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Woman survived falling TWENTY-SIX-FEET onto her head when a circus act she was performing went wrong

***EXCLUSIVE*** KIEV, UKRAINE: Former circus performer, Tetiana Korenieva (26) from Kiev, Ukraine, first fell in love with aerial skills after visiting the circus when she was four years old. When she was 10, Tetiana started aerial skills lessons and from there, she joined a circus academy. In 2015, she landed a job with the circus as an aerial skills artist – her dream job. Tetiana performed the same act for three years all over Europe up until August 1, 2018, when mid-performance in Denmark, a steel cable snapped whilst she was suspended upside down in the air, causing her to fall 26-feet onto her head. Tetiana describes the moment she fell as feeling as though she was flying in the dark before she then woke up in intense pain. It is a miracle that Tetiana survived but she sustained serious injuries. Tetiana shattered almost every bone in her cervical spine, shattered her pelvis, sustained nerve damage and a vertebral artery dissection; this is a flap-like tear of the inner lining of the vertebral artery which supplies blood to the brain. Tetiana remembers the severe pain she was in when she was moved to be airlifted to the hospital in Copenhagen. Here she immediately underwent an eight-hour operation on her back. In November 2018, Tetiana underwent a second operation on her back which she was told if unsuccessful, it could kill her or leave her paralysed. Fortunately, the operation was a success and thanks to the lifelong physiotherapy Tetiana has to undergo, she can walk again and the pain has become bearable after coming off of pain relief medication. Tetiana has suffered life changing injuries and although she has some mobility, she will never be able to perform in the circus or play sports again. She used to be able to support her entire body weight whilst suspended mid-air but now, she can’t lift anything heavier than 11-pounds. Tetiana’s boyfriend, Sebastian Hofmann set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for her surgeries and ongoing physiotherapy – something Tetiana believes has saved her life.


Woman has gone viral after posting a picture a day of herself recreating classic paintings

***EXCLUSIVE*** RUSSIA: This woman has gone viral after posting a picture a day of herself recreating classic paintings. Intriguing images showed the Instagrammer dressed up as an Egyptian, a nurse and royalty. In one picture she was captured holding a baby doll and wearing a bedsheet tunic whilst re-enacting a painting entitled The Last Day Of Pompeii. The Getty Challenge, which has gained traction during the coronavirus pandemic, asked people in lockdown to take selfies replicating their favourite paintings with just items they have in their household. Not satisfied with just one portrait, artist and charity volunteer Liza Yukhneva (30) from St. Petersburg, Russia, had an extensive wardrobe, and became a viral hit when she kept posting recreation daily. She has posted a reimagining of classic artwork for 154 days straight since starting on April 16th 2020, and has no plans of stopping soon.

This man has taken pictures of himself posing with some of your favourite Disney characters

***EXCLUSIVE*** SPAIN: One amusing image showed a man scrubbing a toilet while the Beast from Beauty and the Beast takes a shower in the background. Another picture captured him using a fan to extinguish Hades, the flaming god from the 1997 animated flick Hercules. Primary school teacher and artist Samuel Manzanera Blasco (29) from Alicante, Spain, has over 122,000 followers on Instagram. The creative Spaniard was inspired by the childhood film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which also famously blended together worlds of live action and animation.

Scientists are preparing to implant the world’s first human bionic eye that will allow the blind to see

Australian scientists are preparing to implant the world’s first human bionic eye that will allow the blind to see. A team of researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has built a bionic device that they say can restore vision to the blind through a brain implant. Called Gennaris bionic vision system, it includes a custom headgear fitted with a camera and wireless transmitter, a vision processor unit and software and a set of 9x9 millimeter tiles that are implanted into the brain. Studies of the device, used in sheep during a trial in July, were found to be successful and did not produce any adverse health effects. The team is currently seeking funding to ramp up manufacturing and distribution of the implant. „Our design creates a visual pattern from combinations of up to 172 spots of light (phosphenes) which provides information for the individual to navigate indoor and outdoor environments, and recognise the presence of people and objects around them”, Arthur Lowery, professor at Monash University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, said in a statement. The researchers are also hoping to adapt the system to help those with untreatable neurological conditions, such as limb paralysis, to regain movement.

A six-year-old girl who was told she may never walk due to a rare condition was delighted when she achieved her goal this week - of walking her little sister in to school

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amelia-Rose Walton was born with Level Four Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HST) - a rare, degenerative disorder, characterised by impaired walking due to spasticity and weakness of the legs. The condition, which mimics the physical features of cerebral palsy, meant Amelia-Rose could only walk with the assistance of a frame, and was mostly restricted to a wheelchair. But over the course of just six months last year, a fundraising bid by Amelia's family raised a whopping £100,000 - to get Amelia to the USA for pioneering surgery to improve her muscle stiffness.

Viking gaming pieces sell after being discovered in a field by a detectorist

***EXCLUSIVE*** An extremely rare complete set of Viking gaming pieces which were discovered in a field by a metal detectorist have sold for over £3,000. Retired miner Mick Bott, 73, made the find at a site in Torksey, Lincs, where the Vikings formed a winter camp in 872AD. The early board game entitled 'Hnefatafl' has similarities with chess and was popular with the soldiers in teaching strategy on the battlefield. Each set comprises 37 pieces - 12 defending pieces of turreted form, 24 spherical attacking pieces and a king which has a copper decoration. Each piece moves in a straight line similar to the castle in chess and an opponent's piece is removed from the board when enemy pieces occupy two opposite squares. The set sparked a bidding war, fetching triple the pre-sale estimate with London-based auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb.

Ferrari F1 simulator for sale to giving wannabe racing drivers the chance to race in a Grand Prix

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Ferrari F1 simulator has been put up for sale to give wannabe racing drivers the chance to take part in a Grand Prix from the comfort of their own living room. The device replicates the feeling of being behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car from behind three large screens.

Family of quadruplets poverty

The quadruplet girls are on their way home from school in Shangbao Village, Ganzhou City of east China's Jiangxi Province. Wu Nianyou, a farmer in Shangbao Village of Ganzhou City, and his wife saw their quadruplet daughters come to the world on a morning in September 2010. They named their daughters Wu Mengling, Wu Mengting, Wu Mengyun and Wu Mengqin, who became their worry to raise up with little income only from the fields. Being premature babies, the girls were in poor health conditions which needed lots of money to treat. With the help of the local government and society, the family overcame their difficulties in the hardest two years of their life. Basic living allowances were given to the girls and the couple were offered jobs near their home. Henhouse, duck shed and fish pool were built near their house by the local government as ways to increase their income, and a three-layer house was built in 2016 in the help of local policy. On Jan. 1, 2019, the family shook off poverty and now live a better life.

Man proposes to his girlfriend with a tattoo including ‘Yes/No’ tick boxes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man with more than 20 tattoos added to his collection when he proposed to his girlfriend - with ink that read "Will you marry me?", complete with 'Yes/No' tick boxes. Bruno Neves, 33, popped the question to girlfriend Patricia Calado, 34, last week, with the help of his favourite tattoo artist Arron Adams, 33. The romantic delivery driver, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, asked his fiancée-to-be to come with him to A Sailor's Grave Tattoo Studio in the seaside town, telling her he was getting some cover-up ink on an existing tat. But as mum-of-two Patricia sat in the waiting room for around 45 minutes, she had no idea that Bruno was actually getting the words "Will you marry me?" tattooed across his chest.

A giant Mediterranean tortoise has led a shell of a life and is believed to be one of Britain's oldest pets - at the age of AT LEAST 120

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Fredaricka West, 65, admits she has no idea exactly when the tortoise named Freda was actually born, but that vets estimated her to be a centenarian 20 years ago. Freda has therefore survived two world wars, six different monarchs and 24 different UK Prime Ministers in her life time. She was bought by her previous owners 60 years ago, but they gave her away to Fredaricka five years ago as they entered their 90s.

Rooftop soccer

Aerial photo shows a view of the sports field on top of a teaching building of Guangzhou No. 10 Middle School in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province. Surrounded by dense residential buildings, the Guangzhou No. 10 Middle School decided to "develop vertically" to solve the problem of insufficient sports field. With the financial support from the government and donations from its alumni, the school finally built up a sports field on top of its teaching building with all the necessary installations like protective net, artificial turf, illumination device, etc.

Hilariously nonchalant deer as two birds sat and pecked at its head and face

***EXCLUSIVE*** UK: A British photographer has captured a hilariously nonchalant deer as two birds sat and pecked at its head and face. Amusing pictures showed a three-hundred-pound adult red deer as it endured a thorough grooming session from two pecking jackdaws jumping between its head and face. Another image captured the unfazed deer as it took a good pecking between the eyes from one of the eight-ounce jackdaws. The scenes were snapped at Bushy Park in Hampton, UK, by photographer, Melissa Nolan (43), from West Sussex, UK. Melissa was just 30 feet away when she used a Canon EOS 80D with a 100-400mm lens to capture one of the 320 deer that lives in the park.

Green flash sunrise

***EXCLUSIVE*** THAMES ESTUARY, KENT: A British photographer has captured two RARE green flashes during a mesmerising sunrise over the Thames - after trying to do so for THIRTY-FIVE years. In one image, the sun sat half-hidden beyond the horizon with the elusive green flash illuminating its highest point. In another, the now-risen sun cast an orange glow over the Thames Estuary as the green flash made a second rare appearance. This week photographer, Dusty Lens (54) from Gravesend, Kent, UK, captured a stunning sunrise over the Thames Estuary in north-west Kent using her Nikon D850 camera. Having been photographing nature, storms, and light for over 35 years, it was an incredibly special moment for Dusty to capture the sun’s elusive green flash not once but twice - just seconds apart. This rare occurrence lasts no longer than two seconds. When the majority of the sun is positioned beyond the horizon line, the very top can appear to be green. This optical phenomenon requires both luck and skill to spot. Green flashes take place when the Earth”s atmosphere causes the sun’s rays to refract. Due to their rarity, some believe a sighting brings luck to the observer.