hexagonal reception hall, ornate fireplaces and large bay windows. The country house also comprises a tennis court in need of repair and a man-made brook which leads to a waterfall into a large pond. The main accommodation equates to 6,586 sq. ft. and there is an outbuilding complete with a staff kitchen area and staff toilets that could be used as an office or a studio or workshop. Gothersley Hall is currently on the market with Knight Frank for a merry Ł1.5M.

Owl gives photograph an evil stare as it's pictured pull yoga poses

***EXCLUSIVE*** An owl gives a photographer an evil stare as it is caught pulling yoga poses. The burrowing owl, with its wings outstretched and head bowed, locks its vivid yellow eyes on the camera. It appears to be doing yoga as it balances on one leg.

'I realized my size was a burden': 325lb woman undergoes weight loss surgery and sheds 130lbs after being told she 'didn't fit' on the Harry Potter ride at an amusement park

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman would gorge on over three-thousand-calories a day until she was turned away from a theme park ride for being TOO FAT - now she's unrecognisable. Catering services manager, Alexis Green (28) from Chino, California, USA, struggled with her weight after leaving high school. Years of partying and working in the hospitality industry, where food was abundant, left her a size 26 and weighing 23st 3lb. Between 2014 and 2016 alone, Alexis gained over 7st, with her partying lifestyle and eagerness to eat whatever was in front of her getting out of control. She felt like she had no control over the person she was becoming, with her diet almost entirely consisting of fast food, sugary drinks and snacks. The turning point for Alexis came whilst on a trip with friends to Universal Studios in Hollywood in the summer of 2016. After queuing for the Harry Potter ride for over an hour, a ride steward pulled her from the line and made her sit in a test seat to check that she would fit. With her friends standing in front of her to avoid onlookers staring, Alexis was told she was too big for the ride. Completely embarrassed and upset that her weight had spoilt the day for not only her but her friends too, she knew that she had to lose the weight. Hating how she looked in dresses and being fed up of good-intentioned friends providing the backhanded compliment that she looked pretty regardless of her weight, Alexis explored the options for weight loss surgery. Deciding on a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in which a large part of the stomach is removed in order to reduce the patient's appetite, Alexis was put on a gruelling pre-surgery plan that included a six-month medically watched diet, frequent nutrition classes and even visiting a psychologist to ensure she was mentally prepared for the changes to her body before the surgery was approved. In March 2018, Alexis went under the knife and within a year had shrunk to just 14st and she now fits into a slim size 10. Since the surgery, Alexis has learnt to love herself again, as well as perform simpler tasks such as crossing her legs and standing up with ease. She is also now able to ride rollercoasters.

Woman, 24, who started living on takeout and EIGHT cans of soda a day after the death of both her parents loses 126lbs in just a year thanks to a strict diet and exercise regime

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who used to drink up to eight cans of cola per day has done a wellness U-turn to lose 125 pounds in just one year. Vivian McCall, a 24-year-old Venture Capitalist ballooned to 273 pounds (124 kg) after both her parents died. Now she‚Äôs healthy at 148 pounds (67 kg), never touches cola, drinks 100oz (2.9 liters) of water daily and exercises six days a week. „I was grief eating hardcore” recalled Vivian, who lives in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Tanks Alot - Remote controlled miniature tanks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remote controlled miniature tanks put on a show at the Nothe Fort in Weymouth at the weekend. The Southern Armour Group organised the event and crowds saw the remote controlled models driving around parade ground of the Fort that was built in 1860. The tanks feature engine noises, smoke and gun sounds and are described by the fort as "just like the real thing - only smaller".

Some of Britain's most remotest and stunning 'staycation' beauty spots have been captured in a book of stunning photographs

***EXCLUSIVE*** 'Beauty in the Wild' brings together images of the nation's far-fetched hidden gems which rival anywhere holiday spot abroad for their raw beauty. Photographer Chris Orange spent five years travelling the length and breadth of the UK to visit islands and isles which do not normally attract hordes of day-trippers.

These perplexing sunset optical illusions are flaming good fun

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIA: Stunning photos captured the setting sun hovering over a four-and-a-half-pound Indian cobra's head like a burning halo and a man appearing to hold the sun in his hands like a fireball. Another snap featured a man looking like he is about to swallow the sun whole. The images were taken by engineer and photographer, Sandeep Choudhary (31), from Amravati, India. The clever shots, taken across Maharashtra, India, were snapped with a Nikon D7200 camera with a variety of Nikkor lenses.

Spine snapping lioness

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH AFRICA: A lioness was pictured as it caught a three-hundred-pound wildebeest by the neck and snapped its spine in two. Intense photos showed the 230-pound lioness in a staring stand-off with the female wildebeest before a chase ensued. Another image captured the lioness as it clawed up the body of the almost six-foot-long wildebeest and clasped on to its neck before taking it down with a thud. Photographer, Rudi Zisterer (57) from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, snapped the hunt at Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. Rudi used a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to capture the thrilling encounter which lasted ten minutes. The German, who was just 16 feet from the action, first visited Africa in 1990.

Fairytale cottage that dates back to the 16th century is on the market for £600K

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Grade II listed property would not look out of place in a fantasy movie, as it is decorated with hares and mythical creatures moulded into the plaster. The five-bedroom property in Lincolnshire has had a recent award-winning extension designed for healthy living, with low chemical, low electro-magnetic field and organic straw walls. The original part of the cottage was built around 1550 during the reign of King Edward VI, not long after the death of his father, Henry VIII, and is one of the few remaining 'mud and stud' properties in the county.

Historic find - A rifle which belonged to a fallen Tommy at the Somme has been discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** The weapon was carried over the top on July 1, 1916 by Private Maurice Rosenthal, of C Company, 15th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers. He was killed on the first day of the battle with almost 20,000 others on the bloodiest day in the British Army's history. Pte Rosenthal's 303 calibre World War One rifle lay buried in the ground for almost a century before it was dug up by workmen in Thiepval who were installing a gas pipe. The 33ins weapon, which still contained live ammunition, was found next to Pte Rosenthal's name tag. It is now being sold with auctioneers Ashley Waller, of Macclesfield, Cheshire, who have deactivated the bullets.