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Man tattoos his entire body black with ‘Evil’ plastered across him – and now wants to slice off his nipples

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHUR, SWITZERLAND: This man has spent over NINE-THOUSAND-POUNDS tattooing his entire body black after becoming 'fascinated with the pain' – and now plans to coveer his TONGUE and remove his NIPPLES. Carer, Yannick Rick (25), from Chur, Switzerland, has always had an interest in tattoos but this intensified when he was 19 years old. After seeing a man on the beach with full body tattoos, Yannick decided that this was a look he wanted to sport himself. Since then, Yannick has spent ÂŁ9,200 (€10,000) achieving the look whhich is known as „blackwork”. Whilst this now covers the majority of his body, Yannick originally committed to covering a single arm in 2016. Happy with the outcome and fascinated by the pain, Yannick visited a tattoo parlour known as the „Brutal Black Project”, and spent a further three days undergoing tattoo work on the rest of his body. Since the project started, Yannick has spent 400-hours under the needle. Yannick’s unusual look garners stares from strangers whilst online, people have remarked that the tattoos are „ugly”, and have asked if Yannick is „mentally ill”. Fortunately, his tattoos have not affected his job although residents at the care home have told him to wash his „dirty” hands or asked if the tattoos will shower off. For Yannick, his weekly tattoo sessions have made him feel much more in touch with his body. They also provide him with a sense of invigoration – claiiming it’s his version of retail therapy. Yannick is planning to start work on his palms and the soles of his feet soon before moving onto his mouth and tongue.

Little girl 'completely scalped' in dog attack by friend's new pet

***EXCLUSIVE*** MIAMISBURG, OHIO, USA: This brave little girl was left with a fractured skull and nine-inch laceration on her head after being „scalped” in a dog attack. Customer service representative Tierney Dumont (27), from Miamisburg, Ohio, USA, was at home on July 28, 2018, whilst her daughter, Savannah (10), went to play outside with her friend who lived on the next street over. Tierney knew that the friend’s family had a new dog but was unaware of the breed at the time, and nothing could have prepared her for the events that unfolded. Savannah’s friend took the Pitbull dog out into the yard on a lead but as soon as it set eyes on Savannah, it immediately grabbed her on the back of the head and attacked her. By the time Tierney got to the scene, paramedics were already on their way and Savannah was dripping in blood and had her head wrapped in a towel. Savannah sustained nine lacerations to her head - one of which was nine inches long - as well as a skull fracture, three lacerations to her right ear, two lacerations to her right hand and a puncture wound through her palm. The courageous Savannah was taken to a children’s hospital where she spent five hours in surgery to fix the lacerations to her head and hand. She also had to have her beautiful hair shaved off so that drains could be placed in her head as a result of surgery. Savannah was given a blood transfusion to replace the blood she had lost in the attack. After a week in hospital, Savannah was discharged on August 2. Tierney is so proud of Savannah and how she has been so strong throughout her ordeal which could have been fatal. She is still receiving treatment now in the form of nerve blocking injections to ease the debilitating headaches and nerve pain she still lives with today. Before the attack, Savannah was the bubbliest little girl in the room and loved being outside but the hardest thing for Tierney and her partner, Nathan (37), to witness was the lasting psychological impact the attack has had on their daughter who now suffers from PTSD, anxiety and depression. She has worked incredibly hard on overcoming this.

Model, 22, claims fruit & veg diet cured severe eczema that ‘smelt like rotting flesh’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Taunton, UK: Before turning to a fruit based diet this woman says her eczema was so severe that it smelt like ROTTING FLESH and left her bedbound. Model, Paula Adamczyk (22), from Taunton, Somerset, UK, switched to a fruitarian diet in 2018 consisting solely of raw fruit and vegetables to cure her eczema - a skin condition which had blighted her since birth. Born in Krakow, Poland, Paula suffered from a protein intolerance and as a result, was prescribed soya milk as a child; something she believes contributed to her developing eczema from a young age. Moving to England in 2017 to study beauty therapy, Paula found that her skin condition was only getting worse and the antihistamines and steroid creams that she had previously used to manage her symptoms were proving to be ineffective against her deteriorating condition. With her dry skin peeling away, leaving oozing wounds that stung with every movement, Paula spent days on end in bed crying and used food to drown out her sadness. Often spending consecutive days bed bound unable to perform simple tasks like showering and cooking, Paula became isolated and depressed as social interaction with friends simply wasn’t possible. With nothing to lose, Paula looked for advice on the internet and discovered a vast number of videos and blog posts from people who swore that a raw food diet - consisting primarily of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds - could cure skin complaints like hers. Moving to a fruitarian diet and cutting out gluten, sugar, and starchy foods - such as potatoes, oils and grains - has cured Paula's eczema entirely and she has even lost four-stone in the process taking her weight from 13st 2lb to 9st 2lb. Paula’s new diet consists of exotic fruits including pineapple, passionfruit, and watermelon as well as salads, raw sushi, courgette noodles and avocado. Every morning she drinks a large glass of celery juice - something widely touted as a potential cure for eczema.

Winners of the prestigious Paris Photography Prize capture the beauty and tragedy around us from a feeding whale in Mexico to the frenzy of a Covid ward

***EXCLUSIVE*** The winners of the Paris Photography Prize 2020 have been announced. In one image titled „The Holes in Water”, photographer Jacob Degee captured a 3000-stone whale shark inhaling fish eggs near Isla de Mujeres, Mexico. In another titled „Segmentation”, photographer Chungyu Yang featured the isolating and complex architecture of a residential building in Taipei, Taiwan. The Paris Photography Prize (PX3) was established in 2007. The competition aims to support and nurture emerging photographic artists from all over the world – introducing them to Paris’ resident creative community. The contest is considered to be one of the most prestigious photography awards in the world and this years’ edition received over 5000 entries from over 90 different counties. „This year has been a challenging one, but I have a deep respect for these artists and how they have been able to channel their creativity”, Mr Hossein Farmani, founder of the contest, said. „These works of art show us the true strength of humanity: we push on, even when faced with unimaginable challenges. I congratulate all of the contestants and winners for showing us their visions”. Italian photographer, Alberto Giuliani, was awarded the coveted prize of „photographer of the year”. Captured during the initial peak of the COVID-19 crisis in Italy, the „San Salvatore” series featured Italian medical personnel following long 12-hour shifts. „In the deep imprints left by their protective masks, I found a symbol of their sacrifice”, Alberto said. „Above all, I found evidence of the pain, fear and helplessness of standing before an unknown enemy”. Cyrus Cornut was awarded a silver prize in the press, travel, and tourism category for his image „15.04.2019, Notre-Dame de Paris”, taken shortly after Notre-Dame infamously caught fire. The image featured shocked crowds watching on as smoke billowed above the city. A gold prize was awarded to Naoya Yoshida for her image „Dance”. Entered into the nature category, the image captured the alight fireflies of Japan’s mountainous regions.

Student who set himself on fire cooking fried chicken felt his skin ‘melting’ during freak accident

***EXCLUSIVE*** PENNSYLVANIA, USA: This student says he felt his skin MELT after accidentally setting himself on FIRE whilst cooking fried chicken - leaving him with third degree burns over 25 percent of his body. On May 26, 2020, political science student, Gage Hopkins (21) from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA, was cooking fried chicken with his housemate Nikhil (21) in their apartment at Arizona State University. Forgetting that they had left oil cooking on the stove, Nikhil noticed that black smoke was pouring from the lid of the pan. In an attempt to avoid the fire alarm going off in their rented accommodation, Gage removed the lid of the pan - at which point a seven-foot flame engulfed the student, setting his arm, neck and face alight and melting his hand to the handle of the pan. Ablaze, Gage attempted to make his way to the fourth floor balcony of his apartment, in order to dispatch the burning oil outside, however the situation was only made worse when he tripped on a rubbish bin, pouring the remainder of the burning oil down his legs. Falling to the floor in agony, Gage was fortunately able to put out the flames and save his own life whilst his roommate stood frozen in shock. With the apartment full of black smoke and the fire alarms going off, Gage managed to stumble to his bedroom, where he attempted to remove the scolding clothing from his body. Looking at himself in his bathroom mirror, Gage realised just how serious the situation was. The cooking oil had caused his skin to melt away, leaving open wounds and blisters all over his body, with his legs being worst affected. With his roommate Nikhil now on the phone to the emergency services, Gage was able to think clearly enough to remove himself from his apartment and avoid the danger of smoke inhalation. Feeling dizzy and with his heart racing, Gage waited 15 minutes for three firefighters and two paramedics to arrive. Gage was taken in an ambulance to the Burns ICU at Valleywise Medical Centre in Phoenix, Arizona where he awoke to a nurse feeling his feet and telling a doctor that he was losing circulation in his left leg. Fortunately, the medical staff were able to return circulation to his leg by cleaning the wound thoroughly. Over the next three days Gage underwent four skin grafts on his legs, arms and face using skin from his thighs.

Inside incredible $1M tornado-proof bunker with Hobbit tunnel and Egyptian-themed bedroom with its own sarcophagus

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: This colourful tornado-proof underground bunker will make you feel like you're entering another dimension and it could be yours for just over Ł1M. An out-of-this-world image featured a fairy-tale-like corridor leading into the magical property, which is nestled in 39-acres of land. Other incredible photographs displayed an Egyptian-themed bedroom that comes with its own sarcophagus, and walls adorned with stunning hand-painted murals. The unique 3,000-square-feet property situated in Buffalo, Texas, USA, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is entirely underground. The epic dome shaped access points are like something out of a movie.

This ex-beauty consultant was left paralysed on a night out when a fellow clubber fell off a balcony over where she was standing

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UK: This woman was left paralysed after a SEVENTEEN-STONE man fell off a nightclub balcony and landed on her – but she has since raised over one-hundred-and-eighty-thousand pounds in the hope of finding a cure. Beauty consultant, Lorraine Caroline Mack (46), from Hackney, London, UK, had been looking forward to a night out with her friends on March 14, 2004 –“ particularly as her boyfriend at the time, Gianluca, had made the journey over from Italy to join them. The group attended Pacha London but after just 20-minutes of being in the club, Lorraine felt a large blow to the head. Unable to move anything but her eyelids as she lay on the floor, Lorraine realised that something was seriously wrong. Amidst the screams and begs of her friends to „get up”, paramedics soon arrived to take Lorraine to hospital. She was rushed to King's College London Hospital for emergency spinal-cord surgery. Lorraine was in critical condition as the blunt force trauma had also affected her breathing. After the four-hour surgery stabilised Lorraine’s condition, she learned that she had been hit by a 17-stone man who had fallen from the club’s upper-floor balcony. Lorraine was also told that she’d have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair due to irreparable damage. Lorraine was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for 10-months of rehabilitation where she fell into a state of depression. Amidst the physical therapy, Lorraine struggled with chronic pain, spasms, scoliosis, and UTIs. Just 30 years old at the time of the accident, Lorraine had gone from being a social butterfly, chasing her dreams of becoming a TV presenter, to someone who now relied on other people to help her with everything. It was Lorraine’s brother, Tony, who flicked a switch in her mind telling her that she had two choices – to give up or fight. Lorraine chose to fight and shortly after leaving the hospital in 2005, she came off her antidepressants and spasm medication. She did however continue to take pain medication until 2015 but after realising that the medication only „took the edge off”, Lorraine decided to pack this up too. Working with a consultant, Lorraine was weaned off the medication over the space of eight-weeks but she wasn’t prepared for the side effects. The pain increased, leading to insomnia, and Lorraine often felt itchy, feverish, and nauseous. This state of withdrawal lasted for three-months, but eventually Lorraine began to feel much better. After gaining three-stone due to the medication, Lorraine dropped back down from a dress size 14 to a six. In 2012, Lorraine connected with the Cure Girls – a group of seven wommen all living with different spinal-cord injuries dreaming that one day, they’ll walk again. As a part of the group, Lorraine has done things she never thought possible from skydiving, to modelling, and to cycling over 2000-miles. Collectively, the group has raised over ÂŁ180,000 (€200,000) which has been ddonated to spinal-injury medical research facilities. Lorraine hopes to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest, but she also hopes her fundraising efforts may make her dream of walking again come true.

Close up of Alligator's teeth underwater

***EXCLUSIVE*** An alligator shows off its huge teeth in these close-up underwater shots. The 10ft-long American alligator flashed its pearly whites as it came within touching distance of a daring photographer. Shawn Jackson said swimming with the fearsome predator near the Everglades in Florida, USA, was 'incredible'. The 40 year old professional photographer, who is from the Caribbean island of Roatan, said: "I wanted to experience being up close and personal with an animal that is essentially a dinosaur.

You'll be blown away by this Grade II listed windmill that you can stay in for just ÂŁ32 a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORFOLK, UK: Stoke Ferry Windmill, in Norfolk, is a Grade II listed windmill that has been painstakingly restored into modern and contemporary holiday accommodation. The holiday accommodation has space for up to 15 guests over seven floors and has a lounge area with a woodburner, a kitchen, dining area, and seven bedrooms. In the garden, there is a 14-foot children’s trampoline, games barn, and a heated outdoor pool. There is a 360-degree viewing platform at the top of the 70-foot mill that can be accessed via a glass walkway that leads from the main house to the tower mill. The converted tower mill is the perfect setting for a large family holiday and has plenty of scope for walking and cycling in the local area. It has also been used previously as a wedding venue. Stoke Ferry Windmill is advertised by Host Unusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start at Ł490 a night with a maximum of 15 guests meaning the cost could be as little as Ł32 per person.

Giant octopus selfie

***EXCLUSIVE*** RUDNAYA BAY, RUSSIA: This photographer snapped a selfie with the world’s largest OCTOPUS - which measures sixteen-foot long. In one image, the 88-pound giant Pacific octopus approached the diver for a quick photo opportunity. In another, the intelligent creature locked eyes with the camera as it surveyed its surroundings. Photographer Andrey Shpatak (59), from Russia, was diving in the Sea of Japan near Rudnaya Bay, Russia, when he came across this giant Pacific octopus 65-foot below the ocean’s surface. This is the largest breed of octopus in the world. The giant Pacific octopus is also the longest-living species of octopus although they still only live to be around five-years-old - dying shortly after breeding. They’re highly intelligent creatures and can change their pigmentation in one-tenth of a second to match their surroundings. In lab tests, giant Pacific octopuses have also opened jars and solved maze puzzles.

Juggling otter

***EXCLUSIVE*** LINCOLNSHIRE, UK: This otter was delighted to show off its juggling skills on camera. Adorable video showed a six-pound Asian small-clawed otter as it juggled a rock between its hands, much to the jubilation of the lady behind the camera. The footage later revealed the playful twenty-inch-tall pup as it hilariously nibbled on the stone. Professional artist, Rosie Ablewhite (32), from Lincoln, UK shot the show-off otter at Woodside Wildlife and Falconry Park in Newball, UK. Rosie recorded the 24-second clip with her iPhone 11, and it has garnered over 145,000 views on Instagram. The blissful mammal is a young male, aptly known as Pebbles, who has become a viral star for his circus skills.

The making of colourful hand fans

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers skillfully embroider hand fans with brightly coloured geometric shapes. They use bamboo and colourful yarn to create intricately designed fans whilst sitting in their homes. Each worker makes up to ten fans a day, with each fan being sold for around 30 pence at village fairs. Photographer Abdul Momin pictured the technique in Gaibandha, Bangladesh.

Squirrells reaching for bubbles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A squirrel looks up in wonder as it stretches up to reach a bubble. The effect was created by Ukranian photographer Sergey Polyushko, 36, who spend over five hours in woods in Skhidnytsya, Ukraine photographing the squirrels. Sergey said, "The squirrels are tame in this forest. We had a bag of nuts and they reached for one while my friend blew bubbles."