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Photographer completes British coast walk nearly five-and-a-half years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Quintin Lake is due to reach St Paul's Cathedral this afternoon, completing his journey around the UK coast that has seen him walk for a total of 453 days. He left London from St Paul's on April 17, 2015, and set off around the coast of Britain clockwise - returning to the same spot via Essex and along the River Thames. He has said completing a five-year hike around the British coastline was "enriching for the soul". Quintin Lake has walked the 6,600 mile (10,600 km) route in sections, going clockwise. He is due to write a book about his self-supported journey and exhibit some of the hundreds of photographs he has taken during the project. Mr Lake carried all his belongings with him, wild camped in remote areas and got through seven pairs of shoes.


BTS superfan who had surgery to look like his idol like cabbage bath

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: THIS BRITISH man takes daily hour-long CABBAGE baths and slaps on curry paste face masks so he can „FERMENT” like his favourite food kimchi and feel closer to Korea in bizarre beauty trend. K-pop singer and TV personality, Oli London (30) from London, UK, loves everything about Korea and lived there for over a year in 2013 in which time his lifelong passion for the country and culture only grew stronger. Oli, who is known for having undergone 15 cosmetic surgery procedures and spending Ł149,000 to look just like his ultimate idol, Korean popstar, Jimin of boyband BTS fame, is no stranger to going to extreme lengths to feel closer to his favourite country in the world. The coronavirus lockdown left health conscious Oli thinking of ways he could feel more connected to Korea, so he’s started a bizarre new beauty regime which involves bathing in six cabbages with a kimchi paste face mask for an hour every single day. Oli remembered a woman telling him of the health benefits of cabbage and kimchi - a traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented cabbage - whilst he was in Korea and after doing his new regime for a month, he claims he has already noticed positive results and has a beautiful glow just like his hero Jimin. When Oli wakes up, he prepares the six cabbages by separating the leaves and soaks them in water, which helps to draw out the beneficial vitamins, before lying in his golden box which is where he places them all over his body - also slathering 100 millilitres of kimchi paste on to his face. Oli plans to keep up his new regime for six months and estimates he will use 24 bottles of kimchi paste and over 1,000 cabbages during this time. Oli insists that not a scrap of cabbage will be wasted as once he’s done with his morning treatments, he washes the leaves and boils them to make a delicious meal and of course, uses a proportion of the vegetable to make his very own kimchi.

Residents shun Chinese ‘vertical forest’ housing project because trees meant to revolutionise urban living just attracted plagues of mosquitos

An experimental green housing project in a Chinese megacity promised prospective residents life in a 'vertical forest', with manicured gardens on every balcony. All 826 apartments were sold out by April this year, according to the project's estate agent, but instead of a modern eco-paradise, the towers look like the set of a desolate, post-apocalyptic film. Only a handful of families have moved into Chengdu's Qiyi City Forest Garden because of an infestation of mosquitoes, state media have reported. The project in the southwestern city was built in 2018, with every private balcony designed to provide space for plants to grow, according to local media reports. Without any tenants to care for them, the eight towers have been overrun by their own plants - and invaded by mosquitoes. Plants have almost entirely swallowed up some neglected balconies, with branches hanging over railings all over the towers, footage shot this month showed.

Eerie pictures have revealed an abandoned Victorian mansion that was once a funeral home

***EXCLUSIVE*** USA: Eerie pictures have revealed an abandoned Victorian mansion that was once a funeral home. Unsettling images featured half-full bottles of embalming fluid and other various chemicals, and a poster of the human arterial system. Other pictures captured a beautiful antique staircase and the grand exterior of the 19th century manor complete with a foggy backdrop. The abandoned funeral home located in an unspecified town in Georgia, USA, served for over half-a-century before shutting in the last decade due to extreme weather damage.

Photographer has got up close and personal with predators and prey in this series of stunning portrait images

***EXCLUSIVE*** Captivating pictures showed a proud-looking 400-pound male lion drooling for the camera and a 500-pound gorilla looking rather grumpy. Another perfect portrait featured a 270-pound Sumatran tiger, as the rare species roared down the lens and showed off its sharp three-inch-long canines. Using a Nikon D850 with various Nikkor lenses, journalist Iwon Blum (49) from Zurich, Switzerland, took the pictures of these marvellous animals across various zoos in Switzerland and Germany.

To LIVE and let DIE in COVID-19: 'What IF we Pull the Plug too Early?'

ZUMA Press Newspaper San Antonio Express-News reportage on: COVID-19, family decisions at the death bed. The papers stellar award winning, 2018 Pulitzer finalist, photojournalist LISA KRANTZ, together with Health and Medicine Reporter LAUREN CARUBA, chronicle the agonizing choices of a family during the coronavirus pandemic at Southwest General Hospital. A 63-year-old losing her battle with COVID-19. Case worker: 'Had the family made a decision?' Families making complex decisions about the medical care of loved ones and is it time to give up?

UK safari park announces historic birth of their first ever Indian rhino calf

Bewdley, Worcestershire, United Kingdom: A British safari park has welcomed a new Indian rhinoceros baby. The adorable animal arrived on Tuesday, 8 September, and is the first of his kind to be born at the West Midland Safari Park since the park opened 47 years ago. Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, Shelley Tudor, said ''We are absolutely delighted and have been waiting a long time for this moment. After holding this species of rhino for over ten years, this is our first calf to be born at the Park. We acquired Seto and Rap as youngsters and have been able to watch them grow and mature over time; which makes it even more momentous to see them produce their own calf. He is a very special addition to the Asian rhino House, and we look forward to watching him develop, and maybe go on to produce his own little rhinos in the future!''