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Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton could be yours for $6 Million USD!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Have you ever visited a Museum of Natural History and just marveled at the towering scale of its Tyrannosaurus Rex replica? Perhaps, you may have also thought of displaying a legit one at your home one day. But, you must have at least 6 million to do it. Christie's is set to auction off a 67-million-year-old T-Rex this October as part of its Evening Sale of 20th Century Art. Measuring 13 feet high and 40 feet wide, the ancient specimen is expected to fetch between $6-8 million Dollars.

Some of the world's most iconic landmarks look like toys in this series of stunning images

***EXCLUSIVE*** The magnificient Machu pitcchu, Paris's imposing Eiffel Tower and the impressive Houses of Parliament in London all look like mini-models of themselves. The landmarks were all photographed using a special type of lens used mainly in architecture of software known as Tilt Shift. The altered images can make the subject seem smaller and farther away than reality - making it seem almost like a child's toy. Professional photographer Richard Silver travelled across 94 countries and visited around 350 cities taking at least one image in each.

A woman who ate almost nothing but lettuce, tomatoes and apples for two years won her battle against anorexia after being told she looked “too weak” to get a job

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mai Kerivel, a 25-year-old French teacher, starved herself down to just 73 pounds (33kg) but is now at a healthy weight of 120 pounds (54kg).  At her thinnest she was weak and emaciated. “I ate no protein and drank a lot of water. My diet was very extreme” recalled Mai, who is 5’ 4” inches tall.

A woman has transformed her ugly 1930s family home into a stunning five bedroom modern masterpiece by splashing £250,000 on an enormous extension

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katy Wilson, 36, from Derbyshire, bought her detached three-bedroom property  back in February 2015 and spent years applying for planning permission to overhaul the entire house. She was finally able to get started on the renovating three years on, in 2018, and she gave the property a complete transformation with the help of a huge modern two-storey extension.