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After her marriage ended, this woman spent over twenty-three-thousand-pounds on cosmetic surgery to get MORE SWIPES on TINDER - but her look has become so popular that it's now earning her over ONE-MILLION-POUNDS a year

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA: Model, Amanda Martin (26) from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, describes herself as having had a sheltered and innocent upbringing and she was married at 20 to a man who was in the Navy. After three years, Amanda and her ex-husband mutually decided to divorce after they naturally grew apart and this triggered Amanda to undergo an image overhaul. She hired a personal trainer and went from 13st 3lb to 8st 3lb. Following her sensational weight loss, Amanda decided to go under the knife to boost her „flat as a pancake” breasts to a curvaceous 32DDD. Amanda has also had fillers, fat transfer, liposuction procedures and butt implants to keep herself looking like a „sexy thick queen” – spending £23,322 ($30,000) in total. The newfound confidence Amanda gained through her transformation encouraged her to share raunchy snaps on Instagram showcasing her enviable figure – with the initial aim to boost her Tinder profile and „get laid”. Amanda’s Instagram account exploded and she now has 4.3 million followers on the social media platform and her subscription-only content on OnlyFans is equally popular. Whilst Amanda is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend John (30) also known as @the_greek_savage, who she shoots adult movies with, unbelievably she has had men dump her in the past because they were embarrassed by the content she posts online. Amanda perceives her overly sexualised persona to be comedy but says men hardly ever slip into her DMs now because they are intimidated by her. However, it's Amanda who has had the last laugh because thanks to her fame and popularity, with fans across the globe, she earns an eye-watering £1,164,121 ($1,500,000) every year from OnlyFans and paid advertisements on Instagram.

Tattoo addict inks every inch of his body including his todger – and boasts girls ‘love it’

***EXCLUSIVE*** HANOVER, GERMANY: This man has tattooed almost every inch of his body including his GENITALS and claims girls 'love it'. Tattoo shop owner and musician, Daniel Gun (35) from Hanover, Germany, has always considered himself to be „straight edge”. As a teenager, Daniel was an introvert and shied away from drugs, parties, smoking, and alcohol. When Daniel turned 18, he found his release elsewhere through music and tattoos. Several of Daniel’s friends had tattoos so naturally, he was drawn towards following in their footsteps. Daniel’s first tattoo read „drug free” and was located on his upper arm. Soon after, tattooing became a passion. Between the ages of 18 and 33, Daniel got a new tattoo every three-months totalling over 60 tattoos. Almost every inch of Daniel’s body - his genitals included - is now covered except for the soles of his feet. Working in the industry, Daniel was able to keep the costs down by getting friends involved. He estimates he spent around Ł4,600 (?5000) on Ł46,000 (?50,000) worth of work. Daniel’s favourite tattoo is a portrait of his dog, Cain, who passed away in 2018. The most painful tattoos Daniel has undergone were situated on his palms and the backs of his knees - although he’s never been inclined to give up due to the pain. His genital tattoos - which took around one hour to complete – weren’t as painful in comparison. Unsure of whether his unique tattooed body contributed to this or not, Daniel is glad to have attracted the „hottest women”. Feedback on his genital tattoos has been positive though with Daniel claiming his „girl loves it”. Daniel’s look garners the odd stare, but stares he often believes are given in envy.

Kickboxer completes marathon pulling a plane

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kickboxing champion has completed a marathon while pulling a 1.25-tonne aeroplane to raise cash for children with an incurable illness. Carl Thomas, 35, from Stockport, started dragging the Cessna up and down the airfield at Elvington, near York, on Wednesday evening, reaching a top speed of around 2mph. He is trying to raise £250,000 for Ollie’s Army, a charity that supports a family who have two children with Batten’s disease. Mike Carroll, whose children Ollie and Amelia have the condition, said it was unbelievable to watch Mr Thomas complete the marathon on Thursday. The father-of-five told the PA news agency that it had been quite emotional to see Mr Thomas push himself to the absolute limit for children with the disease. Mr Thomas had hoped to use a lighter plane, but that became unavailable so he had to use a 1,250kg Cessna, completing two-mile loops of the airfield without any assistance at the turns.

$25,000 egg-shaped meditation pod helps people „access higher states”

A company has designed an egg-shaped meditation pod to „quiet the mind and elevate performance”. Created by OpenSeed, the 1,000lb pods are designed to be womb-like with the calming environment created using relaxing sounds, guided meditation, lighting and aromatherapy. According to OpenSeed, the pods are intended to „provide moments of calm in the workplace and other high-traffic locations”, to help humans „access higher states of awareness”. The company promises to provide an „experience” in which, „uninterrupted by any visual distractions, an individual has a much greater potential to quiet the mind and restore calm, focus, clarity, and positive energy”. The pods will make use of „light therapy” in the form of LED lights, which are programmed to sync up with the audio, allowing users to be guided for breathing exercises and visualisations. On top of this, you’ll be welcomed into the pod with a „subtle calming scent” with each pod having a small compartment that stores essential oils which can be „paired” with each experience. Each pod blocks out a significant amount of external noise and comes equipped with noise-cancelling headphones to solve any noise-related issues in any environment. The pods can hold up to three people enabling group meditation sessions. Assembly and configuration of the pod takes approximately 12 hours and are installed by OpenSeed's certified installers. The pod also has WiFi connectivity so uses can book a session real-time using the booking app.

This couple have been accused of „disrupting” their three-year old’s development after quitting their jobs to live in a VAN – which they spent THIRTY-THOUSAND-POUNDS renovating

***EXCLUSIVE*** VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: Former primary school teacher, Emilly Sonsie (28) and her husband, former retail manager, Michael (28) from Victoria, Australia, first met as teenagers and soon fell in love, got engaged at 20, married at 22 and welcomed their son, Hunter (3), into the world when they were 25. The family of three had never considered an alternative way of living that didn’t involve living in a house and were focussed on their jobs - with Emilly working three days a week teaching and Michael working full time, whilst raising Hunter together. But whilst on a walk in June 2019, Emilly and Michael, decided to sell their home, quit their jobs and buy a van that they could live in and travel to live life in the moment. Emilly and Michael bought a 2017 Renault Master for £14,743 (30,000AUD) in September which they’ve affectionately named „Pep” and outsourced the refurbishment for another £14,743 (30,000AUD) which was completed in just 30 days for them to move on board in March this year. The freedom of living life without boundaries is something that appealed to Emilly and Michael about van life. They share their incredible journey on Instagram under the handle, @sonsie_life, and despite receiving heaps of positive feedback from their followers saying that they are brave to breakout out of the box of what is considered „normal” - they have been subjected to criticism from people who were concerned about how this would impact Hunter. They hope to inspire others to live life without fear of the unknown or judgement from others.

Iggy Pop's blue Ferrari sells for twice auction estimate

United Kingdom: A rare Chiaro Blue 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV, owned by Iggy Pop between 1998 and 2002, sold Wednesday (16 Sep) for £40,000 to a British buyer - at twice its low estimate of £20,000. The former Stooges frontman’s vehicle was sold by H&H Classics. Paperwork indicates that it was bought by „The Godfather of Punk”, real name James Newell Osterberg Jr., shortly after he moved to Miami. Iggy mentioned the car in a later interview with GQ mag: ''It was a wonderful car. Whenever I wanted to blow off steam, I'd just race around the freeways here. Whatever you did, it instantly did, whereas the newer ones they have the computer to help you. I drove the shit outta that car. Then I thought something terrible’s gonna happen, so I got rid of it.” UK auction company H&H Classics will offer the vehicle as part of their September 16th live auction online, with an estimate of £20,000 to £30,000.

Stay in this chapel featured on the TV show Amazing Spaces for just £23 a night

***EXCLUSIVE*** SHROPSHIRE, UK: Walcot Hall Estate, in Shropshire, is a beautiful 30-acre estate with several different accommodations on site which are available to be rented. There is a renovated chapel on site which was once featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces which sleeps four guests and has two double bedrooms, a private bathroom, an open-plan lounge, kitchen area, woodburner, TV and fridge. There are also three cabins to choose from. The Dipping Shed is a timber cabin that sleeps up to four people with a mezzanine bedroom. Also available for hire is Wheelwright’s Shop, a former craftsmen’s workshop dating back to 1840 with incredible views of the lake. Norbury Hall can also be rented out to a maximum of six guests. Once used as the local community’s village hall, the outbuilding has been tastefully renovated and features a private patio and veranda. There is a 500-yard forest walk to The Chapel and the grounds of the estate equate to over 30-acres. The estate is dog-friendly and features an on-site pub. The estate is located perfectly in the Shropshire Hills and also has some quirky glamping options as well as the Chapel and Cabins. Walcot Hall Estate Chapel and Cabins is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the world’s most extraordinary accommodation. Prices start at Ł95 a night with a minimum four-night stay on weekdays and two-night stay on weekends. The cabins sleep, on average, four people meaning the cost could be just Ł23.75.

Stunning pictures have captured the bustling people of Bangladesh as they work through the scorching heat

***EXCLUSIVE*** BANGLADESH: Beautiful aerial images featured female farm workers picking their way through a sea of red chilli peppers, and a group of men who cycled whilst carrying over 40 pineapples. Another photograph captured organised strips of red cotton, which measured over 500-feet-long, as they were dried out in the hot Narsingdi district sun. The pictures of life in the South Asian nation were captured by photographer, Azim Khan Ronnie (33), from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He used Canon cameras and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone to capture these scenic shots of his country from above.

This woman lost almost HALF of her body weight in ten-months despite LOCKDOWN

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEWCASTLE, UK: Senior stylist, Dannie Forster (25) from Newcastle, UK, lost 7st 3lb between September 2019 and July 2020 going from a whopping size 22 at her heaviest in 2018 to a size 10 today. After having her son George (3) in September 2017, Dannie suffered from postnatal depression. As a result, she did not want to leave the house, had no motivation for exercise and frequently ordered takeaways, using food as a comforter for her condition. The pizza, kebabs and McDonald’s, often totalling several thousand calories, gave short term relief, but inevitably led to Dannie feeling worse about her growing waistline. Ballooning to 17st 3lb at her heaviest, Dannie would even order large Domino’s pizzas for herself at lunchtime, causing boyfriend Gary (27) to joke that she was one doughnut away from being single. Feeling fed up with this teasing, one night she secretly contacted a personal trainer and the pair came up with a plan for Dannie’s weight loss and she was soon taking two personal training classes per week in a bid to change her life around. After four months of one on one training, consisting of rigorous cardio and weights sessions, Dannie felt comfortable going it alone and has been exercising solo ever since. Swapping the Domino’s for freshly cooked, low calorie meals, Dannie now looks unrecognisable compared to her former self, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst her friends and family. Now weighing just ten stone, she not only looks radiant, but also has so much more energy than before and has even managed to give up her inhaler for the asthma she suffered from. Despite gyms being closed during the lockdown, Dannie managed to continue her weight loss journey regardless, training even more than before by creating her own home exercise routine and exercising with friends on FaceTime to keep each other motivated.

Grumpy little owl

***EXCLUSIVE*** UK: A British photographer has captured the UK's smallest owl looking a tad grumpy as it flew through the English countryside. One amusing image showed an eight-inch tall Little owl looking particularly testy as it perched on a tree branch and stared down the camera lens. Another picture captured the bird's 22-inch wingspan as it soared through the Sussex skies with a stern look on its tiny face. Flying just six-feet high in the air, the precious Little owl was snapped in Knapp, UK, by photographer Melissa Nolan (43), from West Sussex, UK. She used a Canon EOS 80D with a 100-400mm lens to photograph the adult Little owl for two-hours. The species was brought over from Europe and introduced into Britain in the late 19th century. It was hoped that the owls would get rid of house cockroaches but they've since escaped to low-lying wild areas instead.

Heron and egret fight offer territories

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heron and egret put on a mid-air dance display as they come to blows whilst hunting for fish. The squabbling birds were captured on camera by Judy Tseng from San Fransisco who was visiting the Kiskunsági National Park in Hungry. Judy said, "This is a great egret and and a great blue heron. These birds can become very territorial over their particular feeding area. In the end, the great egret failed to nab the blue heron's spot and he flew away."

Workers sorting colourful oil drums

***EXCLUSIVE*** Colourful oil drums are stacked in rows by workers. About 1,000 empty barrels are sorted and piled up after being sent by factories which have used them. Amateur photographer Sabina Akter captured the shots of the drums - which can hold about 200 litres of oil - in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.