Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A "bored office worker" who quit his job to climb every mountain in the UK and Ireland has set a new record for a self-supported continuous hike of 214 Lake District peaks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Intrepid James Forrest, 37, hiked for 328 miles and up 120,000 feet - the equivalent of scaling the Everest four times - during his 14-day adventure. Hiking alone with no support crew or pre-arranged help, James carried all his kit and camping equipment in a large rucksack and bagged the record in 14 days and 11 hours. The journalist and author hiked an average of 13 hours a day, battling brutal weather conditions - with torrential rains and heavy winds pushing him to his limits. He wild camped amid the remote fells, and also slept overnight in a cave, a barn and a church. James, from Cockermouth, Cumbria, said: “I am ecstatic with the time I’ve set and so relieved to have finished.

A former Royal Marine has climbed a mountain while carrying a full size PIANO strapped to his back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Super-strong Max Glover, 33, single-handedly carried the 400lbs upright instrument to the peak of 1,000-foot Garth Mountain. It took the professional bodybuilder just three-and-a-half hours to complete the endurance charity challenge on Sunday. Max said his feat was inspired by the 1986 discovery of a church organ at the summit of Ben Nevis. It was later discovered that the Scottish strongman Kenny Campbell had heaved it up there for charity in 1980. The piano weighed nearly 400lbs and was carried on Max's back for two miles. He wanted to raise funds for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital, which treated his friend for a genetic lung condition. After climbing the mountain near Llantwit Fardre, Max, of Penarth, South Wales, said: “I’m feeling a little bit achy today but not too bad. It just feels really great to have done it.”

This is the moment a daredevil teenager makes the perilous climb of an abandoned Crane and is even pictured dangling 600ft above the ground

***EXCLUSIVE*** 18-year-old Yaro Panchenko shot the video with a group of friends in the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine.  The abandoned crane that stretches 656ft into the sky was located in the middle of the Dnieper river meaning Panchenko and his group had to take a boat across the river to get there. Footage shows the crew making the 200m climb before filming the incredible views with a drone and a selfie stick. Yaro is even snapped hanging from one of the cranes steel beams above a sheer drop to the water below.

The Living Vehicle 2021 is a $230,000 USD premium mobile home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Santa-Barbara based trailer company Living Vehicle has turned the dial on mobile living up to 11 with its first-ever premium mobile home, simply named the Living Vehicle 2021. Constructed with a sleek aluminum shell with plenty of windows and even a patio, the trailer is designed to be more than just a camper, equipped with plenty of amenities to make permanent residence not just possible, but also enjoyable. Its open kitchen is equipped with all the household appliances you'll need, while its master bedroom holds a folding double bed that transforms into a work station during the day. A spacious living area allows ample room for lounging, and a decorated bathroom rounds out all the necessities you'll need. Most impressively, the entire trailer is powered by an automotive-grade energy system consisting of two 8kW inverters and a 16,000-watt output that can hold 9,000 watt-hours of energy storage and 1,320 watts of solar power. Prices start at 230 000 Dollars.

A couple have held a specially planned wedding service so that the groom’s terminally ill grandmother could be there

***EXCLUSIVE*** Luke Hinojosa and his partner Abi Morgan had been due to tie the knot in June, but the big day had to be cancelled due to the strict lockdown rules in place because of coronavirus.  Sadly, since then the health of Mr Hinojosa‚Äôs gran Vera Robertson has deteriorated to the point where it is believed she won‚Äôt make it to the rearranged do in May next year.  The 72-year-old was diagnosed with myeloma cancer in 2017 and despite her already exceeding doctor‚Äôs predictions of having 12 months to live, she has now reached a point where it is feared she could have just days left and she has been admitted to St Barnabas Hospice in Nettleham Road, Lincoln for the final stages of her care.  However, Mr Hinojosa was determined to give his beloved nan at his big day, so he and his bride-to-be arranged to have a special service so the grandmother of two could join in with the celebrations at her hospice on Friday, September 11.  They will still go ahead with the legally binding service next year - but the couple were delighted to hold the special service.

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary marked the milestone by admiring a piece of wedding cake they saved in a tin

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ron and Rhondda Leckie, 72, met aged 17 when they were set up on a blind date. They married on September 4 1970, at Greyfriars Kirk in the Old Town, Edinburgh, and had a beautiful wedding cake made with intricate icing patterns and marzipan. The newlyweds emigrated to San Francisco Bay in California, so Ron could get a job in Silicon Valley, where he worked for 50 years.

This is the adorable moment a cheetah cub reaches up to kiss its mother on the nose

***EXCLUSIVE*** The heartwarming pictures, taken on the plains of the Masai Mara, show the cub standing on its hind legs and pulls itself up to its mum to share a kiss and a cuddle. Photographer Jeffrey Wu, 54, was on assignment in Masai Mara, Kenya, in September 2020, when he caught the adorable sighting on camera. Professional wildlife photographer Jeffrey, from Canada, leads pro photo tours in Africa. He said: “The images show the one-and-half month cheetah cub playing with mother, a cheetah named 'Kweli'. "Kweli started taking her cubs out to introduce solid food to them one week ago.

A super slimmer who would get out of breath mowing her own lawn now runs her own gardening company - after shedding more than 11 stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Catherine McNulty, 56, had ballooned up to 21 stone and would get out of breath completing the simplest of tasks in her garden. However, she decided to change her lifestyle after struggling to walk up the stairs to get to the bar during a party at a pub. She now trims hedges and mows lawns for a living after losing more than half of her body weight without having to give up her favourite foods. Catherine tipped the scales at 21 stone after suffering from plantar fasciitis, a debilitating heel pain that meant she struggled to move around and the pounds piled on. However since making simple swaps to her cooking habits, she has been able to drop a staggering ten dress sizes in two years - but still tucks into pies, pizzas and roast dinners. Now a trim 9st 3lbs, she has been able to turn her hobby into her job as she is more mobile and fitter than she has ever been. Catherine, of Bolton, Gtr Manchester, said: "Myself and my husband started doing people's gardens last year and it's something I would never have been able to do before. "It would take me a good hour and half to mow my own lawn before - not because we had a big garden, but because I was so out of breath and would have to keep stopping. "Now it takes me about half an hour to do a garden, mow the lawn, trim the hedges and tidy it up - because of the weight loss." Catherine joined Slimming World in January 2018 after she was forced to stop while walking up the stairs at a party because she was out of breath. She shed an incredible 7.5st in just a year and maintained a steady weight loss ever since by cutting out bread, butter and double cream from her diet.

Valuable book inventories are cleaned

Saxony, Leipzig: In the baroque backdrop library of the Francke Foundations in Halle/Saale, Tina Oley from the specialist company Preservation Academy Leipzig cleans valuable book collections from the 15th-18th centuries of dust, microorganisms and pests using special vacuum cleaners and microfibre cloths. Over the next few weeks, around 64,000 books will be individually removed from the shelves in Germany's oldest secular library building, especially the scenery library, and then, after dry cleaning, the spines, cut edges and shelves will be put back in place. The almost 300-year-old library with its shelves placed in the room like a theatre backdrop is visited by researchers, scientists and guests from all over the world.