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Lindt opens world's largest chocolate museum (with the world's largest chocolate fountain)

Zurich, Switzerland: Lindt has opened the world's largest chocolate museum offering fans of the brand and chocolate lovers a unique insight into how its iconic sweet treats are made. The Willy Wonka-esque factory opened its doors to the public in Zurich, Switzerland (13th September) and took 36 months to construct. The attraction features the world’s highest free-standing chocolate fountain, which measures at just over nine metres high. The chocolate fountain will see 1,000 litres of melted chocolate flow from a ginormous hovering whisk and will descend to cover a giant Lindor ball. It’s also the centerpiece greeting guests at the entrance, setting the tone for the chocolatey experience ahead. The Lindt Home of Chocolate takes guests on a journey with an interactive museum bringing them through „seven chocolate worlds”. From cultivation to production, the cocoa bean that gifts the world with chocolate is the star of the story. The exhibits will also teach visitors about the history of Swiss chocolate making, teaching them not only about Lindt, but also about its famous predecessors. The Home of Chocolate also features several other attractions to keep chocolate lovers busy. At the Lindt Chocolateria, for example, guests can create their own tasty confections during a chocolate-making class, while the research facility allows an inside look at the Lindt production process. The Praline Tasting Room is also a must, and a Lindt cafe is available to cleanse the palate and refuel for more exploring. Unlike at Willy Wonka’s factory, guests are encouraged to take candy home, and it’s easy, too, considering that the building also houses the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop.

You can stay in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion for the first time with a king-size bed and huge swimming pool

Bel Air, California, United States: It’s been 30 years since Will Smith rolled up the driveway and knocked on the door of this iconic LA crib for the very first time. To celebrate the unforgettable memories, valuable life lessons and laughs that have lasted decades, „The Fresh Prince” will turn things upside down - once again - for the town where his reign began. The actor and entrepreneur is adding Airbnb Host to his long resume and opening the doors to his former „kingdom” so fans can create some memories of their own. The familiar residence is just as fly as it was when „The Fresh Prince” called it home. Bold graffiti art, posh interiors, timeless family portraits, and Philly cheesesteaks served on silver platters will transport guests to the lap of luxury - auntie and uncle not included. Starting 29th September at 11:00am PDT, groups of up to two Los Angeles County residents will have the chance to book one of five nostalgic stays in Will’s wing of the home occurring on 2nd October, 5th October, 8th October, 11th October and 14th October for only $30 a night, recognising the 30 years since the world famous mansion became a pop culture architectural icon. The stays will take place for one night each in Will’s wing of the decked-out mansion with access to Will’s posh bedroom and bathroom, a poolside lounge area and an elegant dining room. During this royal overnight, guests will be treated to some old school fun, Big Willie Style.

Woman was devastated when a rare skin condition led trolls to accuse her of BLEACHING her face - but she's having the last laugh after it led to a successful modelling career

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: Model and student, Storm Dove Frederick (21) from New York, USA, developed a skin condition called vitiligo when she was just seven years old. Those affected by vitiligo have a lack of a pigment called melanin in their skin, causing white patches to appear in affected areas. For young Storm, this was the cause of great stress and anxiety at a very young age, as she went from not caring about her appearance to wondering what others would think of her and even if her condition was harming her health. To make matters worse she was harassed by children from her local neighborhood on a daily basis who mocked her and made her feel like an outcast, asking her what was wrong with her face and if her vitiligo was painful. To this day Storm still occasionally gets abuse from ignorant strangers who stare and comment about her appearance under their breath, muttering that her skin is bleached or badly burnt. The 21-year-old does her best to ignore these comments when she hears them coming from ignorant strangers. Storm now feels much more positive about her appearance, but this hasn’t always been the case. Throughout high school, she would cover her natural appearance using makeup in order to avoid negative and hurtful comments from her classmates. However, on the night she graduated from high school, Storm promised herself that when she started university studying for a Bachelor’s in Biology, she would no longer cover up who she really was. With her everyone telling her that her long legs and slender frame made her perfect for modelling, her cousin set Storm up on her first photoshoot in 2016 at the age of 17. Despite being apprehensive about pursuing a modelling career due to the way she looked, Storm’s family encouraged her to pursue her new found passion and in 2019 she landed her first professional modelling campaign and now loves the person she has become.

Adorable pet hedgehog become Instagram star with her different outfits

***EXCLUSIVE*** LINCOLNSHIRE, UK: THIS BRITISH girl is sharing pictures of her adorable pet hedgehog online and her followers can't get enough. Amusing photographs showed Darwin (2), the 12-ounce hedgehog, dressed in an old-school pilot hat and chilling in a pair of retro coloured sunglasses. Another snap featured the spike-ball as he sat in an armchair whilst dressed as a rockstar holding a guitar. The prickly pet is owned by artist Rosie Ablewhite (32), from Lincoln, UK. She adopted Darwin in November 2018, and posts photos of the African pygmy hedgehog to Instagram daily. She snaps the six-inch-long critter on her iPhone 11. Rosie doesn?t really spend money on elaborate costumes or backdrops for Darwin, as being a professional artist, she makes them herself, or is gifted them by fans.

New £1.3 M ultra-motorhome will win you the staycation battle

Germany: Want to win the staycation battle? This newly unveiled ultra-motorhome not only offers sheer luxury interiors - but offers room to store a supercar within. The new-generation Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum has been launched at the 2020 Dusseldorf Caravan Salon this month (Sept). At £812,000 for the basic model - German company VARIOmobil tell Cover Images press agency that serious buyers could be looking at £1.3m to kit their dreamy vacation ride out in style. The company describe the 100 % custom-made vehicle as an „exclusive comfort mobile”, offering 2-4 beds in three pneumatically sealed living-area slide outs and „individual freedom of planning”. The XXL internal car garage is recommended for a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT or a Porsche 911, and comes with automatic retraction on a cantilever car platform. The 26-tonne vehicle, measuring 39 full feet (12 m), includes a state-of-the-art ''cubeART'' kitchen area and a spacious bathroom. Other technical highlights include 530 hp motoring, a „lifestyle sound system”, multimedia entertainment options and a self-locking 'eGLIDE' sliding door system in the luxurious bedroom. VARIOmobil say the Platinum is in „a class of its own, especially when it comes to quality”.

Ancient Indian wrestling tradition of Kushti is dying out… because competitors are expected to be CELIBATE and avoid booze

***EXCLUSIVE*** KOLHAPUR, INDIA: This ancient form of wrestling requires men to become CELIBATE and train for twelve hours a day ? and some recruits are just SIX years old. In one image, a man tackled a young boy to the ground pinning him upside down during an intense training session. In another, several thousand spectators watched on as teenage fighters competed for the title of champion. Photographer, Mitchell Kanashkevich (39), from Sydney, Australia, was in Kolhapur, India, when he photographed these traditional Kushti wrestlers on his Canon 5D MKII camera - providing rare insight into a seldom seen world. Kushti wrestling ? also known as Pehlwani - is practised on soil. Due to the strict training, diet, and required celibacy, it?s becoming increasingly unpopular amongst younger generations. The origins of this form of wrestling date back to the 5th millennium BC where its precursor, Malla-yuddha was practised. Becoming a Kushti champion earns you tremendous respect and glory. Still in existence today, Kushti wrestling schools train wannabe champions with a strict 12 hours-a-day training regimen. The youngest trainees are just six years old.

Meet the tribe where WOMEN are handed down to the next available man following the DEATH of their husbands

***EXCLUSIVE*** OMO VALLEY, ETHIOPIA: Meet the tribe where WOMEN are handed down to the next available man following the DEATH of their husbands. In one image, a Mursi woman supported the weight of her large lip plate, the presence of which proves that she is a worthy bride. In another, a young Mursi girl donned a headdress created out of leather, scrap metal, and cow horns. Photographer, Tim Vollmer (48), from Teningen, Germany, was in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, when he captured these images of the Mursi tribe over several days. Considered to be the richest tribe in the Omo Valley, the Mursi people base their wealth on how many cattle they own. Mursi women can enter marriage in several ways ? most are arranged or consensual, but some women enter ?inheritance? marriages. If a woman?s husband dies, she is passed down to the next available male relative. The Mursi women are also renowned for their decorative lip plates which are created by inserting a wooden peg into a cut in the lower lip. The larger the plate becomes, the more valuable the woman is considered to be to potential suitors.

This man was left feeling suicidal after the tumours on his neck stopped him from getting a date

***EXCLUSIVE*** DENVER, COLORADO, USA: MAN was left feeling suicidal after the tumours on his neck stopped him from getting a date - and now he wants to offer support to other people with his condition to show them they are not alone. Delivery driver Matthew Bowes (34), from Denver, Colorado, USA, was a toddler when his mum first noticed raised spots on his skin. Matthew was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) - a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along the nerves. While the tumours are usually of the non-cancerous kind, they may cause a range of symptoms such as; pale coffee-coloured patches, clusters of freckles in uncommon places like the armpits, groin and under the breast, and problems with the bones, eyes, and nervous system. The raised patches Matthew developed on the side of his face, neck, and body meant that he was subject to bullying at school where he would be ridiculed for his appearance. His peers would call him „bubble neck” or tell him he had a disease so people should stay away from him.  These comments made Matthew wish for many years that he was born differently and that he could be like everyone else. Thankfully, he had a close-knit circle of friends and family who supported him throughout his childhood and teenage years. Matthew has had a handful of surgeries to remove his tumours. The first was removed when he was 14 years old and this was a large mass from his neck and shoulder. In 2017, Matthew hit the lowest point of his life and he felt suicidal after he was pushed away by people who he was interested in dating. This was the wakeup call he needed to accept his condition and from that moment onwards, he made it his mission to spread awareness of NF1 and to be his authentic self. Matthew shares his journey on Instagram and is inundated with messages of support from other people who are living with NF1. Whilst Matthew is now proud of the skin he is in, strangers frequently presume he has been caught in a fight and they insensitively ask him, „what happened to your face?”

Sign of LIFE on Venus in extraordinary discovery of Earth-like phosphine gas in atmosphere

***EXCLUSIVE*** An international team of astronomers today announced the discovery of a rare molecule — phosphine — in the clouds of Venus. On Earth, this gas is only made industrially or by microbes that thrive in oxygen-free environments. Astronomers have speculated for decades that high clouds on Venus could offer a home for microbes — floating free of the scorching surface but needing to tolerate very high acidity. The detection of phosphine could point to such extra-terrestrial “aerial” life. “When we got the first hints of phosphine in Venus’s spectrum, it was a shock!”, says team leader Jane Greaves of Cardiff University in the UK, who first spotted signs of phosphine in observations from the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT), operated by the East Asian Observatory, in Hawaiʻi.

Coronavirus-hit mum ‘feared the worst’ after giving birth to first UK twins born with Covid

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of premature twins thought to be the first babies born with coronavirus have spoken of their „miracle” after they made a full recovery. Sarah, 32, and Aaron Curtis, 33, were put in an impossible situation when tests came back and revealed Sarah was positive for Covid-19. She was asymptomatic but felt „scared2 and „annoyed” with herself as she thought she was putting her children at risk. Doctors were unsure of the risks of infection to children from the parents, or what its effects would be, which left the worried parents in the dark. Sarah went into labour on July 3 on her own as her husband Aaron couldn’t be there due to Covid restrictions, and welcomed 3lbs Kenna and Lissa into the world. Doctors confirmed they were born with the killer virus, which was transferred to them via the placenta. Dad Aaron was finally able to see his wife and twins on July 11 for the first time in an emotionally charged scene.

Widower, 75, puts poster in his window begging for friends after being left ‘cursed’ by loneliness when his wife died

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lonely OAP has put up a poster in his window asking for friends after the death of his wife left him totally isolated. Tony Williams, 75, often goes for days without speaking to anyone after his wife Jo, also 75, passed away in May. Retired physicist Tony has no children and said he often sits at home willing the phone to ring "but it never does" - and he said he feels "cursed" by loneliness.  Without any family nearby, Tony put two adverts in his local newspaper looking for a friend to chat to, but didn't get any replies.

Man loses legs after getting sepsis following violent assault that fractured his skull

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man lost both his legs after being diagnosed with sepsis while being treated for head injuries in hospital following a violent assault. Christopher Chapman, 34, was admitted to hospital after sustaining a skull fracture in an attack. He developed septic shock five days later and acute respiratory distress syndrome, which resulted in him needing surgery to amputate both legs below the knee. Christopher is speaking out about how his life has changed ‚Äúdramatically‚ÄĚ since developing the condition.

The police recovered over £500,000 worth of cannabis hidden in underground bunkers in Lincolnshire

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pre-planned warrant at a Lincolnshire farm led to searches taking place over nine days after underground bunkers containing cannabis were found. On the morning of Thursday 3rd September officers, drone support and the dog unit arrived at the farm in Skendleby near the east coast accompanied by officials from the Environment Agency who had intelligence to suggest waste was being stored illegally at the site. Officers from the Spanish Civil Guard also joined the operation having provided information which supported intelligence obtained by Lincolnshire Police that a drug operation was taking place. Four bunkers made up of shipping containers were found 20ft underground ‚Äď their entrances concealed within barns. In total 12 shipping containers were used to make up the bunkers and house a large number of cannabis plants. Officers estimate the drugs would have a street value of approximately ¬£580,000.