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Project FG – Freddie Gump: a superyacht inspired by Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump

Netherlands: Have you ever wondered what a yacht inspired by both Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump would look like? Wonder no more, as this is Project FG (Freddie Gump), a superyacht which Netherlands-based shipyard Feadship say is „created for the fictional combination of Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump”. Described as ''a brand new regal megayacht design with superstar appeal written all over it’s Feadship say the concept was carried out to answer the question: „If you could combine rock star level partying with down-to-earth innovative design, what kind of superyacht would you end up with?” The 109-metre Project FG came to life during the Feadship Brokers Course in 2019. Together with the Feadship design team from Studio De Voogt, the invited brokers created a design for a wild - but down to earth - Freddie Gump. In a few days’ time, Project FG was born as a technically feasible design that allows for wild partying at night and peaceful relaxation during daytime. More than 200 people can party in the outdoor beach club, and, hidden from the outside world, FG includes „a mysterious hidden club in the bow of the yacht for exclusive private gatherings”.

Pepper robot checks the face masks

Paris, France, FRANCE: The Pepper robot developed by SoftBank Robotics is displayed at French robotics developer SoftBank Robotics in Paris as the coronavirus disease continues to spread out across France, September 10, 2020. With a new feature, it can now ensure that the mask is not worn in confined spaces. Thanks to its cameras, it can scan the faces within a group of people (up to 5 simultaneously) in order to check if the mask is worn correctly. If the person wears a mask when interacting with him or her, he or she will display a green circle around his or her face. If this is not the case, a red circle will be displayed and a reminder that the mask must be worn.

An Army cadet beauty queen has swapped her combat fatigues for the catwalk to reach the finals of Miss England

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adrenaline-junkie Alina Green has been dubbed a real-life G.I Jane, due to her love of daredevil hobbies - such as skydiving, mountaineering and swimming with sharks. The 21-year-old, who is a member of the Southampton University Officer Training Corps, is also a keen zip-liner, polo player and scuba diver. Alina, of Bracknell, Berks., has reached the final of the prestigious beauty pageant due to her fund-raising efforts for charitable causes. The Bournemouth Arts University third-year fashion design student was crowned Miss Dorset for the second year running after raising £10,000 for charity. All-action Alina, who has also completed Tough Mudder and The Three Peaks Challenge, will compete in the final due to be held in Birmingham this October.

A great-great-grandmother has been reunited with five generations of her family for the first time since lockdown - to celebrate her 102nd birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sprightly Lucy Lund said she loved ‚Äúevery minute‚ÄĚ of her birthday party after spending most of the lockdown on her own. Despite turning 102, she said she still feels young and doesn‚Äôt understand why people keep ‚Äúkicking up a fuss‚ÄĚ about her age. The close-knit family, most of whom live just five minutes from each other, spent two and a half hours together on Aug 28 where they shared presents, pancakes and prosecco. They booked out the Queen‚Äôs Mill Tea Rooms in Castleford, West Yorks., for the 19-strong family - the youngest being four, and the oldest being Lucy even if she ‚Äúwouldn‚Äôt be happy about it‚ÄĚ.

Crazy moment paraglider uses a flare gun to set fire to his own parachute 7000ft in the sky

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the hair raising moment a paraglider uses a flare gun to set fire to his own parachute while SEVEN THOUSAND FEET in the Air. Kyle Marquart filmed himself soaring through the skies over Austin Texas after jumping from a plane at an altitude of 7,500ft. The video shows him performing a stunt known as ‚Äėcanopy burn‚Äô. Whilst sailing in his parachute Kyle produces a flare gun and shockingly shoots his own parachute with it, burning it to nothing almost instantly and causing the adrenaline junkie to free fall towards the ground. below.

Lost Places - Opel hunting villa in the Taunus

Hessen, Schmitten: The former hunting villa of the Opel family near Schmitten in the Taunus mountains is completely dilapidated. In the basement, an old door appears in the light of a flashlight. After the war, the villa, built in the neo-classical style, was first confiscated by the US Army and then, according to various sources, served at times as a shelter for agents of the "Gehlen Organization". Today, the hidden, dilapidated building is considered a "lost place" and is a well-known spot among Urbexers.